This site begins with a simple, but powerful, truth:

You are a walking miracle.

As we journey through the world, it can become easy for forget. Often, we experience heartache, failure, broken dreams, diminished expectations, the boundaries of society, and the limiting negativity of others. With a long enough timeline, we buy into the great lie: That we are average, ordinary, lucky to settle-for-less and be comfortable, or worse yet, happy with mere survival. it doesn’t matter who are what the builders of this inner prison are, be they parents, teachers, relatives, friends, or coworkers. The reality is that we become the source of this deception, we become our own jailers — clinging to the bars when the keys are in our own hands.

Fortunately, there is always a little piece of us, an inner voice that whispers in our ears in the quiet moments. As we ride in our cars, sit at our desks, wait in line, or even when we stand with a crowd, it calls to us. It begs us remember. It tells us not to give up, that we were meant for more than this life which we have come to call our own. It beckons us to wake up and realize that our purpose is not just to survive, but to thrive.

Sadly, most people do follow this voice at some point. Perhaps they attend a seminar, or link up with some new self-help guru, or turn to their faith. They jump in, full of drive and filled with the cult-of-personality. Of course, they make progress. While this is good, it ultimately leads to failure in some form. They rapidly descend back into the prison. Filled with dispair, they sink back down into depression, and the lie within becomes stronger than ever.

Why? Usually its because of the part that all the gurus don’t tell you, because they haven’t figured out how to sell it. That is, your beliefs about yourself create your reality. If you try to become more before you think you are worthy, then invariably the lie will pull you back down. Every time. All the time. So, how do you side-step this problem?

All your efforts must begin in self-love. We all know the little saying, "You can’t expect someone else to love you until you love yourself". Well, becoming the person you have always wanted to be, in your "wildest" of fantasies, is like a passionate, wind-swept, love-affair with the universe. If you, in your heart of hearts, don’t truly know that you are indeed a walking miracle, and gasp in awe at yourself, then how can you expect the universe to still respect you in the morning? For more on this topic, check out the article Why You Should Love Yourself , its a great place to start.

This is by no means a new idea. Historically and mythologically speaking, if you trace it along to its roots, you’ll find it mentioned under many themes and names, one of which is the left-hand path. It represents a fork in the road, a different way of achieving personal liberation and individual excellence, however you will conceive them to be in your reality.

Those who follow this method exclusively, and with total dedication are called Darkworkers, and you can read more about them in the article What is a Darkworker? But, keep in mind, you do not have to be a Darkworker to take advantage of this site. Perhaps you are more comfortable as a Darkworker Light, sort of being in the Darkworker National Guard, where your commitment level is one weekend a month, two weeks a year. So be it. Hell, we don’t care how you walk your path, so long as you use the resources, and love yourself as you go along. In short, bring whatever music you want, just dance, baby, dance.

To this end, you will find on this website a series of articles which are designed to provide you with the guidance and tools you need to free yourself from that mental prison, and become the you that you have always thought about in those quiet moments. We don’t care how you conceive your ideal self to be, what your ethics are, or how you tackle your problems. After all, as the title implies, this website is a broad experiment. It asks the simple question: If we strip the left-hand-path of all its mumbo-jumbo, overtones, and useless hooplah, can people use the techniques to better themselves. More importantly, will they actually act on the opportunity? In other words, it looks at you, the reader, and asks if you have what it takes. Can you love yourself? Can you reach for more? Can you transmute from personal potential to personal power? Of course, I think you can. Otherwise, I would be wasting my time, and I see life as a precious gift, so tossing those little moments away would be uncivilized. And, I’m not some freaking savage, so….

Here are the topics you will find covered:

  • Darkworking: Self-love for the masses. Batteries not required.
  • Goal Setting: How do I choose? Okay, now how to I choose wisely?
  • Time Management: Ti-i-i-ime, is on my side. Yes it is.
  • Personal Productivity: More leverage, more leisure.
  • Motivation: Be all you can be, but for reals. and no need to get shot.
  • Power Tactics: These boots were made for walking, you know.
  • Dating & Relationships: Make cupid your biatch.
  • Personal Finance: Money talks. In fact, it won’t shut-up.
  • Intention Manifestation: The Matrix has you. So does the IRS.
  • Death & Dying: Can you face the truth?
  • Emotional Mastry: Are you gonna cry? Are you gonna squirt one out?
  • Politics: Sometimes, I just can’t resist, and I don’t want two blogs.
  • Crass Humor: Lets get our hyuck-hyuck on.

There are also a number of other amplifiers on this site — things which are designed to give you more power from your engine as you grow in might, power, and ability. The Media page has audio and video, homegrown from this site — some are free, others are not, I have to eat, you know. The Lexicon page has a complete list of books which you may find useful, and every Darkworker should have them for their library. The Crimson Curtain Blog page has our current posts, and the Archives has our collective wisdom stored within it.

In addition, humans are social mammals, and our efforts are always multiplied when we work together. So, stop by the Forums and get your community flow going. Also, we always post questions to the readers of our articles, and as this experiment is a collaboration, we would love to hear from you. If you’re really keen, and just know with all your soul that you’re destined for greatness, and you really like this place we call the Crimson Curtain, you might want to join the Eudaimonia Society . We also post tidbits, news, reader success stories, and contests in the Newsletter, so feel free to submit your latest triumph, or just sign-up to keep in the know. And, if you’re really hardcore, you might be brave enough to check out our Speaker for the Dead page, a show which is designed to blow your mind and put your progress on CRACK. Now, if you’re really serious about walking the path, or just want to use it to achieve a specific goal, check out our Training page. A little bit goes a long way.

Finally, if you’re a smart cookie, you might be wondering who Asmoday and his crazy comrades in the blogosphere? You can find out more about them, and give them a shout, in the About & Contact section.