The Experiment is Evolving

Please Stand By…

Man in a cocoon.


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  1. Carmelious Thundrious

    Typing this again because the spam filter is a meanie :/

    So Asmo and I had some nice facebook chats, ya know just me trying to get gud at life and him answering when he feels like it…

    But one day I “got his attention” – he started the chat curious as to what I meant when I wrote “don’t do it” in a reply to some post.

    Now what I couldn’t explain at the time, is that I was going through psychosis, and I was pretty sure that the news articles he shared somehow meant he was going to destroy the world…


    So I told him.. Ya know. Just don’t.

    And then we spoke and I’m not sure if I changed my mind or just got distracted, but I had this “kill the teacher” kind of thing (like Kratos killing Aries in GoW 1, sorry for spoilerinos)

    Combine that with me being as high as anything can get you, and you can see why it was hard to reply to “Don’t do what?”

    Now at the time the “lesson” that I took from that was that no action was “bad” or “value-less” kinda like the old article I read about the whole life thing just being an experiment/morality being b.s (at least the fake one)..

    Fast forward 5 seconds and there is a lemon speaking to me about acceptance and me somehow playing with the concept of paradox using memes..

    Tfw unenlightened Asmo club drop out :s

    Then I told Helios about astrology being the study of space balls and I’m pretty sure I hit on.. Whatever her name was, Pax’s pretty gf that wrote some articles here…


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