Polarization and Polarity

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking

There is a lot of talk in the blogosphere about Lightworkers, Darkworkers, and Polarity – most of it spawned by myself and Steve Pavlina. However, all this chatter has led to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding, which I would like to attempt to clear up. Part of the reason for this problem is that people don’t understand that Lightworking …


An Autobiography of my Descent — Part I

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Introduction:   This article is a personal labor of love.   It is not like the others that I have written. It doesn’t have some flashy title, and I don’t work hard to get your attention in the first couple paragraphs. There is no technique, tip, or tactic that I am espousing. It is certainly not infotainment – where I …


How to Really Stop Procrastinating

J.C. LaCroix Motivation, Personal Productivity

A common problem is knowing what you need to do, but then just not seeming to get around to it. Or, more usually, doing it, but waiting until the last possible moment. Its that age-old problem, and there is a whole ass-ton of advice on the web telling you how to overcome it.   Thing is, most of these magic …


Ripples of Consciousness

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Apparently, even the Lightworkers are dreaming about the Crimson Curtain now. See this site: http://www.lightworkers.org/blog/43628/dreamt-about-darkworkersorg And do note, the original address for this site was www.darkworkers.org, and the site had white text on a black background. Interesting. This post was made while I was abroad, accompanying a friend and also scouting out possible locations for the academy. Concurrently, the site …


Hard or Boring Goals: Force Multipliers, Threading the Needle

J.C. LaCroix Goal Setting, Motivation

  A lot of times, people come to me with these common sets of goals – like loosing weight,  quitting smoking, eating healthier, getting more discipline, becoming more socially adept, getting more emotional control. Usually, people fail at these goals. They take time, most progress comes slowly, and that makes them really hard. How do we rally up and tackle …