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Unlock Your Pain

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There is a force that exists in everyone’s life and it is universal to people across all cultures, social stations, and the progression of time: Pain. We all have it, and we all spend most of our lives dancing with it, trying to figure out how best to deal with this monkey on our back. It is a fixture, inherent. …


Darren Wilson: A Hat-Trick of Lies

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I am not anti-cop. While I am definitely anti-militarization of police and pro-rights, I am reasonable. More than most, for various reasons, I understand that Police have an incredibly dangerous and difficult job. And, they do it while being held to a high standard. Also, I have cop friends. They are, I believe, good people. Rationally, one can’t help but …


Mike Brown — the “Game Changer” that was anything but…

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Up-front, I want to say I wish this was more eloquent on my part. The situation deserves more, but I am very tired. Trying to attend a convention, build a business, and do my part for social activism is quite a challenge. For those of you who have been paying attention to my social media, I have been…tracking and following …

Bridget McKinney: First Sacrifice?

100th Post: A Tribute to You

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Today, Darkworkers, I have buckets of gratitude for you, sprinkled with excitement. Frankly, all the unicorns and rainbows playing in my mind damn near had me thinking I had undergone a polarity shift, until I noticed that picturing Ken Ham getting mushroom stamped by Neil deGrasse Tyson still gifts me with an asexual rage-boner. Truly, I haven’t been this pumped …