The Fourth Law of Darkworking: Harmony

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking

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"Justice Gavel", Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

“Justice Gavel”, Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

The Fourth Law, stated:

“Your Descent unfolds in perfect harmony.”

This is one of the more esoteric laws, if you go deep, it takes you into some clockwork orange territory, some of which I covered in God, the Universe, and Everything. It is also somewhat of a wildcard, because it will slip into the psyche from odd angles, when properly applied, and blow the lid off your paradigm. Its easy for us to accept the good things about our lives, but what about the bad? What if I told you life was like music, and you got to have the high notes and the low notes to make it flow? Usually, this Law will cut limitations down like a scythe – something I bet most of us find incredibly useful. Although, the non-polarized will have little use for this Law, because they will not be able to understand it fully. At its heart, its power is revealed as it shows you the symphony of existence. To see the music, you’re going to have to take out a magnifying glass and really dig into your past. Let’s take a closer look, shall we…

Relevance in the Now

All right, so if you look back on your life, we can say that at some point, you were not interested in self-help or personal development. Today, you are interested, or you wouldn’t hang out here and read the articles. The journey from point A, to point B, from sleeper to aspiring Prince(ss), is no accident.  Take a moment and reflect on this – in your past up to your present, a series of events, a chain of cause and effect, lead you here, to this moment, reading. Perhaps you were driven negatively, as something caused a pressure within you that grew and grew over time, for some kind of change. Or, it could have been positive, slowly, successes started to build up until you treasured yourself enough to deliberately seek to reach your maximum potential. Either way, when you carefully excavate your past to find your present, you will see how certain things had to happen not just as they did, but when they did, to bring you to this stage in your growth. Or, as we Darkworkers call it, your Descent.

If you have been doing the collage exercise, you will realize this is inherent to all your experience. The things you are experiencing today are a result of your past, just as tomorrow will bring you the results of your present. More importantly, you past pain, your past failure, disillusionment, agony, suffering, joy, success, victory, love – all of it is necessary, not just to get you where you are, but to where you are going. Now, whether that final destination is worthy of you is your decision to make.

This is why Darkworkers are grateful for their pain and their pleasure. They see their symphony unfolding and each note is necessary for the music to complete itself. While time is finite, the only time which is truly wasted is the time we spend in pursuit of self-deceit. All other practices have merit. Even waking up to that self-deceit is pivotal, well-spent time.

Darkworking Faith and Gratitude

One of my students is blind. He completely lost his sight in his 30’s, due to a sugar addiction he didn’t care to break in the face of diabetes. And, he plays the piano. While I am no expert, I can say that his music is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. For years, his skill hovered at the same level until he went blind. Does he regret the loss of his vision? He says he does not. Why? Because notes stretch out for him now, they vibrate with a deeper resonance, and time has expanded its field. Now, he is a master. This, I think, is why he continued to ignore his addiction in the face of his disease – deep down, he knew that is what it would take. I think his love for the music was so great, he felt he would never reach that goal without that kind of loss to drive him. In his symphony, loss of vision was to gain his true self. I once asked him why he harbored no regrets on this issue, and he said something that summarized the Fourth Law so elegantly, for me:

“Asmoday, if I love myself today, I must love the me of yesterday. And, if I taste my divinity today, it is only so that I will know it as a truth tomorrow,”.

How pimp is that? How awesome and powerful is a mind that would, well, see through those eyes?

You, reader, I don’t know who you are, but I know you are not a fully realized Prince(ss), or else these articles would have no value for you. This tells me by deduction that you face some kind of limit. These limits are false, in truth. There are things about you which you consider flaws. But, I guarantee, some of those flaws will be overcome in your journey. And, it is precisely the overcoming of the flaw that will take you where you truly want to be. Some flaws will not be overcome, and once accepted, will become positive adaptations, things that will give you a unique edge, like a key that alone will unlock the locks you need to pass to reach your destination. We all have past pain, failures, limiting beliefs, and so on. But, I know you will eventually come to know, and be grateful for, these things which form you.

This, is Darkworking faith. Not blind faith. Rational faith. I may not be able to see today how my divorce and financial losses are both positive and necessary, but I can see yesterday and today. Such is my understanding of this Law, that I wasn’t even pissed at the time. And, as I approach the Throne, I know I can and will just rebuild the wealth. In my life, your life, the lives of everyone, I can establish one rock-solid pattern: If they were awake and pursuing their destiny, not wasting the miracle of existence, then all the so-called negatives they experienced were in fact the very things that delivered them to their proper place. Again and again, you can see this, if you just take the time to look. So rigid is this pattern that, even when I cannot understand today, I know there is meaning, and purpose, for tomorrow. For example, my rape gave me a subtle sensitivity to the thoughts and feelings of others. Without that, I could have never been as good as I was at instruction. Also, growing up poor and forgotten allowed me to see the brutal truth of the world, an insight that not only lead me to Darkworking itself, but gave me the strength to get as far along the path as I have.

You then can get glimpses of your Divinity at work in this way. And, when you can see the meaning, the purpose of your pains, you become grateful for the experiences. Embarrassment. Failure. Bullies. Crime. Abuse. Whatever it is, it is a necessary part of you. Once accepted, the pain no longer has the hold on you that it once did, and now it becomes instead, a fuel, a furnace, that is giving you the drive and determination to reach the goal.

The Choice vs. Predestination Question

Now, some of you will say that I have stated that the measure of Darkworking growth is to experience greater and greater degrees of free, true Choice; and, now I seem to be saying that our lives are pre-destined. Am I contradicting myself? No. To understand why, you have to understand the concept of living in a residual, which I alluded to in God, the Universe, and Everything.

We live in a residual, an eternal time-delay. First comes intent, then comes action. This wave causes new manifestation in our lives. Then, current state is maintained as we hold the same intent and do the same actions, which have usually become habits. Until, we make a new free choice, and change things again. The reason for the time delay is Growth. We want self-understanding that our choices reveal, and it is only by slowing the process of change down that we can achieve that. There is, ultimately, only one rule to this game, and that is it.

So, if you understand that we are all Gods, free-agent pieces of God-consciousness walking around in this playground we call life, then you can see that we are all living today in the residual of the choices of yesterday. The present is nothing more than the acting out, the revealing, of past choices. Just like tomorrow will be the acting out of today’s choices.

Once the choice has been made, the creation is set in motion, all you can do (well, we have ways around that too, heh) is sit and enjoy the ride of today. However, you can make a new choice for tomorrow. It really is that simple, unless you have walls. Those have to come down first, and if you look back on your life, you will see how the walls of yesterday fell due to experiences that, at the time, you thought was unnecessary suffering, but in fact, it was liberation in disguise.

This question is very similar to one in physics. Light. Is it a particle, or a wave? The evidence pointed both directions. Sometimes, it acted like a particle, other times, a wave. Ultimately, science found that the answer to the question was simply, “both”. In a similar sense, are our lives pre-destined, or governed by choice? The answer is both. Our life is a pre-destined residual governed by previous free choices. Some of which you made before you were even born, in your original, God-state. Now, that will bake your noodle, yeah?

It is very similar to what Morpheus says in the Matrix Reloaded, when they are in the elevator going to see the Frenchman, “No. Everything happened exactly the way it had to happen and it could have happened no other way…” they ask him why, “…because we are still alive”. The truth is everyone involved made their choices a long time before that elevator ride. They had already decided they were going to get the Key-maker and live to tell the tale. Once the universe balanced all their intents together, there is only one possible route to the given outcome. Choices made. Pre-destination follows suit.

And, don’t make the mistake of confusing God-like choice, Free Choice, Creation-Choice, with that little voice in your head, or selecting a brand of toothpaste. Real choice, Free Choice comes from the marrow of your bones, the beating of your chest, the blood in your veins, it’s an expression of who you are.


So, how do we bring all this gobbly-gook down from the heavens and apply the Law? Easy.

Be grateful. Have faith.

Remember that your descent unfolds, now and always, in perfect harmony. Exactly as it must.

Build your faith by examining your past, and the past of others.

Then, when current trials and tribulations arise, you will start to frame them differently. They become not so much random acts of suck-ass, but the building blocks to the very throne you will one day sit upon. Someone cheat on you? That’s how you will come to truly love yourself first. Loose your job? That’s when you finally started to value self-reliance. And so on, and so forth. This will be so reflexive, even though you are blind to the value of the experience today, it becomes like Faith.

Eventually, as you see this Law repeat in your present more and more, you will come to be grateful. You will look out at your current life, the good and the bad, and be in awe and joy at how skillfully you are guiding yourself to your dreams. In many ways, our path is like being an Archaeologist of the Soul, we are digging around, looking to find the choices we made at the very beginning, our destiny. When you begin to catch glimpses of how artfully you have always been moving in that direction, this is the flowing Gratitude of the Darkworker.

Just like those Flaws, I will quote myself here:

“That which is Divine has no Flaws, only marks of identity”.

Likewise, this stretches to others. Your only job is to worry about your personal growth and development, and leave others to their own. Too much tip-toeing can actually hurt the development of others. What I mean here is…I don’t worry or feel guilty when I bark a little at the fast-food worker who got my order wrong. Her job sucks. Its supposed to suck. The shitty conditions are what will eventually drive poor employee to reach for something better, once they have re-assessed their own value. Who am I to steal their thunder? I may be the thing that pushes them over the tipping point and, even if we both never realize it, I might be what forces them to go to college or something better. You should always consider the ramifications of your actions on yourself – but the ramifications on others are their own business. Remember, their descent unfolds in perfect harmony too, if you like it or not.

Its like my teeth, back when I was all snaggle-tooth. The self-consciousness actually forced me to withdraw from people. It all finally happened because of a comment a little girl made. To some eyes, a step-backward, but really, a leap forward. It forced me to, through unwilling isolation, turn inward. To explore fear, doubt, vulnerability. To trace them to their core, and cut them at their roots. After all, I couldn’t afford the dental work at the time. Now, I know that it wouldn’t matter if half my damn face fell off, I’d still be rocking this shit. Not think, know. All because of my teeth, which I so hated at one time. This experience, this flaw, this limit, like many others, was just one note in my symphony. Coming together, my music is something I am very proud of, and can only look to the future, even after losses that would stun a sleeper, with positive excitement. I wonder what 40 year old or 50 year old Asmoday will be able to create in this world? That residual will be amazing indeed. Now, I wish I could find that little girl, buy her a pony or some crap.

Have a belief, that your personal music is playing just as it should. Accept both who you were, are, and are becoming. After all, I think Korn says it best: