Dick’s Just the Tip of the Day

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So, my man Dick, he’s hilarious. If you ask him, he disagrees, but he’s full of shit. And, he represents a lot of people out there. See, everyone has something they think they’re awesome at that they actually suck balls at; conversely, everyone also has something they think they blow at where they truly have talent. It’s one of the …

Daemon by Daniel Suarez

Daemon by Daniel Suarez

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I’m not in the business of recommending fiction. Don’t get me wrong, love having myself some chewey plot before bed-time, but by and large — those creative works that are related to our purposes I leave you to find on your own. But then this book came along, and I just can’t stop blabbing about it. Especially relevant to current …

Wackystuff, "The Idiots are Taking Over", CCL

Top 5 Mistakes When Goal Setting

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Here we are folks, ready to move into the marvelous 2015. All truth be told, this is going to be a pivotal year for people. And, as the champaign flows and the world goes deeper into a snowy death, people have a natural tendency to turn inward and take stock of things. Figured I would keep this one short and …