The Third Law: Creation

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking

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"Justice Gavel", Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

“Justice Gavel”, Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

The third Law, stated:

“You are the first and final source of all you survey.”

I call this law the “Bitch Law”. Partly, because the first sign of failed alignment to this principal is when you engage in bitching, whining, moaning, or complaining. But, also, because the brass-tax is that it is a real bitch to re-align to this when you slip out. Most examples of Dark Fusion can be traced back to the moment at which a Darkworker completely rejects this Law, and then moves on to rape every other Law into oblivion. So, it behooves you to pay attention to this one.

In essence, this Law simply restates the root cause of your Polarization. It sums up the whole concept of External Locus of Control, nicely and neatly. But, it does go beyond that, taking it farther, to an almost mystic level. All things in your life, right now, from things that are happening to you, to things happening around you, are of your creation. This is your universe. You created the conditions, you attracted them, and you sustain their existence – either by reinforcing them or failing to change them and create something else.

This can be a jagged-little-pill to swallow, especially when we’re talking about events we find painful, revolting, or where we view ourselves as being the undeserved victim. But, from someone cheating on you to genocidal warfare in a distant country – all things exist, and you can trace it back, to either a choice you made, or a choice you didn’t make, one way or the other. Remember, under Darkworking, where we have the complete potential to shape the world as we see fit, inaction IS an action, and a powerful one.

Deep down, you know you have the power to change things, and that’s why you bitch, to out-gas that frustration. Stop and observe, and you will plainly see that people don’t complain about things that they truly believe they cannot change – they just adapt. If you are doing this, with the whining and whimpering, stop doing it. Either accept the situation and find a harmony with it, or be the God I know is within you and start doing something about it. You’ll be surprised at how dramatic the effect will be on your life.

Moreover, anything that has happened or is in the process of occurring that you would put into the “nasty shit” category, you can trace it back to a choice where you either: Allowed it to occur, contributed to its occurrence, or flat out caused the whole damn thing. And, if you’re brave enough, you can go deep inside yourself and find that moment when you knew. You knew it was going to happen or occur, even if only dimly, like a sliver of light in a shadowed room. With courage, you can find that part of yourself that wanted it to happen. A little further still, in wisdom, you can even come to know why you wanted it to happen, why the suffering was necessary for you. In fact, the “nasty shit” event, at this point, becomes a positive force in your life. Not only grounding you in who you are, but contributing to your talents and unique outlook – giving you a powerful fuel that fires your growth. Now, with some understanding, you are grateful, and in awe of your own divinity.

This principle is so black-and-white stated that I use it as a sort of litmus test for sorting out the Polarized from the Sleepers (among other tools). Now, you can’t be like Jack Canfield and say, “Are you 100% responsible for your own life?”. That just don’t work. The reason is, Polarization is at first weak. It has taken hold, but only slightly. The insight into our own Divinity first takes hold with shallow roots, we have to nurture them and tend to them for a mighty Flourishing. This approach might work for late-stage Warriors and beyond, but you’ll reject almost all of the Apprentices and early Warriors out there. A far better approach is to wait for, or ask someone, to talk about something in the world or their life that they clearly, passionately, dislike. Then, once you’ve got them all revved up, ask them something along the lines of, “Now, how is that your fault?”. I prefer the stronger phrasing of your fault, which indicates blame, as opposed to the more gentle, “contribute to that”. I’m not really listening to what they say in response, but how they say it, the emotive quality. If they reject responsibility in any form, and put things completely externally, then you can safely reject. But, if they point to themselves in some fashion, with an emotion-quality that indicates they have seen this insight into themselves and their lives, then being Polarized is a possibility. Our emotive expression is a far greater indicator of our insights than our words, and for good reason.

You have to, with this Law, avoid falling into the “Intellectual Trap”. We will get more into this with the later Laws, but it deserves a word here. It is the great glaring weakness of western thought that somehow the mind, by itself, can comprehend all reality. You see this with people and this Law, where they view it on a purely intellectual level. Like a board with chess pieces, they trace cause and effect back to the events in their lives, seeing how they choose or fail to choose, and thus are the ultimate Source of their lives. While this is true, it is incomplete. It is an unfortunate way that people get stuck in their Descent. Because, while they are taking responsibility, they are not seeing into their vast Divinity.

Imagine me here, standing next to you, tapping on a wall or table, as you read this article. There is a fundamental difference between this blog and its little words floating across your screen and the real world I am standing next to you tapping on. The former exists only in your brain, the latter is here, now, all-encompassing. You are the whole world, not just the little data from your senses or the rattling phrases that bounce around your skull, and it is you. It is all fine and good to understand how your choices shape your life, but seeing your divinity only comes from the doing, achieving, winning, creating. In short, you have to act in the world to understand the world. Acting takes your whole being, and your whole being is required to see deeper and deeper into this Law.

It is, in fact, a widening awareness of this Law that drives your entire Descent along the path. Think about the word, believe. To believe something is to be it and live it. Not just to understand it, or be able to explain it, but to express it with your very existence. Ultimately, this is what drives us forward, through the muck, downward, into the recesses of ourselves. When we become completely realized to this Truth, it is under this authority that we approach the throne, take up the crown in our hands, and sit, as a Prince(ess).

Not merely because we claim it, but because we are it.

Whole. God. Within.