The Sixth Law: Identity

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Emotional Mastery, Personal Productivity

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"Justice Gavel", Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

“Justice Gavel”, Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

The Sixth Law, stated:

“You are a unique copy and a common miracle.”

This law very deliberately presents a double set of true contradictions, on a level rivaled only by Rumsfeld’s “unknown knowns” and “known unknowns”. It is designed to define your identity, not by stating your qualities, but by remarking on the nature of your qualities. On a more profound level, it is meant to guard you against Dark Fusion, by being a wall against hubris. Often, this is the first Law that slips before someone spirals out of control. Further, it is meant to also elevate you, to remind you that you are indeed elite, and neither stained by, nor meant for, mediocrity. It is on a tight-rope walk between these two truths that our path lies. Sure, it is like a Darkworking koan, but its not that hard to crack. We will look at each component first, and then talk about its mis-application.

Unique Copy

If you have been doing the collage exercise, you may have noted that I came out and told you that no part of you is unique. And, this is true. If you list your qualities, thoughts, desires, feelings, and experiences – all of them have been done by someone else before you. In this sense, you are like a copy of previous people. This may be a little disheartening to hear, but within it lies the secret to a greater power. You must remember that others too are copies. Once you learn the types, how they tick, you can start to leverage, manipulate, and control. The first and best way to do this is to learn yourself. I bet you want more money – so does everyone else. I bet you have some kind of beef with some parent or relative, so do a lot of other people. See how this works? By remembering how nothing is new about you, you gain a leverage against the world, and also knock yourself right off any high-horses that may emerge. Confidence is good, amigos, arrogance is an ass-kicking waiting to happen.

However, you are also unique. But, this is a question of scale. If you look at ALL of your qualities, thoughts, desires, feelings, and experiences – no one else has ever had their exact combination. The complete, whole, sum-total of you is totally new, fresh, vibrant, and alive. If you zoom-out that far, you will see something so awe-inspiring, I defy you to not be moved by it. This, is the God within staring back at you.

Common Miracle

Your uniqueness, especially in the face of the staggering low odds of your existence, makes you a bon-a-fide walking miracle. No doubt about it. If you’d like to see more on this topic, check out my article Why You Should Love Yourself. Frankly, I don’t want to retype it here.

However, and I do hate to burst your bubble, but so is everyone else. Ayup, even the sleepers, who may not be aware of it, but they too are miraculously unique. So, your miracle status makes you nothing special.
Of course, depending on what you do with it. If you take up the reigns, delve deep, and find the strength to express yourself upon this world. Well, you aren’t the first, you won’t be the last (especially if I have anything to do with it), but you will be one of the few.

This is how we become Elite.

Seize your miracle. Don’t waste it. Don’t let false illusions fade it into nothing.

But, again, if your miracle is common, we come back to how you are a copy…

This is an infinite loop that just keeps spinning round and round the more you consider it. Its almost like a snake eating its own tail. Remember, though, this isn’t meant to be a maddening exercise in futility, its meant to be a protective circle.

Screwing it Up

People screw this up by not walking the line, and getting out of balance to one side or the other. They do this either by surrendering their personal power, or by believing their own hype.

The best way to see the former is to just run down to your local Wal-Mart and look at all the non-management employees. Do this as a people watching exercise, spend some time with it. You’ll see their body language, their depression, the emptiness in their eyes. They have just given up. They have resigned themselves to low-wages, back-braking and mind-numbing labor with no meaning. Often, as you listen to them talk, they’re full of an external locus of control, and unhappy in their relationships. Behind all of this is a lie, they have completely let go of the reigns of their life, diving deep into the belief that they are powerless to change things. Hungry ghosts, at best.

On the other side of the spectrum is hubris. You see this all the time with high-powered executives, movie producers, celebrities, politicians, generals, people at the pinnacle of success. These people are starting to believe their own myth, really. They are forgetting how unique they are not, and are out of balance on the flipside of the coin. This is arrogance and hubris in action, the choke-stop of our path. They have come to believe that they are bullet-proof, unstoppable, and more to the point, entitled – to greatness, to victory. Hillary Clinton is a sad example of this, in her race against Obama. She expected to win, felt like it was her right. Nothing in this world is ever deserved, only chosen. Yes, we can, said Obama. No, she can’t, apparently.