Dependency: Illuminati Pyramid and New World Order (Conclusion)

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Personal Productivity, Politics, Power Tactics

Simply, the Pyramid is a visual representation of the Sleepers and the Elite. It is actually a Masonic symbol, placed there by the Founding Fathers who were members of that organization. They saw this pattern, of greater and greater surrender by the Sleepers. However, what they sought to preserve was the ability of the Sleeper to Awaken, reclaim their power, and become an Illuminati, a Wise One. Now, make no mistake, they were Elite and proud of it.

But let me be clear, not all “owners” are Elite. However, all Elite are “owners”.

In the past, they took control of tribes, escaped their Masters and made Empires, or left for the cities.

A truly polarized Darkworker would only work in an exploitative relationship such as employment to the extent that it afforded needed power or knowledge. The long-term goal would always be to independently hold the keys to their own fate.

Ownership, Leverage, Rulership – whatever you want to call it, the inherent right to control of resources and people is also known as Authority.

Independence is the key word. The Elite reject Authority, seeing it for the lie it is, and at the same time seize that Authority, to put it to better use.

The Founding Fathers of the United States are simply one example of this process. What makes it unique is that the Elite came together and seized it as one.

They made no apologies for being Elite. Like the Executives, they looked down on those who would not better their station. They did not grant voting rights to everyone, and had no intention of doing so. However, they protected the Individuality of the Common Man. In short, they strove to preserve the Individual’s ability and right to become. To them, there was no separation between Economic betterment and Spiritual betterment, which is a lingering Masonic belief. They believed, as does all Left-Hand thought, that the deplorable conditions of the Owned would drive them to wake up and become Owners.

What they sought to do was to keep individual liberty open, so the way would always be there.

By natural law, it is always there – in one form or another. The fact is, we are fortunate to live in this time. It is at but arm’s reach, and with creativity, we need not face pain or death.

The Legal and Financial systems will respond to you, even if they do not bow down as they do to the Elite.

One must first prove theirself.

Crowley said, “All progress begins with Anarchy”.

The crazy bastard wasn’t an Anarchist, in the sense that most understand the term. If he had wanted to burn down the world, he would have done that most directly. By Anarchy, he simply means a rejection of Authority. To become Owner rather than that which is Owned.

It is in the reaching for Independence – physically (good health), psychologically (a well trained mind), emotionally (happiness and peace), and yes, without exception, financially (control over one’s impetus) – that a Darkworker begins to know, trust, appreciate, and love Self.

To this end, the Founders espoused Individual Rights, but also Responsibility.

As LaVey would say, “Responsibility for the Responsible”.

This, is the New World Order. That’s it folks. The whole truth.

Doesn’t sound so sinister, does it?

Unless, of course, you like Dependency or Authority, then it probably sounds pretty evil.

The Illuminati, therefore, do not seek to abolish the pyramid. That is like standing knee-deep in the Ocean, and trying to stop the tide with your hands. No, they seek to use it and strengthen it, to have the weight of the bricks as strategic pressure to help the Sleepers Awaken. In fact, if you stop and consider it, rending the pyramid would only cause the sleeper to cling deeper, to regress further into sleep. And, they struggle to keep the doors open, the Eye accessible. And, so far, they have succeeded.

Looking back through time, we can see that little has changed. There have always been the Takers and Others, Masters and the Slaves, the Nobles and the Serfs. Save this: Now, the Employer is a Noble Master with no obligation, the Employee a Slave-Serf with no vested interest to offer protection. Advancement is conditioned on greater and greater sacrifices from the Employee. The Sleepers live as Associates under Executive rule.

This is why the have’s look with disdain on the have-not’s, in their memos, conference calls, clubs, and retreats. Even though the cost to the Associate is less, a mere inconvenience by comparison to the runaway Slave or Serf, as a fraction of the population, fewer reach for self-employment and continue reaching until they achieve it, than Slaves who escaped or Serfs who ran to the cities to be free. Less is given, and the Dependency is embraced even harder than before.


Fear is the reason the slave did not run, the serf did not leave, the employee commutes with dread in their stomach each day. People were forced at the point of the sword into slavery and serfdom, but they willingly circle want ads, go to craig’s list, or stand in unemployment lines.

Can you really blame the Executive?

After all, who can respect cowing to fear?

The Associate must not, then, want to be free. They may cry freedom, but their actions are their hands up and out, for charity and alms. Therefore, says the Elite, if lack of freedom is their desire, lack of freedom they shall have. If their desire is to be property, own them I shall.

All through time, you will see the Elite scratching their heads, wondering why the Sleepers do not rise up. The early tribal chiefs always felt like they were a breath away from expulsion. The Romans lived in constant fear of slave uprising. Nobles clung to the church and constantly waited for the Peasant to rebel. The Employers of today wonder why the Employees don’t reform their unions, or demand Eisenhower’s Second Bill of Human Rights.

But, it will never happen. Never, my friends. This process will continue. The Pyramid will abide, the Eye continuing to shine as a beacon to those who Liberate.

The Sleeper still looks to the group for security. They will sacrifice prosperity, joy, all things just to feel safe. Thus, they need the Pyramid, which is why the Illuminati never sought to destroy it, but to control it such that they could keep the door from slamming shut on the Prince(ess) of the future.

So what are you waiting for?

Rise up against the Taker. Break the Master’s chains and step boldly into the night, dogs howling after you. Spit on the Nobles, and plunder their holdings. Reject the Employer. Step towards Self-Employment, and reap the rewards the Executive has prepared for you.

You were meant for more than this — become Elite.

What one can do, another can do.

In my next posts, I’ll walk you through. We’ll start with some sideways approaches where you can Ninja – attack the Dependency problem from an indirect angle to get the ball rolling. Then, using that stirring, we can rip the cage to shreds.

And here’s the real kicker – why I am writing all this down, exposing it to the open air?

Because I hate them. And they want my hate. We are both better served.