Dependency: Employers and Employees

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Personal Productivity, Politics, Power Tactics

“You are not mine legally, but I still own you.”

Now, the Noble turns to the Lawyer. In the spirit of Reason, the Lawyer begins to make arguments, convincing arguments. The Divine is retained, however, the source of power is shifted. In the greatest con ever performed, the Attorney convinces the peasant that they are free, and that property rights are the key to their freedom. However, behind the scenes, command and control of the institution which controls these property rights are given to the Noble. Access is made dependent on money, or standing, or degree of land-ownership. Over time, the rules of the game are controlled and dictated to favor the Noble, and this continues to the modern day. The industrial revolution occurs, and, with the use of these legal and financial institutions, the Peasant is forced off their land and into the cities. Thus, does the Noble, armed with the pen, become the Employer.

With the ramp up in production, media and mass communication emerge. Thus, the Employee known as the Journalist comes to be. The Employer quickly engages in transactions to bring the Journalist under direct control.

The Employer has one incentive — more production for less compensation. Replacement is near-instant, cheap, and continuous. The employee must produce more on an ever-faster treadmill or be removed; any sign of rebellion is met with termination. The Employer owes the employee nothing, and asks for everything. The Employee has one hope: Self-Employment, done properly, with almost no risk. In addition, most Employees could seek to make things better by becoming Managers.

However, again, the Employer had put their-self into a corner. The Employer, as owner of the company, was responsible, under that same law, for the effects of its actions. Likewise, having surrendered to the concept of Democracy to gain the shift in power to Legality over Divinity, the consequences could be quite severe. In addition, the amount to which the Employer could hold was limited to National boundaries – a severe handicap. The Employer needs to find a way to retain property rights, but relinquish responsibility, as well as formulating a method to decouple expansion from National boundaries. Thus, will the Sleepers surrender their Spirits.