Daemon by Daniel Suarez

Daemon by Daniel Suarez

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I’m not in the business of recommending fiction. Don’t get me wrong, love having myself some chewey plot before bed-time, but by and large — those creative works that are related to our purposes I leave you to find on your own. But then this book came along, and I just can’t stop blabbing about it. Especially relevant to current …


The Truth about the World of Today

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The truth, my friends, is far simpler than most want to accept. All that exists in this world, are people. Laws, Nations, Codes, Religions — these are all just ideas that exist in the mind. They are real only to the extent that force backs them up and makes them real. People and force, islands moving like bumper cars according …

Twilight, "The Hustler", CCL

Making Money: The Hustler’s Waltz

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Right now, things being what they are, almost everyone is feeling the squeeze. Wages are stagnating and going down while prices are rising. Forget the numbers on inflation and unemployment, with current politics those are damn-near useless to you. The truth is, economic conditions are causing jobs to be more and more scarce and with automation pushing in those jobs …

Adam Jones, "Inner City Street Scene", CCL

Tales from the Ghetto: Hubris vs. Pride

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Pride is not a bad thing. All it is, in reality, is a healthy admiration and respect for yourself, derived from self-love. It is just that it doesn’t conform to the normal social bullshit rule where you don’t share your overflowing self-love with other, lesser people. Contrary to popularly held belief, refusing to give in or settle for less than …

Phil Renaud, "Indian Werewolf", CCL

Andrieh Vitimus: 30 Day “Shape-shifting” E-Course

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Allright, so right out of the gate, a disclaimer: Those of you in the “materialist” camp, who are not into the more occult side of the Path, will probably tune me out on this one. Which, is unfortunate, because it means you’re also not into tapping into a rock-solid lock on amplifying your personal power. Personally, I don’t fully understand …