Darren Wilson: A Hat-Trick of Lies

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I am not anti-cop.

While I am definitely anti-militarization of police and pro-rights, I am reasonable. More than most, for various reasons, I understand that Police have an incredibly dangerous and difficult job. And, they do it while being held to a high standard. Also, I have cop friends. They are, I believe, good people. Rationally, one can’t help but sympathize. That is why, when I first started to examine the events that occured in Ferguson between Darren Wilson and Mike Brown, I have to admit, I went in skeptical.

Like many people, I just had this question of, “Well, what happened, because something happened, right?” After all, the idea that any officer (racist or not) wakes up in the morning and slides on their duty belt going, “Weeyup, gonna pop me a negro before lunch, I think,” seems cartoonishly biased. It is just as out-there as people who assume that a black guy who walks up to a convenience store, rapes a woman in the parking lot, shoots the clerk, takes the money, and then fires on police should be excused as suffering from “societal pressures”. And, I’m not saying that was the kind of thing in Wilson’s head. Point being, I went into this wanting to find the total picture.

Even as I watched law enforcement that were indistinguishable from soldiers immediately seal off a neighborhood, shoot reporters, repeatedly fire indiscriminantly into crowds of civilians and surrounding residential structures, tear-gas children, hunt down compliant people like dogs, and call them “animals” while they did it — I was still looking. I had to believe there was more to this than that. Now, I still believe there is more to it, but…

The problem is Darren Wilson keeps motherfucking lying to me.

And it keeps getting brought to light in a brazen fashion that would make Maury Povich go, “Daaaaaaaaaaaamn.”

  • Lie #1: He said there was a struggle inside the car for his weapon, and that the weapon discharged during that struggle. Further, he gives the detail that during this struggle, the holster was turned up against his hip, before the weapon went off.
    • Eyewitnesses state this is not the case — that Wilson was trying to pull him into the car and Brown was pulling away.
    • The atopsy found no gunpowder residue on his hands. That’s a smoking gun to discredit that one. Given the story, that has to be there.
    • Finally, witnesses state the weapon did go off — but that he fired (and we assume now, missed) from the vehicle as Brown was running away.
  • Lie #2: He said Brown turned and charged back at him, presumably, this made him feel threatened and is why he shot Brown.
    • Eyewitnesses state this is not the case — they indicate he turned and stopped. At one point he stepped/stumbled forward, he did not charge.
    • This is congruent with the autopsy and what we can see. I have debunked this theory extensively in my previous article. The only reason it emerged is because dumb people who don’t think massively over-interpreted a snippet of conversation caught on video, and concluded that as all rounds hit him in the front, all witnesses who thought he had been shot in the back must be completely and totally lying in unison. The person talking is surprised that Brown continued to move while shot — he doesn’t even indicate that Brown rushed the Officer. But, the most damning parts are:
      • There should be a blood trail on the ground behind him. There doesn’t appear to be one. What I think might be a blood trail is incredibly short, only a couple feet (congruent with a stumble or drop-to-knees). With a big stride, Brown adrenaline-charging could cover far more ground than that.
      • One round struck him through the inside of the right palm, near the thumb. The only scenarios that produce that injury while charging are patently rediculous. Even if he put out his hand to protectively “stop the bullets”, there should be a corresponding entry point in center mass.
      • One round struck him in the tip of the head. This angle cannot be produced during a charge, especially when you consider Brown’s height.
      • Even in a state of panic, the autopsy didn’t reveal Brown as being “on something” as he implied, to allow him to do something so moronic as to run at a cop who is already shooting.
  • Lie #3: He said he sustained an “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket” when Brown struck him during the struggle. Here, I thought I had it, the “something” that happened. That injury is intense, it rapidly swells and bleeds. It requires a significant amount of force to cause mutliple fractures on an essentially circular bone structure. It can make horrid things instantly happen to your eyeball. But, again, we have a red-handed episode of word-vomit on our hands:
    • First, the autopsy did not reveal any damage to Brown’s hands, elbows, or knees — as we would expect from the kind of blows that would cause this injury. Brown was a big boy and certainly capable of it, but there is a cause-and-effect to that kind of citizen-police kung-fu that is missing entirely.
    • Second, this video has come to light, which I will post again at the end of the article. It shows Wilson pacing over Brown, moments after the shooting. Yes, it is distant. Yes, it is grainy. But, that video is more than sufficient. He is clearly not injured in that manner. I have no doubt Wilson sustained those injuries. I have every reason to reject the notion that they came from Brown.
    • Importantly, her account of events in that video ties to what I had suggested previously for events, and they match the atopsy and forensic information to which we currently have access.

Any person in light of all of the above, must conclude that Darren Wilson is lying. Anything else is confirmation bias in action. And, I know. We want to believe the shooting was justified. We don’t want to live in a world where police authority has become so rampant, born from the paranoia of the War on Terror, that an officer could murder a teenager in the middle of the street, with his hands in the air. But, we have to face truth. We have to look at what is happening in Ferguson and stare it down, or it will one day come to our streets. Tanks and trucks, gas and grenades. Today, it’s a “black riot”. Tomorrow, its an “unemployment riot”. Jackboots don’t know skin color, folks. And, being less than the 1% just makes them meaner.

By all means, support good cops — protect them fiercely. They have volunteered to serve and protect their communities within the bounds of the law. We can have all the debates about the law that we like, but none of that in your world needs to change.

However, when a cop lies, the shield drops away. They are unworthy to claim it. In fact, he or she is worse than a liar — they have spit on the public trust.

And, if you continue to support them…well, what does that say about you?

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