The Path of the Darkworker

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I feel it might be a good idea to take a moment and do a topical overview of the Darkworker path. In short, lets get our feet wet and take a look at “Dark-Geography”, and contrast it to what we know about the Lightworker path. Mystically, the Lightworker path is often represented as a spiral that turns outward, clockwise (hence, …

The Inner Circle

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At some point, it is an absolute certainty that you will develop enemies. If you are operating properly, these conflicts should be entirely manageable. However, all people make mistakes, if for no other reason that you are not omniscient. You may not even be aware of their existence. This makes you vulnerable. The ones you need to be concerned about, …

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"Heart of Loneliness", Roberto Terracciano, Creative Commons License

Why You Should Love Yourself

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At first, when I reflect on the nature of this topic, I can’t help but take it to a bad place — where you should make sweet, sweet love to yourself. While that topic will certainly come up in this dank, dark crack in the web at some point, that isn’t the subject at hand. Allthough, once you get past …

What is a Darkworker?

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There are two ways you can understand a thing. First, you can examine the thing itself, and from its characteristics and nature, make statements about it. However, you can also describe a thing by what it is not — the absence of it, or its opposite. For the curious, the formal, academic terms for these two routes are cataphasis and …