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Top 5 Mistakes When Goal Setting

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Here we are folks, ready to move into the marvelous 2015. All truth be told, this is going to be a pivotal year for people. And, as the champaign flows and the world goes deeper into a snowy death, people have a natural tendency to turn inward and take stock of things. Figured I would keep this one short and …


Searching for Lucidity

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A quick post, but I wanted to share a personal quest. I have had lucid dreams exactly twice in my life. The first time, I became aware and did the traditional “flying” thing. On the second go around, I wasted it and had sex with Eliza Dushku. Not that sex with Eliza was a waste by any means, and to …

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The Police State: Cause & Solution

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Well, it’s finally here — the police state. We have become comfortable with police molesting our family members for trite potential offenses, burning the faces of our small children, and shooting the media to prevent them from streaming. While some demographics (specifically poor and/or black) have it decidedly worse, it crosses all lines now. It is open season on the …


False Post

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Apologies to everyone. There was a falsified post claiming that the Experiment would be discontinued. This post was false, and was not written by me. Rest assured, while my posting schedule has been interrupted — the Experiment is undaunted, and in full effect. I explain more in the link below (a thread on the forums): The Crimson Curtain Falls