The Coyote Option

J.C. LaCroix Crass Humor, Goal Setting, Personal Productivity

Sometimes, you end up in a catch-22, where you seem to only have a limited set of choices, and all of them suck. And, you’ve looked for a way around whatever it is that sucks, but can’t find a solution. Considering your remaining options gives you a bad feeling in your gut and an even worse taste in your mouth, …


Hard or Boring Goals: Force Multipliers, Threading the Needle

J.C. LaCroix Goal Setting, Motivation

  A lot of times, people come to me with these common sets of goals – like loosing weight,  quitting smoking, eating healthier, getting more discipline, becoming more socially adept, getting more emotional control. Usually, people fail at these goals. They take time, most progress comes slowly, and that makes them really hard. How do we rally up and tackle …