Dick’s Just the Tip of the Day

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So, my man Dick, he’s hilarious. If you ask him, he disagrees, but he’s full of shit. And, he represents a lot of people out there. See, everyone has something they think they’re awesome at that they actually suck balls at; conversely, everyone also has something they think they blow at where they truly have talent. It’s one of the …


Silence, Absence, Everyman

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Silence. Nearly five months now, and that is all that has been heard from behind the Crimson Curtain. Still. Serene. And yes, very deliberate. Except for my inbox, of course, that has been non-stop screeching. I got it all in one big avalanche on my return. I travel a lot, you see, sometimes spontaneously. I honor the voice within, and …


The Coyote Option

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Sometimes, you end up in a catch-22, where you seem to only have a limited set of choices, and all of them suck. And, you’ve looked for a way around whatever it is that sucks, but can’t find a solution. Considering your remaining options gives you a bad feeling in your gut and an even worse taste in your mouth, …


Sex Technique: The Shocker

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“The Shocker“, as it is commonly known, is a modern practice with roots that stretch back to ancient times. While the act itself has remained largely the same, it has gone through an evolution which shall be elaborated upon in this document. Clearly, no other human invention has survived so long, and carried so much joint pleasure and disdain, as …