The Tenth Law: Action

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The Tenth Law, stated: “Victory goes to actions first, preparations second, deliberations never.” The Darkworking path is primarily pragmatic. It states to accept truth, but the primary way we accept truth is through the effect of the application of that truth. Thus, it is results for us that serve as our yardstick for measuring truth – not theory, principle, logic, …


The Seventh Law: Knowledge

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Emotional Mastery, Goal Setting, Personal Productivity, Power Tactics

The Seventh Law, stated: “Reason is your useful servant. Nothing more, nothing less.” Here, the Laws shift gears a bit. While they all deal with perspective, the first six are concerned with how you are viewing yourself and those that follow are trying to bring focus to how you view the world and your interaction with it. This Law deals …


Choice: Free versus Constrained

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Goal Setting

What is the nature of choice? Go ahead and take a moment to formulate your own response to this question, and then we will have class, kiddies…okay…got it? Pencils down, let’s move right along. J Now, this article is a bit long, in fact, I think its my longest so far – partially because I have to cover ground which …


Silence, Absence, Everyman

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Silence. Nearly five months now, and that is all that has been heard from behind the Crimson Curtain. Still. Serene. And yes, very deliberate. Except for my inbox, of course, that has been non-stop screeching. I got it all in one big avalanche on my return. I travel a lot, you see, sometimes spontaneously. I honor the voice within, and …