Rooting Exercise (Basic)

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Have you ever wished you had more personal drive? Perhaps you’ve thought that if you just had more of that inner juice, that moxy, that mojo, whatever you want to call it, if you had it, you could get where you want to go. Maybe its possible that, in your heart of hearts, you know you’re not aggressive enough, or that you should stand up for yourself more often?


Well here we go, future Spartan.


With a little time and mental sweat, we is gonna set that ass on fire.


First, we gotta go on a little digression about the Force and other such crap.


The theory is, energy flows through your body, and moves along points called chakras. Now, the energy has two poles, a positive pole at the top of your head, called your crown chakra, and a negative one at what is known as your root chakra. You can draw energy in from the top of your head, or from the root, which is what we’re interested in.


For women, the root chakra is the vagina (god bless you ladies for letting us put it directly in your root chakra, its so warm, and…); for men, its not your dick – its actually your prostate, located dead center between your legs, midway between your asshole and your ballsack.


Now, the more empirical among you might reject the idea of chi (and you’re sorta being a dumbass, since there is documented evidence to suggest something is at play with all that eastern crap, even though we don’t know precisely what it is), but I have the little mental gymnastics you need to make this work. Ready? All this energy stuff is crap. What the old Asian bastards found was a process that allows us to have a direct, conscious effect on the subconscious mind. Bam. You like that? Moving right along…oh, and of course, if you don’t believe in the subconscious, then get off my website, and come back when you’re not riding the short-bus, bagtaster.


The root chakra is the first chakra that forms as we manifest ourselves in the world.


Sorry, had to take a moment.


It’s a kinda romantic when you’re in love with yourself.


Anyway, it literally represents our desire to be, also the survival instinct. Energy-wise, it is responsible for procreation, although better understood in a broader sense. It is our vitality, our energy, our will to be. It is our sex drive and sexual magnetism. And, for Darkworkers, it is the point that is used to draw up energies for different exercises and techniques. It represents the dominative aspect of personal charisma. It is the raw will.


Strengthen it, and we’re gonna be naughty. We’re gonna be naughty Darkworker gods.

Now, I’ve done a lot of different exercises to Root (strengthen that chakra), but the best I have found by far is Kuji-in. It is an old art, but the greatest strength it has is that it is designed to be pragmatic, or philosophy neutral. In other words, it is solely concerned with beefing up the chakras, with no concern as to perspective, path, or paradigm. Now for the other chakras, I haven’t had spectacular results, but for the root chakra, the results have been impressive to say the least!


The great thing is, the wonderful folks at a Kuji-in website have made a free video just for the root chakra that I have experimented with and had great results with Apprentices.


You can find it here:


To do some solid rooting, I suggest you simply breathe in a chair and watch the video once a day for a few weeks. This will allow you to get the images and sounds properly formulated in your mind.


Then, enter seated meditation (you can also use horse stance if you want to really ramp it up) as you begin to do this visualization without the video. When you visualize, be sure to switch perspectives, from being the seated figure, to watching the seated figure. I recommend you switch the symbol of the character to something that has a powerful, primal, empowering meaning for you – but keep the symbol red. Also, when you visualize the lightning, feel that root chakra opening and charging up. Over time of doing this, with very slow breathing, you will eventually feel an energy buildup and a flush or warmth in the body (hence the flames in the video). It’s a good thing, you want that.


You should see some small results in a few weeks. I do this visualization at three times a week (prior to working out), and had phenomenal results. Here are some:


Got farther with the ladies

Increased confidence

Needed less sleep

Slightly higher gains with weight training

Alpha tactics came much easier

Willpower dramatically strengthened


So there you go – there is a hand formation you are supposed to do, you can find it here: Click on basics to see it. Personally, I found that it had no impact on my results.


As a final note, the mantra means, Oh Divine Thunderbolt, Awake! In our case here, it reminds us of our infinite nature (divine), our primordial power (thunderbolt), and to wake up to that reality (awake).


Try it out, fellow Titans. Let me know how it goes.