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Phil Renaud, "Indian Werewolf", CCL

Andrieh Vitimus: 30 Day “Shape-shifting” E-Course

J.C. LaCroix Occult, Psychic, Paranormal, Power Tactics 3 Comments

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Phil Renaud, "Indian Werewolf", CCL

Phil Renaud, “Indian Werewolf”, CCL

Allright, so right out of the gate, a disclaimer: Those of you in the “materialist” camp, who are not into the more occult side of the Path, will probably tune me out on this one. Which, is unfortunate, because it means you’re also not into tapping into a rock-solid lock on amplifying your personal power. Personally, I don’t fully understand your decision there, but your Descent is your own and I respect that.

For the rest of you — grease your meat and open the throttle, because we’re about to get primal up in this bitch. I met Andrieh at the Second International Left-Hand Path Conference, and had the opportunity to preview some of his techniques under his guidance. As someone who has some experience guiding meditative occult practices I can tell you, he knows what he is doing.

Key point: The guy is a pragmatic occultist. What I mean by this is he hunts for those things that produce results and serves them up. You’re not gonna find this guy sitting around in a basement with unwashed tards, hitting a bong and talking about the metaphysical implications of the modern kaballah vs. the ancient interpretation of the polarity of the four winds. Like me, he gives no fucks about all the fancy. Instead, you’ll find him sweating in the lab, developing, refining, and testing techniques. An important distinction.

In my mind’s eye, I see both of us in that lab cackling and telling Renfeild to flip-the-switch.

Speaking of switch-flipping, he doesn’t just offer insight — he offers 30-day courses. That is an important thing to keep in mind when trying to filter out all the scams that permeate the web in this sector. Real mastry of will-working doesn’t happen overnight. It is a skill like any other. It does work, but you have to train. Reject it after one half-hearted attempt and you’re just throwing away awesomeness. For the complete noob, I suggest undertaking Baphomet’s Challenge, which is just designed to open your mind and get your feet wet. Then, a whole new world opens up. Remember, Rhonda Byrne of the Secret and others want you to believe in just-add-water magic as it sells more books and DVDs, because damn all that hair-coloring and spray tanning is expensive.

He is currently offering a course on “Shape-shifting”, scheduled to roll out on November 1st. It includes 30 days of training, plus a recorded webinar. The basic theory behind it is that he guides you through the process of reaching back and tapping into your ancestral energies, that is, your DNA so to speak. All those molecules running through your body have a memory, running all the way back to the first bacteria. A chain connecting you to Source. You tap it, and channel it into an animal form that you resonate with. This is similar to unlocking energy stored in what the Platonic-types would call archetypal forms. It’s kinda like doing a vision quest without having to drop truckloads of acid and lay in your own vomit in the desert for days at a time.

Most importantly, he then shows you how to bring all that animalistic whoop-ass back with you from the mind-scape. And, he then shows you how to direct and apply it, on a practical level, in every place of life from the boardroom to the grocery store.

Now, do I know if the theory is true? Nope. Don’t care. It works.

Having practiced Rooting for so long, I basically plateau’d right the hell out. I thought I was done exploring that frontier.

However, after running his techniques, my Rooting amplified. What I thought was the bottom was just the beginning, and I have to give credit where credit is most certainly due. There is an improvement in sex that you’d have to experience to believe. Honestly, I didn’t even think that was possible, already being a sexual tyrannosaurus. Conflict with others flows with a greater ease and dissapates in my favor with far less effort involved. The list of perks, goes on and on.

My mind, was blown. I will most certainly be going through this course.

Now, last but certainly not least — we’ve got elite bonus on this one. The month-long course is normally $110 USD. However, Andrieh has graciously granted us a Darkworker discount, bringing that total down to $80 USD. However, this discount is only available to subscribers to our mailing list. We promised you goodies and we deliver. If you want to take advantage of the savings, now would be a good time to sign up to the Dark News, right over there in the sidebar. We will be sending out the discount code on October 25th, so be sure to check your spam folder and change your settings to get us the hell outta there.

We’ve got free, super-secret squirrel posts coming just for the subscribers. We don’t want you to miss out.

Thats all for now, Princelettes. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out, below.


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  1. Hello I’m a newbie and I want to become more educated in the left hand path, my patron demon is gusion he has shown me some things but only visual. Would be greatly appreciated if someone could reach out to me and help please.

  2. Because I have stood before the yawning void holding my ground even though I know everything I have ever wanted was waiting for me inside. I have flashed a startled light on my demons. Comfortable only in slithering around in the darkness, they glare back with glowing, reflective eyes. I still dwell in a skin that should have been shed long ago, now tight, plasticky, suffocating, and…moist.

    I would like to learn how to take one more step into the egoic oblivion before me — and then another! Upgrade that flashlight into a spotlight and fry those little fuckers–or a strobe light and party with them… it could go either way, the appeal of what is presented here is I am encouraged to have an open mind. And stand, stretch and breathe free in the sun and the breeze without all the no’s that have held me back for far too long.

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