Systems that Control You: Energy

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Gravity, steam, heat, magnetism, mechanical, nuclear weak force, electricity – the list goes on and on. Human life is dependent upon energy. This goes beyond just heating and cooling, because Homo Sapiens made certain trade-offs to get our cerebrums, that make us dependent on tools. Through history, there has always been the dominant energy form that humans are using, playing a center stage role in our social dynamic. This energy source always has a source, and a delivery mechanism. And, the Masters have always sought to control and retain access to the source of that energy.

Putting gas for cars aside, in our case today, it is electricity.

Dependency in this arena is just stupid. You can make your own. First, there’s the sun, which no one can cut you off from without cutting themselves off as well. Bad move for life as we know it, so it’s a safe bet. Same thing with wind. So here’s the expected solar links, but way better:

Also, if you have a good water source, you can do what these guys are doing:

You don’t have to have perfectly concave glass. I’ve seen low-tech models made with hand-mirrors that work. At that point, steam turns turbine, turns small generator, charges batteries, powers your ultimate gaming machine. OR, You really can do wind. My god, you don’t need all the expensive crap. At the basic level, you need some wooden planks that turn an old used car alternator. Check out the inner might of this bad-ass in Africa that just pwned all of us:

But, while I recommend doing all that, there is something far more powerful which you can do. For a long time, people outside of the cities still needed electricity like we all do, and lots of it. They had work to do, and also wanted refrigerators and air-conditioning. You don’t necessarily have to switch to gas heating and cooking, and use oil lighting to get independent here. All you have to do is ask how they got it done, and do the same. The answer is below:

That’s it folks. Little Lister engine will run for 50 years with no major work. Some batteries and grease, and you’re good to go. You can tell the power company to go fuck themselves.
Feels good to be a price-maker, and not a price-taker, doesn’t it?