Polarization and Polarity

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking

There is a lot of talk in the blogosphere about Lightworkers, Darkworkers, and Polarity – most of it spawned by myself and Steve Pavlina. However, all this chatter has led to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding, which I would like to attempt to clear up.

Part of the reason for this problem is that people don’t understand that Lightworking and Darkworking, as paths to increasing personal power, have been around for a long, long time. These are not new ideas – in fact, Pavlina himself inherited the term from another self-help author. A thousand-and-one terms have been used to describe these states, and Darkworking alone can be traced, reasonably, as far back as the ancient Babylonian empire. By the way, did you know that this empire was the first on record to have an Emancipation Proclamation, and end slavery within its borders? Darkworking, in Babylon, is evidenced by the “Emerald Tablet” that you see in the introduction to the movie “The Secret”, but is kind of left hanging there, unexplained by the producers, and for good reason. And, most obviously, one simply has to look at the rationale behind the Hammurabi Code (which was heavily borrowed from by the Hebrews, almost verbatim, as they were enslaved there prior to their dramatic escape from the bonds of Egypt). There is also a Darkworker ruling elite, and as far as I can tell, this is where it all began. In any case, I’ll talk more on this later. The truth is, though, that these two concepts which are now being popularized, are fundamental aspects to the human psyche, and much like gravity, didn’t exist because we came along and labeled them. They are part of us, and our label just helps us to understand ourselves.

The other, and more important reason, for all the argument is because no one has delt directly with the twin concepts of polarization and polarity – directly talking about what they are, independent of the Lightworker vs. Darkworker discussion. This is what I am going to try to do here – shed some light on the terms, and what is actually behind them. First, I’m going to define Polarity and Polarization. These definitions might not make sense until I explain further, so bear with me, because I will then elaborate on Polarization, and move into Polarity. At this point, things will become clearer. Finally, I’m going to tie the two together, and briefly discuss Lightworker and Darkworker interaction on a macrocosmic scale – that is, in the sense of society, the planet, and the universe-at-large.

Polarization vs. Polarity

The best way to think of this is to think of a bar of metal that sits there, and then becomes magnetized. The uncharged, inert bar of metal is like a non-polarized person. But then, when certain processes are applied, the bar becomes magnetized, and we can think of it like a Polarized person. Likewise, a magnet has two poles, a positively charged end and a negatively charged end. This is like the concept of Polarity, or Lightworker versus Darkworker. Now, to extend this metaphor to a concrete definition:

Polarization is when an individual becomes fully, experientially awakened to their absolute creative power and ability over their life.

Polarity is how a person comes to that realization, focusing on their connection to Self, or their connection to Other.

Confused yet? Good. You’ll see in a second why I had to lay those definitions down first.

At this point, I want to take a second to point out something important. This metaphor is using the physical property of magnetism to describe a process that happens in the human psyche – and with magnetism, the poles arise simultaneously with the object becoming magnetized. It is the same with Polarization and Polarity. A person’s polarity arises simultaneously as they become Polarized. While these two things happen together, it helps us to understand them by pulling them apart and looking at them separately.


To understand this, lets take a look at a non-polarized person.

Psychologically, they have what is called a dominant External Locus of Control. What this means is that while they believe to varying degrees that their actions have an effect on their world, overall, they believe, in a deep, fundamental way, that the state of their life is largely determined by forces outside of their control. Things happen to them. Their boss is the reason they can’t get a promotion. Their overbearing spouse is the reason they can’t get a business going. The government comes and takes their money from them, and that’s why they’re broke all the time. In short, they believe they are more effected by the world, than effective on the world.

Because of this, they are mainly dominated by their response chains – their instinctive behaviors where they react to events and other stimuli. And, that’s why they keep getting the same results, reinforcing their External Locus of Control, because they keep doing the same things, creating that reality, and getting External Locus of control results. Its why its so hard to truly Polarize. This is why I say its like they’re Ancient Greek Gods who have been hit on the head and fell down from Olympus with a giant thud. Now, they have amnesia, and can’t even spell Olympus, must less remember where it is or what the Gods do there. And, what’s worse, now they think they’re like all the other mortals walking around, making offerings, praying to the Gods to do for them what they actually have the power to do for themselves.

This is why I characterize them as sleeping, or blind to their own Divinity. They have it already, they are creating their world, they just have no idea they are doing it. Or, even if they know “The Secret” on a rational level, they don’t believe it deep in their bones. This is why I define Polarization as the “fully, experientially, awakened” to their creative power, because Polarization isn’t something you think your way into. I want to repeat that – you can’t sit there and string logical sentences together and wake yourself up. It just doesn’t work that way. You have to experience the insight into reality for it to take firm hold.

But, contrast all that to a person with an Internal Locus of Control – they believe their life is, by and large, controlled by their own actions. This can be direct cause and effect, or it can be through preparation before something may occur. They can head an event off, minimize its effects, or flat-out prevent it. Because of this, they have liberated theirself from their response chains, and now begin to try different things until they get the results they want. This reinforces this creational behavior, and creates a positive spiral. In effect, the Polarized person has realized their creative power, or reawakened to their own divinity – having seen into the reality that with their intent and actions they can shape all the conditions of their life, and beyond.

But, how does this occur?

This is where sleeping is a good metaphor. When a person sits in sleep, they oscillate down into deeper layers of sleep, and back up to a light sleep, over and over again in cycles. If we think of sleep like an awareness of one’s creative power, this is the same thing. The “sleep” of the non-polarized person is based on an External Locus of Control, but this reality is a delusion, a dream-land, supported by a number of false assumptions. Ideas about theirself, others, the world, how things work, etc. Because this perspective doesn’t reflect reality, every now and then reality bumps into it and grates against it. When this happens, I call these anomaly events, and they are an anomaly because they are an experience that the non-polarized worldview just can’t seem to make fit.

A good example would be a person who thinks they are ugly and unlovable and out of the blue, an attractive person walks up and asks them out on a date. Most of the time, people either completely reject these, like denial (our “ugly” person doesn’t even notice that they are being picked-up on), or they go to great lengths to rewrite the event to fit their world-view in the form of rationalization (our “ugly” friend assumes they were being mocked by the invitation, or the attractive person approached them because they lost a bet, or whatever false premise is valid enough to send them back down into deep sleep).

The beautiful part is, when someone is in a light-enough sleep, they are on the edge of waking up. They can begin to sense the true nature of things. This is like when you are waking up and your eyes begin to flutter. You get peeks and glimpses into the real world. Sensing this, most people freak and run back to their dreams. But, sometimes, a person reaches out for more. This intention will attract to them an awakening event – which is like an anomaly event on steroids. I have more to say on the nature of awakening events, but this is sufficient for now. Personal tragedy of some kind is common, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. In any case, this event is like an earthquake that shatters their whole perspective, worldview, paradigm (pick a word of your liking).

This is when the person enters the “Germination” stage, as I call it. Its like sitting up out of sleep, and now the person has to take stock of their surroundings. The actual way they do this is to do…well, nothing noticeable. Often, they go into isolation of some kind, and withdrawl from people and events. What they are actually doing is reflecting on the awakening event, and their entire lives in general. Its like they’re walking around the rubble that was their old world-view, examining the pieces, and clearing the debris. From this removal, they reawaken to their true power, come out of sleep, and become Polarized. They don’t so much build a new world-view, as they clear the old one out and like an archaeologist, dig up what was already there in the first place. This process can take a few months, to a few years. There really is no way to predict how long, but it always ends in the same place:

They realize they are fully responsible, literally, for all their life experiences in one form or another. They have experienced insight into their own Divinity. They are awakened to their own creative power.

What that means to them is a matter of how they reflected on these experiences – and it determines their Polarity (Lightworker or Darkworker).


Now that we understand what Polarization is, how it functions, and how one gets there, we can discuss Polarity clearly.

Remember the germination stage? This is where Polarity is determined, and it is very simple.

In this reflection on the awakening event, previous anomaly events, and the sum total of life experiences, when one realizes that one has created all of this, a focus will emerge.

The individual will, over time, focus on the pain they have caused others, or on the pain they have caused themselves. And they will move back and forth before settling on one or the other. This is why I try not to work with people until their germination has flourished out and become rooted – its best to let this happen organically.

Likewise, when you are primarily motivated by the pain you have caused others, you will then focus on what you can do for others. When you are motivated by the pain you have caused yourself, you will focus on what you can do for yourself.

If you do the former, you’re a Lightworker. If you do the latter, then you’re a Darkworker.

Primarily, let me note that this is an area of focus – its where you draw your primary motivation. It does not mean Lightworkers won’t also see the pain they have caused themselves, nor does it mean Darkworkers won’t reflect on the pain they have caused others.

This is why I so strongly reject the notion of Lightworkers being Love-Based, and Darkworkers being Fear-Based. You can certainly make the case that Darkworkers see the suffering they have caused themselves and are actively working to avoid it out of fear of more suffering. But, if you say that, then you must say the same of Lightworkers – they are afraid of others enduring more suffering, and are actively working to avoid it.

In reality – neither statement is true, and it represents a misunderstanding, not of Polarity, but of Polarization. Remember, the Lightworker and the Darkworker have come to see their creative power. The reflection on past suffering is the gateway to the future creation of joy. Lightworkers are working to create joy in others, Darkworkers are working to create joy in themselves. This is an act of love. Lightworkers are operating from a deep love for others. Darkworkers are operating from a deep love of Self. When you realize you are a God with infinite ability to shape your world, pain reverts to its true form – a teacher. You do not avoid pain, you made it in some fashion, so you see it as a guide, you seek its lessons to serve as a sign-post to your future liberation and happiness.

And, both Lightworkers and Darkworkers use fear in the same way, as a guidepost or a sign that says, “There’s work to be done here!”

And, both can use it as an energy to fuel actions. A Lightworker could be legitimately concerned that the humanity will bring itself to extinction, and use that as a motivation to get up, get out, and save the planet. A Darkworker can use fear that they will become extinct with the rest of humanity to get up, get out, and start lobbying Washington.

I’m betting on the Darkworkers ?

But, that begs the question – aren’t they opposite sides of the same coin? Yes. And, necessary at that. Of course, while they may be similar, it is these subtle choices of focus that create massive differences in the paths.

For example, Darkworkers, having no vested concern for others, are not bound by ethics in the traditional way that Lightworkers are – this does not mean they can’t choose to do so, but a Lightworker does not know this freedom.

Likewise, a Lightworker is not bound by the need to honor the Self, or to persue individual desire (it doesn’t sound like a burden, but it is). For example, a Lightworker can do things which do not resonate with the best in them, for limited times, if it serves the greater good, for example “Well, I will take the pay cut that I don’t want so the charity can stay in operation”. A Darkworker does not know this liberty. They must honor the Self – it does not mean they cannot restrain the Self (like a Darkworker can use morality if they so choose), but they must honor it nonetheless.

I wish I could say more on this topic and many others, but I’m trying to conserve the energies that I put into this article. Speaking of energies, its time to take this conversation a little larger…

Macrocosm Implications

So now that we understand what Lightworkers and Darkworkers are, it raises the question – why do they both exist? Why not just have Lightworkers in a perfect universe? I warn you, this is a mega-deep question, the kind of thing where naked men sit in caves and eat nothing but bat-poop for years, just to walk out and go, “Thou are that!” and go back in the cave and die, as their corpse is eaten by bats and ironically turned into guano. It’s the philosophical version of Thunderdome – two philosophers enter, and somehow, nobody leaves. Many, many a soul has perished on this question. It involves deep words like entropy and dualism. People make long lists of the opposing forces we see everywhere in the universe – light/dark, hot/cold, cartoons/pornography, up/down, predator/prey even all the way down to flipping atoms with positive/negative. And, it invariably gets really complex and mostly stuck around this central notion of the two base-forces of the universe – creation and entropy.

But, in classic Darkworker fashion – I have bitch slapped them all and found a much better way to demonstrate the answer.

Let’s do a simple little exercise. I want you to go to your kitchen, grab a coffee mug, and put the mug in your kitchen sink. Position the mug so it will sit directly under the tap, but still leave the drain clear enough to not plug up the water when you turn the tap on. Now, turn the tap on and wait for a few minutes.

Seriously, go do this, wait a few minutes, and come back. I’m surely not going anywhere.

What do you observe?

The water from the tap goes into the cup, fills it up, and then overflows, running down the drain, right?

Well, where does the water go once it hits the drain?

Of course, it goes down the drain to the water treatment plant (or back into the groundwater if that’s how your system is set up), to be processed and returned to the plumbing system, and eventually, back into the tap, correct?

This, my friends is Lightworkers, Darkworkers, and the non-polarized all interacting together in a nutshell.

The sink and all the plumbing is the universe as we know it. The non-polarized are the cup. Lightworkers are the tap. And, the Darkworkers are the drain. And, the water, of course, is energy.

The most important thing to take away is to notice how no water in this system is created or destroyed – its just recycled. This is the Law of Constant Composition of Matter and Energy in action, folks.

You see, the universe doesn’t give a damn about opposites, it just cares about balance once the opposites assert themselves.

Wanna see a world without Lightworkers? Turn off the tap, pretend it no longer exists, and pour the water down the drain. Whao. That sucks. Now you’re thirsty and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it (assuming you’re the cup) – everybody’s pissed.

Wanna see a world without Darkworkers? Plug the drain and keep the tap on. Pretty soon, your kitchen is flooded – everybody’s shitty again.

So, on an energy level, you can see why Lightworkers are necessary – they fill the cup.

And, Darkworkers are just as essential, they “soak up and recycle” all the excess energy.

There is excess energy because a non-Polarized person has a limited capacity (they have deluded themselves into surrendering their creative power, thus, they think they have limits, and can’t hold all the energy Lightworkers throw at them).

Now the breakthrough – Polarity increases your power because as you can see, there are only two ways to have an “infinite” capacity for creative energy, to universally give or universally receive – that is, to be the tap or the drain. And, for the universe to work, the taps have to equal the drains.

To really understand this, you have to see that there was a time when nobody was awake or asleep (Polarized or non-polarized), consciousness just was itself with no opposites.

But, for whatever reason, it decided to go to sleep. Once it decided to sleep, it created an opposite state of awake. But, there were, and still are, many sleepers, and very few awakers. This throws things out of balance, and the universe gets crappy. It creates these opposite polarities trying to get things back in balance. In this case, back in balance means everyone being awake (Polarized).

So, lets go back to the sleeping metaphor. If someone is sleeping, there are two ways to wake them up. The first one is to gently call to them, stroking their cheek, saying pleasant things. The other way is to bark at them, shake the bed, etc. Some people (like myself) do not respond well to the gentle method – I get cozy and toasty and just sink deeper into sleep. I actually need a more aggressive approach. Likewise, some people I know are very deep sleepers, and will tune out the aggressive stance, and will only wake up if someone does the gentle appeal. This is why the Polarities exist from a standpoint of bringing the universe back into balance – its more efficient to have both options.

I would argue that Polarity is a fundamental aspect to the human psyche, and a generalized property of sentient life.

But, how to the Polarized wake up the non-polarized? Its not a direct process. I mean, you can make it a personal mission. Myself and Pavlina have (of course, he’s seriously kicking my ass at the current time, but I was late getting in the game, gimme a minute. God. I mean, he does the website…I conquer the planet and do the website…fuckin-a people…?), but its not best to try to force someone to Polarize. The Buddha compared all beings to a vast expanse of lotus flowers, all in different stages of development, unfolding perfectly as they should. It could be a balance thing – there are some texts which argue, in different words, that for every Lightworker there is a Darkworker, and vice versa. Who knows? What I do know is, this mission is fulfilled without the Polarized having to do anything, it just happens by their presence. This is similar to when you’re having a dream, but you become aware in the dream that you are in fact dreaming because someone is standing in the room. Just going around and accomplishing their goals, the Polarized are nudging, bit by bit, the non-polarized into a wakeful state.

Which does bring me to my second gripe on Pavlina’s interpretation – which is that you can detect a Darkworker because they are lowering consciousness. This isn’t what that feeling is, we’re still actually raising consciousness just like Lightworkers.

Part of what that feeling is the “drain effect”, which isn’t negative, but people are placing a bad label on it because they don’t know what its doing – its just entropic creation, or better yet, the Darkworker being so awesome that people are drawn to them.

The second part is something else – the Darkworker, when advanced can bend reality to them (consciously or unconsciously), and the non-polarized will feel fear, tiredness, and so forth. But again, this isn’t the Darkworker vamping your energy off of you, which is how its being interpreted – it’s the Darkworker shaking your bed so you will be not so comfortable in sleep, so you will wake up.

Yes, folks – my revelation to you is, in one sense, that we Darkworkers are the garbage men (women) of the Universe. In terms of function, Lightworkers do get the better sounding job title.

And, that’s okay, they can keep it – we are compensated by getting the cooler job. We are flipping sweet, we get empires, and corporations, cool gadgets, and just a whole lot of style. In the end, and I know I’m biased, but Lightworker tooty-flowers have nothing on Darkworker bling-bling. I can prove it, too. Just watch an hour of some help-the-homeless telethon, then go watch MTV for an hour.

You tell me, which did you enjoy more? 😉

Okay, there is so much to say on this topic, but I just have to stop.

Stop. Just stop. Okay, I’m stopping.