A Clarification on this Website

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Here’s the thing about personal development gurus – most of them aren’t selling you personal development, a better life, or the pathway to your dreams. And, deep down, you know it, and you’re buying their crap anyway, because what you’re really buying is another adrenaline shot. That is, this whole thing between you and the guru is one transaction masquerading as another, and you’re both dancing behind the masks in an effort to keep the music going for one more verse.

Here are some indisputable facts about personal change:

  • It is hard.
  • It requires time.
  • It requires sacrifice.
  • It requires radical changes.
  • Information is not your primary problem. Action is your primary problem.
  • You alone are the reason your life is not the way you want it to be.

Anyone who says anything to the contrary, or even implies it, is selling a momentary booster shot. They are not selling personal development, Darkworking, or anything that leads to actual change. Really, they’re selling you an inner topical ointment, a distraction that numbs you to the fact that you don’t like your life, long enough for you to be happy with the same result and move on. Until you need the next fix.

Now, if that is what you want, so be it. I will not judge you.

The great thing about Darkworking is, you’re not my damn problem, ultimately.

However, I will tell you that you will not get what you want at this website.

In fact, I would like to take a moment to talk about what we are doing here. This is a website that is devoted to personal development, specifically from a Darkworker’s point of view. It is meant to be a community, where we can come and share ideas, support each other, and hell, just have a place to be open about who and what we are. Often, most people who are on the path aren’t even conscious of what it is, and if they are, they are walking alone. I’d like to fix that. In addition, the website aims to reach out to the larger personal development community, showing them that we’re not the bastards other make us out to be, and though we may have a different perspective – we also have valuable tools that are usable by everyone, even the Lightworkers of the world, and that in truth some of them already are using our tools.

Then, there is something that I myself am specifically attempting, and it is the reason I call this website an experiment…

I have trained many Apprentices. I would go so far as to call the number countless, since I’ve pretty much lost an accurate estimate, but I know for sure that it is well over 100. Some have surpassed my expectations and gone on to become full-fledged Princes and Princesses. Most have not. A few have decided Darkworking was not for them, and moved on with my full and complete appreciation for their time and energy. After all, the only way to know is to try. As the axioms call for Self-Knowledge, I would be a hypocrite if I faulted someone for coming to know that this was not their path. Of course, hypocrites make me want to vomit, so yeah.

And yes, by the way Rasha69@yahoo.com — I know damn well everyone is a hypocrite to some degree due to modern rational constraints. I am also aware that you can nit-pick every statement to the point of being a complete fucktard. Don’t loose the forest for the trees, you presumptuous jackass.At this point, many will comment that I do this for the power of connections. It’s true, and I won’t deny it – I do receive the benefit of former students helping me out from time to time. What I won’t let slide, however, is that this is why I do it. Consider, for a moment that if I was doing it for the power-by-proxy angle, I would be far better served to do what many at my level do, and this is to counsel only Princes. I have access to many of them, and their reach is strong. No, in reality I focus on the newbies because I love the moment when someone wakes up to their own potent nature. That first crystallization is an awe-inspiring moment for me. It brings me closer to my own polarization, reminds me of why I walk the path, and frankly, makes me feel really, really alive.

In addition, I have a knack for it. Finding and grooming individuals post-polarization seems to be something I have always been able to do. Now, I don’t think this is because of an inherent talent. Rather, I think the inherent nature of my polarization gave me a lasting connection to what it was like to be non-polarized. In other words, I remember the road “back there” very vividly. This means that I’m closer to the old mindset than many who have walked the path for a time, and that allows me to empathize more with the Apprentice.

Likewise, I also acknowledge that it is because of some things that I have done consciously. First, like so many others, I first polarized without any knowledge of who or what I was – while this state has many “beginner’s mind” advantages, I wasn’t satisfied to stumble around alone. My inner intuition was very resolute on the idea that something wondrous had happened, that I was damn sure not the first, and most certainly would not be the last. Now, at the time, the most public and obvious Darkworker group on the face of the planet was the Church of Satan. While I learned some good things there, I overall picked up on the fact that this was “Darkworking for Fun and Profit” more than anything else.

Interestingly, though, any study of LaVey will point you directly to Aleister Crowley. This is where my struggle to trace Darkworking back, through time to its origins, began. I will make a more lengthy post of this subject at some point, but for now, it generally went something like this: It began with many secret and some not-so-secret societies; traced back to occult groups; traced back into a flourishing during the European humanist movement, including as far back many social sectors in the Renaissance; lead from there to suppressed societies that expressed themselves in the forms of demonology, alchemy, astrology, and the like; from there traces back into cult groups centered around what we know as mythology in ancient civilizations; and culminates at the point I believe is it’s origin in the ruling elite of Ancient Persia.

Which brings me to another point, and that is the notion that Darkworking is somehow made up. The term is made up, as people have struggled to bring a label to something which, for most of its life as a reality of the universe, has been pushed underground by those who have not understood it. Again, most that use it today have no idea where it came from, or even that they are using “it” at all. The closest term that is in use is the “left-hand path”, and even that falls short. The basic methods and objectives, along with the Axioms, are not, however, made up. A little research will clear this up, as the path has a clear line through history which, while being broken from time to time, definitely traces with a clear distinctiveness.

Also, Darkworking should not be confused in a general sense with Witchcraft, Wicca, or Paganism in general. Wicca, for example, is a religion which stresses the balanced harmonious interaction between individual and environment. Likewise, several of its main unifying tenants, most notably the principle of “Harm None”, make it directly incompatible with Darkworking. What the two share in common, is “Magic”, or the notion of “Intention Manifestation” – the baseline idea that the individual can have an impact on their reality by the processes that are taking place in their mind, in addition to their personal actions. In effect, “the Secret”.

In fact, what you find as you move through the history of the left-hand path is that it is always around, and often is using the images and traditions of the time to express itself. So, as it moves through Christian society, it is using Christian images, like Demons, to express itself. Similarly, it is using the modes of mythology to express itself in Pagan societies. Thus, as we see it in the post-modern era, it is taking on the mode of the Occult.

Culminating in the era of the internet, where it is finally taking a deep breath, and becoming humanist again, personal-development style.

And, much like any other path, there are a thousand-and-one different tools, ways, methods, camps, philosophies, and so forth, contained within Darkworking. What this entire journey of delving into the history of it gave me was something rare – the chance to network with, and be instructed by, a plethora of Darkworkers. This bird’s-eye view of it all gave me the ability to force a pragmatic perspective, which pursued only the common core of the path, and the ability to swap out tools and methods, to use the best one for the particular student at the time.

But, the question that always lingered in my mind is: Is it possible to make it universally accessible? You see, the nature of Darkworking is that the instruction is, when valid, always highly personalized. The reasons, while being multifaceted, ultimately come down to the fact that yourself, the true self, is only something you can experience, not something you can think-to-life. A teacher can most directly create that experience. A book, it is assumed, cannot. However, I’m the eternal rebel. I like to scream out to the masses, “Hey! Fuck your myth!”, and then do something that surprises even myself.

So, in the end, with my blog, I’m conducting an experiment.

Can Darkworking be revamped into modern imagery? Can it be made accessible to all? Can the teacher be mostly eliminated?

Of course, this brings me back to those original 6 facts about personal change – Darkworking included. If you’re mature enough to accept those principles, and that is what you’re looking for, then you’ll find the experiment to be of value.

If not, you probably won’t.

Of course, you always have the option to get a guru – like David Schirmer.

I’m laughing my ass off, because I told everyone that at least half of the cast of “the Secret” were undeniably Darkworkers (Schirmer NOT being one of them), and everyone denied it and acted like I just walked up and stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes….

Pavlina wrote a great article on this one, here:

David Schirmer Exposed

Now, I don’t think the guy is a Darkworker, personally, but I don’t know for sure. He is definitely a guru, and a selfish retard with no discipline. He might be a Darkworker, of course, but if he is he really sucks at it, and might want to consider self-redemption and batting for the other team out of this whole mess he has created.

Of course, what makes me laugh is that, I’ve done a little research (it has been some time since the incident itself) — and people are still signing up for his seminars.

Just, don’t be mad if he cons you out of some money.

Then again, what kind of an idiot gives large sums of money to a stranger for investing in stocks, when that person isn’t licensed and/or bonded?!?! Uh…duh.

Then again, what kind of a stupid jackass tries to con the masses when they’re famous? I mean, that was a standard con-artist move, but the last thing the con-artist wants is public attention. Jeez. Did he really think a bunch of proactive business owners were gonna suck it up and take it on that one?!?!

Come on people, if someone’s rich, but they made the majority of their money by selling a book on how to get rich (cough…Rich Dad, Poor Dad…cough), it doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots and see the glamour and illusion with that one….

Meh. Just goes to show – morons are everywhere, even amongst Darkworkers.

Thank you for your time. My rant is complete.