Ripples of Consciousness

J.C. LaCroix Uncategorized

Apparently, even the Lightworkers are dreaming about the Crimson Curtain now.

See this site:

And do note, the original address for this site was, and the site had white text on a black background.


This post was made while I was abroad, accompanying a friend and also scouting out possible locations for the academy. Concurrently, the site had a spike in traffic, even though I wasn’t posting or link-building.

Also, during that time is when I was doing a lot of vizualisation work for the site, clarifying its purpose and drawing power to that desire.

If I’m reaching their consciousness, I know I am drawing others — this is good, because it means the chains of self-loathing, at least for some, are weakening.

I’m a little offended that the author chose to interpret this vision as a sign that there will be false posts inspired by dark entities. My posts are based on experience, both first-hand, observed and tested with others. After all, you can quick-scam the massess, but if you want to build things long term, you have to ring true.

Then again, the inspiration from dark entities may be true, considering how you interpret that.

All I have to say in response is, “Awww. I’m not so bad….once you get to know me….”

We have so much in common. I wish it didn’t have to be this way.