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You may have noticed the change in our slogan over here at the Experiment. It was “An Improved You is a Better World”. It now becomes “Self-Help for the Elite”.  It represents a shift in my thinking. As I have closed out the series on the 12 Laws, I have a breather moment, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about this shift, and what you can expect down the pipeline.


Why the Shift?



When I first started this website, I called it an Experiment. I won’t go into that again, because that part has remained unchanged. However, the Crimson Curtain Blog was only meant to be a library shelf in the repository of human knowledge. I assumed that the multitude of tech-savvy Lightworkers out there would over-run the internet with slander, paranoia, and baseless judgments of their Cousins who walk our Darkworking path. Of course, I was right. I wanted to establish nothing more than an opposing view. A place of truth where those who were seeking, could find, use, and prosper. It was, at best, a passive endeavor, and my personal gain was just legacy. The old slogan spoke to that purpose.


Ah. How quickly the game can change.


Then, I had the experience of Everyman. His sacrifice cut me to the quick – I had no choice but to see, through him, all of us. Always, I had assumed I would take the mantle of Prince via the road of State power. Now, I see I will do it in a rare fashion, especially for our Path, as a Teacher. In truth, I was always aware of this, but in denial, because deep down, I knew the sacrifices that road was going to require. Though, now, I can also see that they are not sacrifices as I perceived them. In fact, I had built myself, through my wealth and power games, a prison, through which my final evolutions of Self could not escape into expression. Having finally made that leap, I feel only joy and liberation. My power soars, though new hands wield it, with a more refined touch, and higher purpose.


But, that prison was as valuable as it was inevitable. Without it, I could not have cast it down to approach the Throne. My Descent has come full circle, as it absolutely had to, I am, again, Apprentice, and yet not. It is, as many have described it, a Second Awakening Event. On the tail-end of the Deepening, I can say only, beautiful.


The nature of my journey is such that my Throne will be justified by the Descent of others. My Crown will also be yours. I made Everyman a promise that day. While I can not find every future Prince(ess) in time, I can find all that I can.


Who are the Elite?



Darkworkers. No, just kidding, but not really. They are, in short, my target audience, the people I am trying to reach. They are those who are the Elite, and those who are attempting to become the Elite, what I call Stirring Sleepers. I will define them:


  • They are, by definition, a minority. Many will aspire, few will take up the mantle. I wish it were no so, but this is the cold, hard, truth.
  • They are polarized, they have accepted not only 100% personal responsibility for their life, but their personal power to create it as they choose. This goes beyond mere lip-service or mental jewelry. It is part of who they are, their worldview.
  • They place a premium on achievement. They demonstrate this through action. Words, and the best of intentions, don’t count.
  • They are not weak, a.d.d, hungry ghost, types – they understand that achievement, growth, and power take an investment of time, discipline, and consistent action. This is why I don’t write at a 10th grade level, or whittle a topic down to 2 paragraphs, in terms of traditional blogging techniques. That would be insulting to the Elite.
  • They are inspired towards purpose with an obvious passion. They seek to create, to evoke their Divinity upon the world. If not at the Throne, they aspire to it in some form, even if they’re not Darkworkers.


These are the people I am trying to reach, and the people I am trying to create. If you are Elite, or have the balls to admit you’re not Elite, but want to be, then Welcome. I have prepared a room for you. Take your shoes off, put your feel up, and be at ease. If you are not Elite and don’t want to be, you’re still welcome to hang around, but I can’t guarantee you’ll get value out of your stay.


I will, when the Experiment is ready, launch the Eudaimonia Society, a gathering place for the hardcore, demonstrated, Elite. So much of the problem of the internet is that any jackwad can use it. This means we are blessed and cursed. We live in a time where we have unprecedented access to information. For example, if a site like this existed when I first started out of the Path, I would have been a Prince long before now. On the other hand, most of the information is pure crap. Sometimes, the quest for power using the internet can be like a needle in a haystack. The purpose of the Society is to act as a filter. Where Elite know they are networking with, giving to, and gaining from, other Elite.


Before, this site was like a web. I put up information so that passively, those who needed it could bump into it. I didn’t care ultimately about the outcome. Now, this focus has shifted. The Experiment has become proactive. It aggressively seeks to find the Elite, and foster sleepers to become the Elite. This, is our mission.


Regaining a Self-Help Focus



This is a personal development website. Its designed to offer you information that helps you advance towards your goals, to become who you want to be. Most of the posts have been about Darkworking, up to now, although its impossible to talk about Darkworking without getting into personal development, which I’ll remark upon in a moment. But, you’re going to see a shift in the future. I will continue to talk about Darkworking on the Crimson Curtain Blog, and you’re going to see some ebooks released to that end. But, these will become a sprinkle as I move into covering more personal development related topics. I have a lot to say, but was almost hampered by a need to cover some Darkworking basics in the beginning.




I’ll close out now with some brief remarks about Darkworking. Before, this site only meant to index Darkworking. Now, it seeks to promote it. On this crazy rock hurtling through space, we are all just trying to be happy – doing the best we can towards that with what we know. I believe there are lots of people out there, for a variety of reasons, who won’t get there along the traditional, lets all hold hands and sing together, sort of route. They have seen behind the curtain, seen the puppets and all the strings. How they came by this vision is irrelevant, but once they’ve seen the world for what it is, this knowledge will always be a part of them. They need another path, and for them, I offer up a new form of the Left-Hand. Will it be the way for all? Of course not. But, I think it will shock many how more than thought will come to call it home.


Darkworking, itself, is new. The path, is old, and has been around for a long, long time.


To get from the Left-Hand Path to Darkworking is to take a transcendental leap, really. That’s why you have to talk about it on its own. Comparing it to Satanism, or Nihilism, or even the most ancient forms, is like comparing a modern rubber tire on a rim to one of the first cart wheels. It works from the same general principal and purpose, but in truth it has advanced so much as to be considered different. We’ve put the Dark Side of the Polarization coin into a new, modernized box. Time to let it get up, stretch its legs, take a few steps. Who knows where it will go?