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Bridget McKinney: First Sacrifice?

100th Post: A Tribute to You

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Bridget McKinney: First Sacrifice?

Bridget McKinney: First Sacrifice?

Today, Darkworkers, I have buckets of gratitude for you, sprinkled with excitement. Frankly, all the unicorns and rainbows playing in my mind damn near had me thinking I had undergone a polarity shift, until I noticed that picturing Ken Ham getting mushroom stamped by Neil deGrasse Tyson still gifts me with an asexual rage-boner. Truly, I haven’t been this pumped about anything for a while. Well, not since I first learned that Joanna Angel has created her own fleshlight mold.

Then, I was definitely pumped.

Pumped, indeed. Ayup, just let that linger for a moment.

As you have obviously noticed, the Experiment has undergone a serious renovation in the past months and not just on a graphical level. The comments are now open on the posts themselves and we have added services and product pages. Further, the homepage is almost done with a near-novella level of content — providing an overview of Darkworking itself — more audio, video, and manifestos to come. Plus, we have new contributors preparing to add their ass-kicking fuel to the engine and lots more in the works. For example, an upcoming podcast, courses, homegrown ebooks, and the long-awaited Society sit in the wings. These works-in-progress are chomping at the bit, ready to burst out and rend your false self like the NYPD on a poor bastard trying to make a buck by illegally flipping arbitrage on some cigarettes.

And, all this has one specific cause: You.

For those of you who might not be aware, this is the 100th post to hit the walls of the Experiment.

For all of us, writers and readers, a special moment.

When I first started this project, it wasn’t even meant to be a serious blog. It was a reaction. Within the personal development community, the discussion about Lightworkers and Darkworkers was flat-out exploding. However, Lightworkers were setting the tone and spreading some serious mistruth about our side of the line. Honestly, I didn’t even attempt to correct the assumptions of the discussion as I saw it. Really, I tuned them out as outsider-ignorant, figuring any debate with them would end up being about as fun and beneficial as trying to explain to the Duck Dynasty Clan that homosexuality is an inherent part of nature and therefore creation. Yet, I didn’t want the lies to sit unmolested. Lies should always be able to point to the dolly and tell the Social Worker where the Darkworkers touched them. So, I merely floated some posts out there to ensure that those who wanted the truth enough to seek it out could find it.

But then, you responded.

Surprising me to say the least, you dog-piled me so hard I could barely breathe. I felt like Justin Beiber walking into a Miss Teen America pageant. You wanted more illumination, so I kept going. Though, I have to say, I viewed it as a hobby at best. I had a “real-life” practice that I viewed as my core contribution. The thing is, the Path is so highly personal and the methods of instruction have always been person-to-person, for a variety of reasons. At that time, I doubted that the internet (as a vehicle) was a viable method of transmission. It works great for nyan-cats and political angst, it works poorly for paradigm restructuring.

I guess you could say, like many an STD, Darkworking is thought to require fluid-to-fluid contact.

A little cough in an elevator ain’t gonna do it.

If you want to see what I’m getting at here, let someone sit and watch military basic training videos on Youtube and note their before-and-after in terms of how they comport themselves, right down to the core of how they think. Not much change, right? Alternatively, talk to someone before and after going through military basic training, and note the same. That’s externally engineered experience driving a paradigm shift.

The main reason for my doubt was that the Path happens “in the moment”. It is taught in real-time, adapting to the subtle, shifting slip-stream of your consciousness that flickers across the surface of reality. It’s not something you can read about alone. It must be applied in the forge and furnace of the here and now, by reaching for desire. A good Guide has seen a lot and done a lot, so they have the ability to follow your lead as a sort of dance partner, while they take you further and further down, into yourself. My view was that any format which was “one-size-fits-all” and “static” would ultimately lead to mediocre results, and wasn’t worth the time.

Yet, you shocked me again.

With just the handful of basic tools I put out there and the hunger in your veins, you applied, adapted, overcame, and made significant progress on your Descent. I came to realize that to doubt you in this context was to doubt myself, and more importantly, the God Within. After all, if it knows no limits, then can the God Within not take even an “imperfect” tool and cut the chains that bind us? Your progress decimated my silly paradigm, and from that creative-destruction a question began to emerge:

Is this actually possible, can Darkworking be molded onto an open stage, productively?

As I entered my “activism phase”, following through on a promise I made to a friend and fighting the forces that would seek to bind us all, you became my canvass. Though the blog, emails, discussions, sit downs, and the like, I began to explore this question along a trail of trial-and-error that was monumental in scope. With one hand I was flipping tables and whipping the money-lenders; With the other, I was reaching into you and tinkering with the Promethean Flame. With your help, I turned the Alchemy of the God Within inwards upon itself and found that the answer to my question was a resounding yes. While before, I had discounted the results of some as an “anomaly” to their credit, I was now forced to move all these results into the “actuality” category.

In short, where there is Will, refined in the Divine, a Way will emerge.

You, taught me that.

I could go on and on about what has been “discovered” and how this process works. For those who want a peek into the lab, I will say: It is through indirect bouncing of insight that universal exercises can be located. Often, the direct approach is worthless. Burying insight behind either manual spoon-feeding (explanation) or isolated, archaic, mythological recreation (self-initiation), tends to be mostly fruitless. The way that works is subtle and elusive, taking dedication, sensitivity, experience, and patience — like finding that perfect balance of rhythm, angle, and pressure on the clitoris — and no matter how many times you’ve pulled it off before, it never arrives from the direction that you would think.

In any case, this 100th post is, and should be, about you.

As I moved through this journey with the Experiment, I became increasingly aware that my own Descent is tied to it. Facing challenges, asking questions, building things up — all have unlocked my personal progress. Of course, sitting here on the Path with nothing but the horizon in front of me, I am not yet sure how or why this has happened. But, I’ve walked long enough to realize that question is irrelevant. My part is simple: Keep calm and keep stepping. However, in this, I am not alone. You are here with me.

What I am trying to say here is, simply: Thank you.

Somewhere along the line, your Path and mine have intertwined. I am learning from you just as much if not more than I am trying to impart. A step towards you has become two towards myself. It is not what I am doing. It is what we are doing, and it is unprecedented.

For the first time, communication technology has made the discovery of this method possible. We have spent most of our history either blindly stumbling in isolation, or practicing in small, hidden groups. Those of us who are gifted, meant to be the masters of all we survey, end up spending most of our time twitching and dashing around, like rats in a cellar. Powerful, yes, but reactive just the same. Some of us made the journey, while honestly, most of us didn’t — either because of personal failure or more likely, being intercepted and bogged down by the infighting that has plagued us.

As a reminder, for those of you looking for additional assistence, but without the coin to cross the River Styx — I created Operation Impregnation, with you in mind.

Now, the discovery of this approach required aggregation — drawing from a massive pool of experience, that was impossible when the Path was confined to a subsistence level of existence. But, the tools available now allow something so beautiful. It means that we can pool our experience. Our hopes and dreams. Our fear and pain. Our joy and greed. No longer limited to just serve as a personal lesson, these experiences can be refined and amplified across practitioners, making their benefit to us exponential in scope. Together, we are able to throw them into the biggest pot-luck, human-condition stew of all time. Endlessly stirring, distilling, and refining, until Darkworking emerges in full revelation.

And, I can’t say it enough: You are the reason why.

The individual walking alone makes progress, but is confined to learn only from failure. The group, practicing together and passing knowledge through time, turns this into a sprint. What then, does this new era hold? A charge, most likely. It is a tipping point for the Path in every sense of the word. Our time has come. I do not know precisely what the future holds, but I do know this:

It belongs to us.

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