The Second Law: Liberation

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking

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"Justice Gavel", Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

“Justice Gavel”, Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

The Second Law, stated:

“You are limited only by cause and effect.”

If I were to choose phrases to describe this Law, I might pick some of these: Sublime Awe, Masterful Efficiency, and Radiant Beauty.

It is, without doubt, my most honored Law, if I had to choose amongst them.

And, it has some history. You’ll find it stated countless ways, down through the ages. From ancient Babylon all the way through to Neo-Nihilism, you will find it whispered to you, if you but take the time to look. In its most recent form, it was most powerfully stated by Crowley when he said, “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” Then, LaVey added a caveat, in an attempt to reclaim the restraint aspect of the Law, when he stated, “Do as you will, but harm none.” With, I might add, a very broad manner of interpreting the word harm, to distinguish it from the “harm none” precept of Wicca.

The first Law called us, with authority, to turn inwards, to look away from others, and face ourselves in our struggles. This Law then, in the just manner of our path, gives us Liberation, Empowerment, and finally, in wisdom, Restraint. In this way, we can see that it is a mini-encapsulation of our entire Descent.

Remember, the Axioms, these are mirrored here.

We will look at each aspect of this Law in turn.


What is a limit? Simply put, it is something that is desired, but unachievable. A limit on a car’s speed, for example, means you can’t go faster than that. Easy. But, what this Law does is rip away all those limits that we take for granted. It says there is only one limit to our desires, that being, cause and effect. In short, any other limits we impose, are, by nature, illusion. They’re false. They don’t really exist.

Not so easy.

Morality or ethics is the first to fall under the razor’s edge of this Law. In effect, morality is nothing more than a broadly held consensus that people take for granted, on what behavior is acceptable or taboo. And, to back this up, they codex it, usually in a system of rules and laws. To make themselves feel better and more just, they create a series of regulated ceremonies called the Legal System. Then, behind that is the threat of force. Nothing more than people with guns, tear gas, and jail cells. Morality and Law have no inherent substance in and of themselves, they are just a long-standing tradition that has been around long enough to delude people into thinking they’re real outside the moment. There is nothing inherently stopping someone from kicking in your door, killing you, and taking all your stuff. Might not be very likely, but its possible. It happens each and every day. And, according to our legal system, no one else can do anything about it until the other person is either trying, or has already done it. Hard fact.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t around way back when this conversation took place, where this consensus was formed about what was moral or legal. Thus, I feel no inherent need to abide by it. It doesn’t mean I won’t make moral or legal choices, but it doesn’t inherently limit my behavior. I see it for what it is, really, nothing more than made up dust and air, in a pretty package. The thing is, those worthy of the title of Darkworkers do make moral, ethical, or legal choices. But, unlike others, they are actually choosing to do so. We all have free agency, and we can do whatever we like. We don’t delude ourselves into thinking some choices are off limits and others aren’t. That’s not the truth. The real world is a big cluster-fuck of free agents, who can and do as they choose, subject to a tap-dance, working around threats of force – be it physical, emotional, or otherwise. This is all Law and Order, or Morality, or the Social Contract, are in their truth, hollow, empty shells. They are given meaning only to the extent that people buy in. Why bind yourself up if you don’t agree with people who died a long time ago?

Want to cheat on your spouse, or fuck a dog? You can.

Feel like you have to help grandma instead of going out? You don’t.

Feel like stealing is wrong, or hate is bad? They aren’t.

Want to indulge your desires, pillage, destroy? So be it.

Pound this Law into your head, folks – there are no “have to’s”, “wrong’s”, or “should’s” in your world.

Free. Your. Mind.


Once this Law has cleared out the artificial fetters that are binding you, from imaginary, external sources, it seeks to lift you up, reveal your true nature, your actual potential.

Again, to return to the theme, the only limit is cause and effect. Once morality falls, the other elephant in the middle of the room are limiting beliefs. These are another thing you really did inherit from other dumbasses who didn’t really know how the world worked either, but were doing their best to appear like they knew the score. Poor things. You can’t really blame them.

But, you can blame you.

I know you might not want to hear this, but here is the truth – you are a walking God. There is nothing you cannot do, nothing you cannot achieve. Not time, not age, not the laws of physics – there are NO limits.

You created this whole universe. YOU. I know your brain rejects it, but that is the whole enchilada. That means any limiting beliefs, false pre-requisites, inherent qualities of science, or anything anyone else says about what you want to achieve that has the words “can’t” or “wont” or “never”, are, at best, nothing more than temporary road-blocks. You can reshape this world into anything you choose.

For example, when I started this website, I envisioned a world where Darkworking was freed from its normal secrecy, and had become open, usable, and free for all. I myself doubted that I could put it into a universal type of format. I was wrong. Some said the masses would never accept it. They were wrong. Others said I wouldn’t be able to withstand the inevitable onslaught it would produce. With great pride, those jackwads were dead wrong. I am creating that vision, in spite of all the limits that were presented, each and every day. Bit by bit, word by word. It’s the Second Law in action.

What about you, my friend? Feel like you gotta loose the weight before you become a model or rock star? Rosie O’Donnell is still…somehow…famous. And, there’s that blues traveler guy. Do you bitch about all the starvation in the world? Why? You made it. Why don’t you do something about it? Do you think one person couldn’t end world hunger? People said that about the British in India, too. Do you want to end aging, or cure cancer, but don’t think you could find a way in your lifetime? Read about the Orson Brothers.  Think that person you want is out of your league? Look at some of the people Brittney Spears or Russell Crowe, has fucked. Please.

Search and Destroy. Remove all fear, doubt, and disbelief, in you.

For every lie in your mind, there is one who has gone before you and destroyed it.

Its your turn. If you can’t believe in you, believe in the Law, or believe in me.

Either way, if you put one foot in front of the other, and don’t quit, you will see.

Have faith in this only: Whatever the human mind can conceive, it can achieve.


But, what about the one limit that the Law says does exist, the cause and effect clause?

Its easy to understand, but first you have to view the world, or life, as a gigantic equation. Now, perhaps some of the variables are slightly different for you (you’re in a wheelchair, or something), but all in all, we’re all working with the exact same equation. The actions, choices, and so forth, that we make are the causes. When we do things, they go into the equation, and produce an effect, which we feel in our lives.

On the one hand, this is Liberating and Empowering, because success is only a matter of finding the right input, to get the output that you desire.

But, its also a caution. The limit you face is the equation itself, and you have to bend around it, not the other way around. Anything you do will be a cause, and have an effect.

Want to rob the gas station down the street? Expect opposition, and possible jail time.

Want to tell the neighbors what you really think? They’ll probably passive-aggressively meddle with you.

Want to spare some time and effort and sell a shoddy product? Your business will suffer when this becomes known.

In short, do you want to do harm? Expect retribution, expect response, expect output.

Now, I want to be clear here – the point is not to limit yourself on what output you expect. You can, and should, he honest with yourself and desire anything. The warning flag is to carefully consider your input, and the possible outputs it will produce. In short, you need to be up front about your actions and you could refrain from those causes that will produce negative outcomes. Or, more importantly, you should, very subtly, plan and tailor your input to produce the output you desire. In other words, don’t get caught, amigos, be thinking apes.

The great thing about the equation is, it’s the only true just being in the universe. It doesn’t label. It doesn’t judge. It simply takes your output and runs it through, and gives you the result. Play with it, become familiar with its workings.

Remember, we made this universe as a game, not a gulag.

Armed with the Second Law, we are now the Elite.

Have fun, kiddies.