Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Power Tactics

Forgive my abstraction for a moment, but there is something I must address.

The Path, by its very nature, has many twists and turns. Each day, we make choices as to which way to go in our lives. A plethora of forks in the road present their selves to us. They twist and bend inwards and back, around and around, in a motherfucker of a jungle that makes Netflix trying to maintain operations in the face of net neutrality look easy by comparison.

We do not get the luxury of the Sleepers: To simply react and survive.

No, we have taken control of our lives. We must decide. It is our blessing and curse.

I admit, it is hard to know who we are and how we should operate. It is difficult to decide which roads are genuine, and which are dead-ends. Truly, exploring the Self to ultimate expression is a labyrinth, and it is easy to become lost. Once we are lost, we have a tendency to hack and slash, striking out in random directions. And, we should do this as the Path calls us to action.

But, sometimes we find ourselves running in circles. We become disoriented. Tired. We stall out.

We pause, trying to take stock. Was the sun over our left shoulder? Have we taken this road before?

Above all, we find ourselves lonely and wondering — am I making progress?

We want some sort of comfort and reassurance, as we struggle to sit with that sinking feeling in our stomachs, realizing that the answer to all our questions is that we simply do not know.

Fortunately for us, the Darkness is a harsh mistress, but she favors us all the same.  The God Within loves us deeply, more than most who are new to the Path can fathom, and sends us what we need when we need it most.

We were given a blueprint to the Path long ago, but it is old and worn, hard to decipher. And, the Self is vast. What we need is a map, but there is no map that can be created. Each Self is different, and unfolds in its own way. Our journey is one on uncharted waters. We are pirates, coming to thrive in the face of the unknown; We are assassins, finding solace only in our objective and the present moment.

Thus, if you find yourself stuck on the Path in this manner, the Darkness has taken up a mission of mercy for you. She has sent you not one, but two candles in the moment of your discontent. The first is myself, your Ringmaster and Guide, to show you how to step and apply. The second I will give you shortly — one of the most powerful Axioms that we can find.

Before I give it to you, a word of caution: The foolish will dismiss her words as she whispers them from within, or take them and run without proper understanding. The wise will focus on her voice, and watch carefully as I show you how to use the principle. Often, it is the misapplication of this Axiom that causes more harm than good. Here it is:

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

Take a moment. Say it to yourself, but only in a whisper. Let it resonate and sink in.

God damn, she is a sexy bitch. For her, I would do damn near anything. I would stand and hold her purse while she shops for shit I could care less about, or go do boring wine-tasting events with a chuckle and a smile. Why? Because she is fucking crafty.

She looks down at our predicament, and sees that the reason for our difficulty is a dual cause: Self-suppression and self-indulgence. These two things seem contradictory, and they are, because the God Within cannot be encapsulated completely in logic. We as Darkworkers are doing both things, which we should, but at times have them flipped and in the wrong places. Thus, she seeks to simultaneously liberate us while restraining us in the proper way. And, she does this in a masterful stroke, giving us a one-two punch, to the mind first and then the heart.

If this seems unclear, good. It means you’re putting the work into the process — let’s break it down.

Nothing is True:

The first part is a philosophical declaration. There is no truth, other than what we make it to be — any absolutes, shoulds, or cannots are stricken down on the Path. I’m not dropping a hammer and telling you anything you don’t already know — this includes morality and quite awesomely, it also includes any limiting beliefs you have.

Does part of you say something is impossible? Nothing is true. Do others say a person should or should not do a thing? Again, nothing is true. Is someone telling you that Beauty or Wealth are things to be desired above all else? Yes, you guessed it, nothing is true.

It is a force of sublime Liberation. As the Self has no boundaries, as a God cannot be contained — neither can you. And, to search for your true nature on the Path within a rigid constraint is to doom yourself to failure. Drink deeply from that well of infinite possibility. If you want the rewards of the Path, you have no choice.

However, where people fuck this up is not following it to its conclusion. To say nothing is true is to also say everything is true. This is where we start touching on the concept of Fiat, which I will discuss at a later time. Relevant point: If you say someone is a dirty, loathsome, chuckle-fuck, they are that just as much if you say someone is a pristine savior of all that is good. Remember, the Path tells you that ultimately you are an infinite God, with the power to shape reality. And, you are doing it all the time.

This creates a problem to a lesser mind though, because if everything is simultaneously true and not true, the world explodes in chaos. How do we say anything about anything? Which, I would argue that you can deconstruct any concept or any statement to a point of it being false, so truth and falsehood ultimately do not exist. And, I would argue the world is far more chaotic than we allow ourselves to believe. But, none of that matters, because the Path solves this problem through pragmatism.

How do we sort out this Divine Circus, where everything is true and false, without the ground shifting under our feet so much that we can’t walk anywhere? How do we know what is? Simple: Reality. It is a radical idea, I know, but just look out your window. The world as it is, is what is. Straight-forward, but not as easy as it sounds.

How do I know what is or is not true, as a Darkworker? I look at the effects. That is all I care about.

Should I have gone this way, or should I go that way? Well, what was or is the likely effect? That is your answer.

Is the crazy street preacher right? Well, what actions do his beliefs lead him to take. Are those the effects you want? No. Then, those ideas are false.

This is where restraint comes in — both in terms of having the courage to see things as they are, and in terms of the choices you make. In Darkworking, we drop the why and the justification. They are irrelevant. Yet, we then concentrate and accept full responsibility for the effects of our choices. It is a simultaneous boon and burden.

This is really visible in terms of the difference between fuck ups and solid path-walkers in terms of how they exhibit short-term versus long-term thinking. Take the character from the Blacklist, for example, versus any standard street thug in county lockup. The former is operating on a level of an exquisite understanding of cause and effect; The latter is drinking orange-peel beer to ease the pain of repeated ass-rammings with nothing but cocoa butter as lube. Who do you want to be? Create accordingly.

Yes, you are infinite and without limit. But, what are the effects of your actions?

That, is your truth, your orientation, your map, your measuring stick. You can and should do anything you want. But remember, you measure what you do not by the action, but by the effect. In the end, there is no one to blame for your effects, but yourself. Welcome to the downside of freedom. The Darkness loves you, but she is a bad bitch. Watch your step.

And, speaking of what you want…

Everything is Permitted

Having opened up our minds and oriented us to think in the proper way, the Darkness now runs one silken finger over our hearts.

She is fucking us, people. She is fucking us good.

First, she whispered into our ears and blew our minds right open. We saw nothing but possibility. Then, body rocking, she reeled us in, the dirty tease — with restraint. But now, she has created another problem, another way for us to get lost. And, being the worthy mistress that she is, she will fix it with style.

Here’s the thing — if you operate too openly, taking what you want when you want it with no thought to consequences, you end up wearing orange. Fail.

But, if you then clamp down, locking yourself up considering the subtle effects of everything — you create a flow problem. The reason this happens is because your mind creates a new set of shoulds for your behavior, even though nothing is true.

For example, most Dark Apprentices get themselves liberated, but then get stuck with these bad ideas in their heads: Compassion is weakness. I should always act in my own self-interest, never sacrificing for another. I rebel against all authority, all the time. I don’t need anyone else, needing others is a sign of being incomplete. Cooperation is for retards. The list goes on and on, but all have the same cause.

Rightly, they have liberated themselves, and are using restraint to go for an effect.

But, they have alienated themselves from what they really want. They have mentally decided what their chosen effects are, independent of their feelings. They are self-suppressing, ultimately, in the bad way. In short, they’re using their power, but they have de-coupled it from its source.

Those wrong-thinking statements can be true. They can also be untrue.

If you hold those statements, I can tell you they are wrong, as a Darkworker, because they never lead to the effects you are going for — the fruit of that perspective ultimately takes you to a place of isolation, unhappiness, and stagnation. These statements are sometimes true, but oftentimes not. Accept truth, noob.

We all have some degree of compassion. We all feel love and devotion. We all want to belong.

These things are an inherent part of you. Thus, they are an inherent part of the God Within. To reject them is to reject the God Within. Simple as that.

Yes, as Darkworkers, we reject limit that is not self-imposed.

Then, we impose limits only to the purpose of creating effects we desire.

Finally, we choose the effects we want based on what we feel, from deep Self.

The Path liberates us, to restrain us, to finally open us.

It is by tracing the breadcrumb trail of our true emotions that we find our way in the jungle of the Path. In this balance-point, between desiring something, dancing in reality, and doing so without limit, the God Within comes to be revealed. But, only if we honor what we feel.

There, in that space the Darkness makes us cum. Hard.

Conclusion: Hoist the Colors

Nothing is true, everything is permitted — this Axiom serves us by helping us self-diagnose and bring ourselves back into balance. We must balance what we feel with the only true constraint, cause and effect, in an environment of no limitations.

It is about balance.

With balance, it is helpful to see an example of what a balanced individual looks like, because grooving in is easier if you have something to which you can relate. Our point that we are seeking has two components: Acting without limit but with restraint, and also restraining but remaining true to what is within us.

The first component reminds me of an Assassin. We revere assassins in movies and books because of their skill at this principle. The assassin has no boundaries. He or she will snuff us just because something passes through their minds, let alone if a contract requires it. But, they are ultimately adaptive — using anything and everything in their environment to achieve their objective. They can only do this because of their restraint. They must think ahead, and consider every action and corresponding reaction.

The second component strikes me as the Pirate. There is a reason we adore pirates. Like us, they are born into a world that dumps nothing but shoulds on them — you should serve, you should accept your lot in life, scrounge like the rest of us. But, they just up and reject all of that. In their hearts, they know they are free and that they deserve more from existence. So they take it. But, even Pirates don’t just run up on every ship, and even they have a code. They stick to the code when it suits them, and drop it when it does not. In a manner of speaking — they guide their restraint with what is in their hearts. Being a pirate isn’t just about greed, really, it is about declaring allegiance to one’s desires. Hard not to love them.

So, it would be perfect if I could find an example we can all relate to that is both a pirate and an assassin.


Oh, wait, I surely can — Black Flag is an entire story centering around just such an individual.

If you haven’t played it yet, give it a go if you can. I had immense fun with it, and more importantly, it illustrates some key principles. Some things I would like to point out in specific:

1) You can do whatever you want in this world. But, you have to think ahead, being accurate in your assessment of the environment, your capabilities, and the responses that are likely to arise. If you just run up and hack every time you see something shiney, you’ll die. If you don’t get what I’m pointing out here, I don’t have to worry about you anyway. You’ll just make the private-prison industry rich.

2) The main character loves his crew. It’s all over the story. He sacrifices and endangers himself for them and other pirates all the time, and sometimes not just to recruit more hands for his ship.

3) He isn’t just about power and greed. He honors what he feels about the social structures around him, taking the fight right to the powers that be, on pure principle.

4) He cooperates for mutual advantage all the time.

If you feel lost, remember the axiom. Use it as designed. Remember the beauty of the Path. We are called to reject the morality and social standards of the world — not to be contrary, but so that we can find the true morality that lies within us. We are called to reject authority, not for the sole sake of rebellion, but so that we can find the true power that comes with self-mastry. We are called to honor what we feel, so that in that full expression we can come to know our true nature.

Being elite, having wealth and power, is just a tasty side-dish, ultimately.

But, you’ll take that side-dish from my cold, dead hands. And I assume, yours.

Thus, do I leave you with Hoist the Colors.

Happy Hunting.