The Fifth Law: Balance

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Emotional Mastery, Personal Productivity

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"Justice Gavel", Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

“Justice Gavel”, Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

The Fifth Law, stated:

“You are a divine, human, animal”.

You will find this Law stated in the many forms of Darkworking in varying ways, sometimes expressed only symbolically. It could even be stated very subtly, in an almost behind the scenes way, requiring you to read behind the lines. You might not even notice it, even though you still assimilate it, because it is merely implied, over and over again.

This is one of my philosophical gripes on the Church of Satan – they honor and push the animal, give lip-service to the human, and completely ignore the divine. It makes their model kinked and stagnant, their practitioners out of balance, and it shows from the get-go. I retort to them thusly, “If matter trumps spirit, as you interpret the pentacle, why fuck around in pursuit of a Devil’s Work at all? Where, precisely, would this impetus be coming from? I don’t exactly notice monkies being concerned about their legacy, do you?” This is one way they set the LHP back about a century…well, that, and the stench from not bathing pretty much killed the path in the public’s eye for quite some time.

In any case, at its surface, the Law looks like a statement of identity, naming the three components that make you up – your divinity, your human nature, and your inner animal. But, this is a child-like way to interpret the Law. On a far more impacting level, it is designed to serve as our diagnostic statement, a doctor in a box for the Darkworker. It is easy to relate this concept to Freud’s notion of Id, Ego, and Superego. However, I caution against that, as this interpretation is quick, but somewhat flawed and definitely off the mark. Thus, I will start from the bottom up, because I think most people acknowledge their divinity, sit with their humanity, and ignore their animal. And, I would also like to add that all of these components can be out of alignment, and they’re not hard categories. They are parts of a unified spectrum of you, each one blending into the other, joined in a tapestry of identity. Compartmentalize at your own risk.

The Beast Within


As I have said before, nature does not reinvent the wheel. All your human cerebral goodie goods are under the hood, but they sit on top of a salt of the earth animal. This is the part of you that gets frustrated when you are hungry, or go without sleep. It’s the part of you that wants to have a nest, mate, make babies. This part of you is what wants to kill or hurt those who obstruct you, embarrass you, or try to steal your partner.

It is also the hedonistic part of you, that seeks security, indulgence, comfort. It knows only the material, physical world, and more importantly, the present moment. It doesn’t make long term plans, it doesn’t scheme, and it doesn’t worry about something that isn’t life threatening. But, since you’re a mammal, it is social. It cares about bonds, connections, your tribe. Above all, it seeks pleasure and avoids pain.

Unfortunately, it is the part of you that you are taught to shun, contain, sweep under the rug. Try as you might, you can’t ignore it, you can’t transform it. Why would you want to do that to a part of you anyway, if you love yourself? Far better to accept it and harness it, if you can’t honor it completely.

When ignored, it bottles up energy in the lower pathways. You will experience generalized tension, prolonged residual frustration, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, aches and pains, headaches, and a host of other problems that are all the result of being disconnected from your form, your body. Its like being perpetually distracted, in a physical sort of way. Eventually, you will either have a breakdown, or go postal. We’ve all had these outbursts at one time or another. It happens.

To realign yourself short-term, you need to spend some time in nature. Go to a park, or better yet, an actual forest. Get some exercise, preferably competitive. Indulge your senses. Get connected with the earth. Get moving. Long-term, you need to trace back where you restrained your animal and, at the very least, give it a taste of what it missed out on. Go for some petty revenge, have a fling or go to a strip-club. Whatever it takes, if you can’t honor it fully, you can at least stretch the comfort zone a little and get some relief. Or, you can do what everyone else does, use alcohol, drugs, or any of a plethora of other vices to try to drown it out.

Fighting your inner animal, my friends, is just ice-skating uphill, you’ll tumble eventually. And, ignoring your inner animal is double-trouble because it is the foundation that your human and divine natures sit upon. If it stays out of whack, it will eventually start to cause the other parts to crack.

Homo Sapien Sapien


Thus, we come to your human nature. This is sentience, the stuff that separates us from the animals. Concepts come into focus, as does planning, and new gizmos like self-esteem. When we start transcending anger, fear, and happy – getting into the more complex concepts, we’ve hit human territory. Honestly, I think this category is the most easily grasped, best understood, and most indulged aspect of ourselves. In short, if it isn’t eternal, and it isn’t animal, its human. Look at your goal list (please tell me you have one), if it isn’t basic like “get hot and have lots of sex”, and it isn’t transcendental, like “help humanity remember their true nature”, then it’s the human part of you talking.

Every animal wants to eat, but the human animal wants to have a career that has value, that makes it feel important, respected. Most mammals want a pack, but the human wants to be cherished, admired as a good community member, a loving mother or father. Every animal wants to be a part of the world, but the human wants to understand the world, what makes it tick. All animals shape their environment, but the human wants to intentionally create, be it art or device, or the list goes on and on. Get me?

Ignoring your human side leads to apathy, and culminates in depression. Most people turn to modern psycho-pharmaceuticals, which is sad. Bascially, the pills are helping you to forget that you matter as an individual, long enough to serve some other human’s plans. Fuck that. Serve your own plans. Also, you experience a mental disconnect, a haziness that can almost be like a sleep. In short, you’ve unplugged your brain, man.

The quickest way to reconnect with your human side is to allow yourself to dream again, the bigger the better, with some kind of planning involved. Barring that, learn something new that you are excited to learn, even if its just how something in the world works. Turn on the National Geographic Channel or something. Art can also help, paint a picture, write something.

Long term, you need to upheave your life, and honor the human desires within you. Most people will fail with this, perceiving false constraints or consequences. Almost always, I see people out of balance here because they are working a job they hate, and ignoring what their human really wants.

Your Inner Olympus


Lastly, we come to the part of you that is Divine, a God in human form. The human part of you is that which is aware that you exist as an individual. The Divine part of you wants to understand who that individual really is, plain and simply put. Further, it is also the part of you that wants to shape the world. Not simply to create something, but to add something new to the act of creation. It’s the part of you that cares about purpose, why you are here. It’s the part of you that wants to be remembered after you are gone. And, it is in that pursuit that it finds the self-understanding that it is seeking, in elegant simplicity.

Angst is the first thing to hit when out of alignment with your Divinity. Then, hopelessness, culminating in a learned helplessness. A residual panic, or sense of impending doom. A feeling like you might fade away. All of these can be the result of not honoring your Divinity.

If you need a divine thunderbolt injection, just pick up a meditation practice, even if only for ten minutes a day. With patience, this will knock this right back in place. Long-term, you need to do some serious introspection. Figure out who you are, or are going to choose to be, why you are here, and so forth. Then, most importantly, go for it. You can’t cheat the inner God, it sees and knows the real score.

And, remember folks, you have to honor all pieces of yourself, simultaneously. Sometimes, you will find them in conflict. If that happens, remember to exercise the Coyote Option, to find your way out of that box.

Happy hunting.