Raising the Banner

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Politics, Power Tactics

Let us steal a moment together, you and I, with a story from my life.

You see, there is no sun on this earth that nourishes the soul like the sun of Greece.

Sometimes, in weak moments, I go back and remember how it felt on my face, caressing my cheeks, whispering truth and wisdom to me like an older and wiser lover from a long-distant stretch of teenage exploration. As I write, I give a sigh; I miss them both so much. But, I digress. It was there, on those streets in that gift of a nation that I came to understand that I was past the point of no return — that this fight would make me and break them, or the crimson curtain would fall in the final act. Ashes to path, dust to darkness.

But, at that time, the time of this story, I wasn’t in Greece. I was many miles away, in the humid asshole of middle-america. In that dank basement, by the light oil-fueled lamps, her voice came to me through Skype. Her English was bad and my Greek far worse, so the conversation stumbled along like my thoughts. We met during the first round of protests, when a state-sponsored thug pinned her under a barrier-gate, and I, running by, lifted it up and took some so she could slip out.

I wish I could tell you that I was a hero, and in proper knightly fashion, I had moved to spare milady from said incompetent dragon.  This would be false, and I promised you only truth here. No, in fact, she had fallen on an air-horn that I needed to call for more people to fill the space. Otherwise, we would be kettled in, surrounded on all sides, and I had no plans on being their free baton therapy. Likewise, I wish I could tell you that I did indeed refrain from passing my actions off as chivalry later, when it suited the purpose at hand.  Well, both hands really, into spaces that the Greek sun rarely sees, I suppose.

But, this too would mostly be a lie, and that is a story for good cup of coffee and another time.

She told me about her mother, who committed suicide shortly after I left. Salary cuts and a never ending unemployment rut combined to form slashes to the wrists and we all know how that story ends. Like so many in the days that follow and even now, she felt trapped on a sinking ship. Desperately, she turned to me for hope, and I found my pockets empty of anything but platitudes. And, as I spit them out like the litany of a lame fool, she interrupted me.

“Why do you fight this?” she asked.

“Well, many people think Darkworkers can’t be compassionate, but actually the Path says we must-“

“No, Asmoday. I have read your blog. I understand it. Why do you fight this?”

She surprised me. Not with the words. The words were mundane. I had thought she was doing what so many do with me: Maneuvering, thinking in layers, trying to guess me six moves ahead, and misreading the simplicity of response for a cursory understanding – mistaking winning the conversation for the real gain of insight. No, I was wrong. Soul was talking to soul. The moment was expanded. Time slowed and the world stretched out and teetered. Shadows danced on the wall. Above me, someone jumped on the floor and dust slowly traced its way down through the dim air. Our eyes simply rested in each other. In that pregnant pause, I saw something. I tasted the remains of my last sip of wine as within her, I saw from within me, the divine. In her words, I asked myself a question only I could answer.

I started to speak as the connection collapsed.

She never logged back on under that screen name. I never heard from her again.

I was left with nothing but hollow holes in my mind from that moment, until now. I will share with you what I could not share with her. First, the background, then, my response.

  • The Purge:


The Path, Darkworking, is ancient. It has always been around, and will always be around. It is a function of higher (human, sentient) consciousness. Thus, as long as there is someone to consider not just that tickling the taint feels good, but why it feels good and if it should be indulged – there will be Darkworking present. It has many names and forms, like light reflected through a prism, and these forms are repeated in different styles and modes through human history. I have repeated these facts until I am blue in the face, I am hoping you are not just hearing these words, but connecting to that reality.

In any case, that was then, this is now. The current state of Darkworking, is, well, incestuous on the one hand, and sickly on the other. Of course, this makes no sense to you, and it just sounds weird. Well, it is confusing and strange – but it is also quite deliberate, it was engineered. I will illuminate:

Darkworking was not always based on individual merit. It was founded on this principle – those who claimed it simply took it, and in the holding of it, demonstrated their worthiness, “by fiat.” However, eventually, islands of it emerged which were based on heredity. Now, while this often overlaps, it should not be confused with the hereditary nature of nobility. This is because the hereditary camp of Darkworking always included the element of reincarnation. Hence, they believed that when an individual consciousness hit a certain level, it would be reborn into the right vagina, as part of a hereditary lineage. This is not a far throw from the caste-system of Hinduism, one early form of Darkworking thought. To fully understand this, one has to come to understand the Darkworking view that matter and spirit are not separate, but simultaneously expressed in each other, but that’s beyond our scope here. In this sense, you can see that they are trying to rectify the meritocracy of Darkworking with their own desire to monopolize the path. Unfortunately, while this is a philosophical fail, it was a practical win.

Over time, new hereditary groups are forming, and are strong enough to fight off the other hereditary groups, and thus earn a “seat at the table” and remain there. At the same time, others fall and pass into oblivion. Yet, they all had a common problem, in that the truth is, the Path is based on Merit. Individuals can Awaken and Polarize at any given time, and those individuals can become quite strong in their own right. So, what begins to form in the hereditary circles is not only a philosophical thorn in their side, but an actual real-world threat when a Dark Prince arises from outside their group.

So, what happens is something I call the Purge. It is not an event. And, it is not a conspiracy theory – it is not a formal, agreed upon policy, but a bunch of hereditary groups reacting through time to things which emerge and challenge their world view. As their world view of hereditary Darkworking is what unifies them from within, they can’t let such things stand. So the Purge is more like a dance that plays out over time. The purge is one side of Darkworking suppressing the other, and in that suppression, helping form the adversarial nature of the other side.

This is why, when you study the history of the Path, you will find it moves in two sort of modes. On the one hand, you have very stable, long-standing philosophical lines that are, at the same time, rigid and incestuously stangnant (quite literally), balanced on the other side by a multitiude of forms and expressions, which are short-lived, adaptable, and yet weak. This is the purge in action.

  • The Pyramid:


While I have alluded to this in other posts, with this context in place, I can now give a fuller discussion to the Pyramid – its form, nature, and structure.

Again, consider the pyramid symbol of the Illuminati (which happens to be a perfect example of a merit-based cabal being hijacked and eventually destroyed from within by a hereditary-based cabal). At the top is the all-seeing eye, which is disconnected from the rest of the Pyramid. This disconnection is the bridge of reincarnation, which hereditary Darkworkers believe is the only way to reach the apex of development along the Path.

They consolidate all power and resources to themselves, which creates weight on the top of the Pyramid. This imbalance, or weight, is the struggle, conflict, and difficulty which the Sleepers experience which does two things: First, it forces them to eventually awaken and polarize. Second, it gives everyone context and meaning, that is, purpose.

This was meant to be an expression of a natural order of things. The whole reason this Pyramid happens is because limited consciousness believes in scarcity itself. That things, resources, emotions, and personal potential, are constrained and finite. If this were not the case, the individual consciousness would shoot up into the stratosphere. But, lacking context, it would dissipate into nothing. In other words, the gradual progression of Awakening is what leads to eventual full realization of the God Within. Hence, the more one comes to truly know the truth of no limits, to see and realize the Self, the higher one moves. And, the structure of the Pyramid is itself a divine expression, because it leads to insight where none would otherwise exist.

It is important to remember that in general, experienced Darkworkers see, understand, acknowledge, and support the Pyramid.

The dispute rests in the gap at the top.

  • The Two Great Clans and the Sundering:


Now you see, in our great big Darkworking family, there are two Great Clans, so to speak.

  1. Old School: The hereditary Darkworkers. May be old money, but not always.
  2. New School: You, me, LL Cool J – everyone else.


Now, we need to take a moment and remember something about Darkworking – it is the Path of Pragmatism. We don’t sit around and debate the hereditary versus merit question. Eventually, we simply run with it and try it out. Now, we judge success and failure by the effect of our theories, right?

What that means is, whichever side gains more power and stomps out the other, was right.

The problem is, my friends, they are winning: For a functional reason, though, not a philosophical one.

They are winning because they cooperate with each other. First, they cooperate within their own house, but more importantly, while they scuffle with each other, they have a common enemy in everyone who is not them. Second, they pass down resources, knowledge, and goals through generational lines. This means they have been able to accumulate, and in loosely allying with each other, consolidate influence and control.

Normally, this would have been all fine and good. In the end, who cares who is right – the conflict will enhance the Decent of all involved, game on. All part of the music, baby.

Problem is, they hit a critical mass, and went right the fuck into Dark Fusion. Once they brought world currency under their control, and saw how infinite their influence had become – they began to buy whole hog into their own myth. No longer seeing Sleepers as peasants, yes, but eventual members of their own house, they have come to believe that all who are meant to realize the God Within have done so. They do not even see merit Darkworkers as actual Darkworkers anymore. They reason this to be impossible. In short, they believe the entire purpose of the Pyramid was to give themselves a platform upon which to fully awaken, and it has served its purpose. Thus, you, me, most everyone, is dead weight. Hence, why they are breaking down the Pyramid itself, and slowly putting counter-pressure onto the Descent of everyone. Pretty fucking crazy sounding, I know.

But, if you stop and meditate on it – it is the only thing that makes sense.

As a Darkworker, you know the top of the Pyramid exists. And, we see the actions of the powers-that-should-not-be, and it perplexes us. We see actions which appear to be short-sighted to the point of bordering of self-destructive, if not at least self-defeating. Does this not contradict the Path?

Sure does, and it seems insane, because we’re not in Dark Fusion.

Banner of Hope:

Now that we understand the current situation, we can pick it apart. Let us first turn to ourselves.

Understand, if we do not adapt and do nothing – we lose.

The first issue we face is that many on our side are not self-aware of their own nature as Darkworkers.

This is easily remedied, we must simply spread materials of the Path itself.

Our main disadvantage has always been that we do not cooperate. We have not done this because our side has always been in “reaction mode”, both to the Sleepers and to the Old School. Thus, our efforts have been fragmented and our philosophies have usually been adversarial in nature. However, none of us would dispute that on this Path, we must honor the Animal Within, as it is part of the God Within. Consequently, when faced with mutual threat, to not cooperate with our Clan is contrary to our animal nature, and thus contrary to the Path itself.

Likewise, we do not share resources and knowledge. But, again, this is easy to rectify.

With technology, all the above is possible. A good place to start is here:


No matter what your philosophy, or how you walk the Path, I invite you to come be part of the Clan itself. I raise this Darkworking Banner as a common thread that joins all of us. Your Path is your own, as is your Tribe – we unite simply against those who would restrain us all.

Likewise, their weakness is their stagnancy – this is why they have had such a hard time with modern technology, and are moving to try to bring it under their control.

Further, our strength is our merit itself. We are stronger, pound for pound, because of it.

We have the numbers. If we can only leverage our strengths, and overcome our weaknesses by adopting some of their tactics – our victory is inevitable.

  • My Answer is the Throne:


A shout out to Kevin Matthews, who helped me to find it.

Fast-forward to today. Her question, still in my ears.

“Why do you fight this?”

As I sit and flip through my Libris Divinitas, the pages are old and wrinkled now. Some of the notebooks have dust on the edges. Pictures make me smile. Traces of tears sit in the margins. One desperate entry I made in hunger and poverty, where I couldn’t see a way out. Celebrations of victory. Explorations of sins committed. Love that seemed eternal.  My dog when I was a kid. Memories, thoughts, reflections – they unfold, each blending into the next. And as sweet as the music is, something seems missing.

Then, I turn to the notebooks of collected notations on students. Some of their pictures make me smile. Painful poems of past hurt. Emails where I soothe frazzled nerves. Tributes and milestones of their achievements. Admonitions for expressions of self-pity. Receipts for chocolates. Intimate confessions.

Then, in that moment, looking at a ribbon stapled to a page, it happens.

We are the same God.

I come to understand who I am, through what I see in you.

Over all these years teaching, I have come to believe in one thing – you are without limit. I do not believe this because of wishful thinking, I have seen the God Within unfold, time and again before my eyes. There is nothing outside of you that is stronger than what is within you. So many people right now are lost. I know you have pain and fear. They are only poison when you resist them.

I see it now. I take the Throne by Union. The Self expands to the True Horizon.

I offer myself to any of you – you have but to reach out.

Together, there is nothing we cannot overcome, my brothers and sisters.

“Why do I fight this?”

Because, I love all of you.

I reject their hereditary beliefs. I reject a world that would restrain you and keep you under heel.

I affirm the Divinity of all women and men, and deny any claim to the contrary.

I reject any form of enslavement, and refuse to allow the same for you.

I affirm your right to take happiness, and to live as you chose.

I reject all limit beyond reason.

I affirm the Darkworking Path.

We shall Descend, as one.

Fuck their myth.