Dependency: Introduction

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A commonly used symbol is the Pyramid of the Illuminati. It would be better to call it the Human Pyramid, because it is not describing a hidden agenda, so much as a naturally occurring social phenomenon. Often, it is wildly cited in conspiracy theory, to much amusement to those in the know.

Few understand it, and most have a misguided fear of it. To put those fears to rest, there is no world-wide conspiracy for domination. In fact, there can be no Illuminati conspiracy because the goal, in that sense, has already been achieved. I know, it ain’t sexy, but it’s just the truth.

What the Pyramid of the Illuminati is doing is describing the state of systems that exist all around us, all the time. It says those who are Awakened (Illuminati means “Wise Ones”), the Elite as I call them, will rule those who are still asleep. It has always been thus, and thus will always be – and not by some stern manipulation on their part, but in a natural sense, in the same manner that light, with its presence, subsumes darkness.

It is just social physics in action. And no, not in the Social Darwinism sense.

Contrary to popular freak-out conspiracy theory, the purpose of the New World Order is to speed the process of Awakening, to actually know, understand, and use the Human Pyramid for the benefit of humanity. While the method isn’t cuddly, soft, or silky – it works. The pyramid exists because of the inherent nature of Dependency in the Sleeper. Not knowing their Divinity, they reach without for phantoms, illusions, when the real substance, the First Matter, is within.

Again, this needs to be repeated, the point of the New World Order is to use the forces of the Pyramid to collapse the Dependency from within, thus liberating the Sleeper. It does not want to collapse Society, but rather, to tighten the noose at its weakest points, urging the Sleeper to Spark (polarize).

But, to understand that, we have to understand why the so-called Illuminati Pyramid exists in the first place. And, to bring that Illumination, we need to take a brief walk through history. We have to look at the emergence of the have’s and have-not’s, to understand a relationship which formed and has always been evolving. Let us take a stroll through the past to understand what a Society truly is – a system of leverage and control.

Please keep in mind, I will be painting with a broad brush through huge swaths of time. But, I am doing that to get to the underlying heart of the matter, looking for common themes. The intricacies of this evolution could fill an entire book, beyond the scope of a simple blog entry.