Kymatica: A Bridge, An Illustration

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Intention Manifestation, Motivation, Politics

A lot of you have been looking at my posts on Depedency, Egypt, and Zeitgeist and asking a perfectly natural apprentice question, and that is:

Hey, what the fuck, big-papa-negro? What gives with this shit?

On the one hand, you say, desire is holy, hunt it down ruthlessly without concern for anything outside of Self; and yet, at the same time, here you are doing what seems to be like a U-Turn, espousing that we stand with the suffering of others, and transcend petty bickering.

First, I ask you to bear with me, and cast illumination thusly — my Descent is probably a lot further along than yours. This isn’t an ego trip, nor are the words I am dropping down some slick-willy trick. A Prince looks to my scribblings and nods in understanding and empathy, even though they may chuckle a little as I verbally thrash and retard around, struggling to birth concepts that are both new and exciting to me.

I am, my lovely aspirants, approaching the Throne, and getting into some seriously Princely shit. And not in the intellectual circle-jerk sense, I am experiencing and pushing against the outer limits of Self. What I see and say, to someone just moving on down the staircase, will sound like nonsense at times, even on my most eloquent of days. Just as the words of Dark Sages perplex us all, though less now to me than before. This, if you are wise, is actually a sign of truth, because words and the mere mind cannot, alone, contain the infinite.

So, in order to help you, I have to illustrate this concept better. Indeed, I seek to build a bridge between my post "God, the Universe, and Everything" and "the Lies of the Good". It may not make sense to you that the Path proceeds from point A, to B, to C, being both utterly individual and yet standardized. This, is paradox, a fundamental characteristic of truth. And, it may confuse that we start from a place of cruelty, and arrive at a place, while not compassionate, no longer full of wrath. Even though, and do not forget, all points are a necessary part of the journey.

Also, I would illustrate to you something in my own defense, again, that this is not something I am pulling out of my hat. Darkworking, and the concepts I am laying down, exploring, teaching — has been around since, at least, Babylon. You are blessed, and in my opinion, most are not properly grateful to have what takes years of sacrifice simply laid out before them, even if I am a bit flowery or bumbling in my writing.

More importantly, I point to the fact that Darkworking is true precisely because people follow the Path, in a Decent, arriving at the same principles and paradigm. Ultimately, the destination is Divine Union, and Darkworking is one of the concrete, proven tracks that leads there. Again, even when people do not know about Darkworking proper, or even the Left-Hand Path, you will, if you have ears to hear, detect the clear scent of the Path in their passing. The video I present is that bridge, and also, that illustration — it is profound Darkworking wisdom laid down by someone with no formal knoweldge of the path itself.

To those who have Self-Love, Power and Truth are closer to them than their own jugular vein.

Thus, it is with great honor that I present to you, Kymatica: