The Eleventh Law: Mirror

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Emotional Mastery, Intention Manifestation

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"Justice Gavel", Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

“Justice Gavel”, Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

The Eleventh Law, stated:

“Master Without; Master Within”

As we round out the series, I have to say that of all the Laws I am most proud of this one. It represents the bridging of a great divide which has been around in philosophical circles for a long, long time. You’d probably have to be a bit of a theologian and an occultist to see it, but hell, I think it would be an even greater pity if you didn’t get to share in my awesome, so I’ll pass the plate around. It’s tasty, like the sweet tears of my enemies. More importantly, as I have learned from experience, if you experience prolonged stagnation towards a goal, or on the path in general, this Law usually holds a key you need. And, to be clear, I’m talking about a full-stop that you do not desire, not a willing stop where you can smell all the roses.

As Above, So Below

Did you ever wonder where “the Secret” came from? Did you find yourself wondering about the meaning behind all those snippets of scenes in the introduction? The Emerald Tablet in the beginning, for example. The Roman who touches the statue and smiles. The astrologer who appears to be going over a specific set of planetary alignments. The men seated around the table. And, why are they always guarding these documents and being hunted down? Well, all these are Occult references, my friends, and even better, they are all references to certain pit-stops along the history of Darkworking itself. In fact, what you have with the Secret is a good chunk of Darkworkers who are trying to masquerade as, and pay lip-service to, Lightworking. So that, in the end, they can cash in and, given a mainstream Lightworking format, get bigger returns. The introduction was literally their way of giving a smirky smile to those in the know.

Now, the phrase, “As Above, So Below”, was first used in reference to Astrology. What they were trying to do was to express, in a quick format, the logic behind how their discipline claimed to be able to make predictions. The problem is, people heard it and assumed that they were saying that the planets moving into certain positions and relations actually caused things to occur here on earth. This notion is just silly, and if you stop and think about it, many Astrologers were learned, rational men. So, this interpretation makes no real sense. Those who believed it were just looking for ammunition to cry heresy.

What they are really getting at is the mirroring principle. Or, to put it a more fancy way, the reflective link between the microcosm and the macrocosm that plays out at every level of our reality. Look at your finger, use a magnifying glass if you need to, and stare at your fingerprints. In those loops and whorls, you will see the same floating patterns and rhythms that the galaxies of the universe float through. You’ll see the spiraling shape of the milky way. Or, to reverse it, when you look at the galaxies, the milky way as one, you will see the human fingerprint. The universal above mirrors the individual below, and vice-versa, like a clear pond, reflecting the sky.

So, what the Astrologers were saying is that they had found the mirror, into which one could look directly and see the “As Above” mirroring the “So Below”. They had found a language through which one could see the rhythms to which everything down here was moving. One revealing the other, and vice versa. The Dance of Life. And, the entire point was to use those rhythms to eventually transcend those rhythms, no longer being bound to the music. At this point, one has realized and can then invoke their divine, creationary power. Which is when you walk straight into Alchemist territory.

This mirroring principle of “As Above, So Below” is critical to the Occult and foundational to the Secret. It is stated in a multitude of ways, and is invoked at each and every ritual. When, if distilled down, is nothing more than a supercharged visualization session. The modern form is simply stated as the “Law of Attraction”, the notion that “like attracts like”. It is the notion that if you can control one, you can control the other.

Control the spirit, and you control the physical, or vice versa. The two are not separate entities that exist in a vacuum from each other. The precise meaning behind the pentacle itself. Lightworkers put the top point of that star, which represents Spirit, at the top, saying it is supreme. Darkworkers do the opposite, flipping it upside down, saying that matter trumps spirit. This is just one symbolic discussion  between the two groups. It doesn’t really matter who is right, both are still using the star itself, working from the same Law.

The problem is, this debate, in those circles, is primarily what keeps us at each other’s throats all the damn time. Independent of disagreements on morality or ethics, the two paths have a fundamental difference of outlook that keeps us on other sides of a great canyon from each other.

Time to build a bridge, I think.


This concept is not absent from formal, mainstream religion, if you just open your eyes and look. I’m not picking on Christianity here – I’m simply assuming that most of us are familiar with one of its forms, so it’s a good common example to use. The mirroring principle is revealed when Jesus says, in his prayer, “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven,”. And, the Apostles are told, “What you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven”. Now, I realize I’m differing from the standard interpretation here, but then again, its not my faith, so I don’t give a shit.

However, the gospels also very eloquently point to another concept which you will find littered everywhere. Its called parallelism, and it appears to fly in the face of the Law of Attraction. It is basically saying one who has a given quality will be blessed with the opposite endowment. Statements like, “He who humbles himself shall be exalted”, or “The meek will inherit the earth”.

How could this be? After all, if like attracts like, then why would humbling yourself exalt you, meekness drive you to wealth? It is a fundamental rejection of parallelism that defines the left-hand path. We say, nah, matter trumps spirit. Those who take power will be exalted, because they took it. The meek will never inherit the earth, obviously, only those who seek wealth directly and seize opportunity shall find it. This disregarding of the spiritual overtones of things, the larger purpose of one’s existence and an embracing of physical reality, combined with the complete commitment to self-interest, is the reason that the left-hand path has always found itself at odds with the standard social order.

I think it is only natural that Darkworking should end this pointless standoff.

Why? And, more importantly, how?

Well, because of As Above, So Below. Once, that is, you understand it properly.

The Human Hand

The problem is not the principle that sits behind everything. It is how we are framing it. We need to revamp it, because our current limitations are pointedly showing us the flawed model. There have to be new eyes. In short, we need to do away with the pentacle. The principle of “As Above, So Below”, is tied to an up-down thinking. An earth-heaven, Gods-to-Mortals, sort of worldview. But, this is not the truth. The only God is the God manifest Within, and the very same God manifest Without.

Throw out the pentacle, and replace it with the human hand.

This is the true mirror we are looking for, a symbol for this new age, and our path should shift with it.

The real mirror statement is not above-below. Its not up-down. It is, simply, “As Within, So Without”. Change something within you, and you change something outside of you. Or, change your environment, and you will change yourself. Either way is valid, and works just the same. It doesn’t change any application of the Law of Attraction or visualization, or the Occult, or spell-casting. In this manner, the debate with Lightworkers ends, because the debate is not about the nature of reality, but rather, a value-difference about what is worth mastering. Similar to one person liking sugar in their coffee, and someone else liking cream.

It also solves the problem of parallelism. Humility, for example, is one sign of true confidence gained from experience. Darkworkers would call this a real confidence, absent of hubris. In having this confidence, “As Within, So Without”, others will have confidence in you. Likewise, it is pragmatic, and utilitarian. It can be flipped around, so you could say, “As Without, So Within”. Thus, if you were suddenly promoted, and everyone was looking to you as Alpha, then your confidence increases to follow suit. However, the Law cautions you on this road. What you establish within is inherent to you and cannot be change, but your external environment could change – thus, if you’re fired, the confidence will leave. Thus, the Darkworker focuses within, turns inward in the persuit of Divinity. It’s simply a pragmatic choice, in the long run.

Thus, do we merge “As Above, So Below”. In so doing, we unite the principle with parallelism, ending a lot of pointless conflict and freeing our time, energy, and resources for more important work.


This Law functions simply. You only need state what you externally desire that you are having a hard time with, and then trace it to the mirror link within you. For example, let’s say you really want to have a command over others. And, you keep trying and failing.

Broadly, the Law tells you:

“To Master Others, you must Master Yourself”

Any failure at becoming, or holding, an Alpha role socially can always be traced back to some point when you lost control of yourself. An outburst of anger, a slip in allowing arrogance, showing too much fear. The list goes on. In any case, the Law tells you to stop and look inside to what you need to change, to get the external result you desire. If your problem is more specific, like you keep loosing control of the group any time someone bucks up on you and challenges you, then the Law becomes this:

“To Master Fear in Others, you must Master Fear in Yourself”

Bingo. Insta-solution. Just add a cup of backbone and a pinch of style.

The same thing is true of wealth. Wealth is just an expression of value. And, this works for the ethical as well as the unethical business. Slumlords get rich precisely because people with few options and limited incomes place a high value on not being on the street. Crack-heads place an extremely high value on crack. Wealth simply flows to value. So, the Law states:

“If you want Value from others, you must first Value yourself”.

At first, some may balk at this notion. But, it’s the truth, once again. If you value yourself, you would inherently make the choices, invest the time in developing skill, learning, etc – you would do whatever it would take to get enough value that money would start flowing to you. It would be inevitable, because those who value themselves, truly, do not stay chronically, uncomfortably, poor. All long-term wealth problems can be traced back to a root problem with self-value.

Thus, the meek have stopped chasing the money, and turned inward. They’ve traced these value problems to their source. Thus, they have inherited the earth.