The World Gone Crazy: A Game of Currency

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Simply put, if you want to know the answer to all the following questions, you need to take 45 minutes out of your life and watch this video:

  • Why are we going to war all over the middle east, constantly?
  • Why are we playing russian-roulette with, well, Russia of all countries?
  • Why are inflation and sticky-wages making me poorer while the rich get so much richer?
  • Why are jobs so hard to find and why did we send them all overseas?
  • Why are governments all over the world becoming hostile to the people?
  • Why do policians ignore our voice, and if solutions are there, why doesn’t the President do something?

The answers are simple — the Bankers are the problem. And, they have been for quite some time, relying on nothing more than a paper-thin sheet of your ignorance. All this is a “hidden history” of sorts, easily verifiable but deliberately not taught in schools. It is not conspiracy, it is there in plain sight. We’ve allowed them to get away with something and they have been laughing at us and ramming it down our throats ever since. Hell, most people don’t even know that prior to the Federal Reserve, there was a First, Second, and Third Bank of the United States.

This world is, nothing more than a Game of Thrones. But, most of us, busy with our fields, cannot see the board in play. Sadly, this is the one game we play for keeps and the outcome matters in terms of the pound of flesh we are all feeling taken from our souls.

It is no accident that Littlefinger was the Master of Coin. No accident at all.

None of it has to be this way.

Solve this problem and prosperity opens up again, for everone. Rich or poor, black, white, or polka-dotted.

Put our heads in the sand…and you know where that road leads. Don’t kid yourself, what we have endured is only a preview of the coming attraction.

Grab some wine. Click play. Face the Truth.

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