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Wackystuff, "The Idiots are Taking Over", CCL

Top 5 Mistakes When Goal Setting

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Wackystuff, "The Idiots are Taking Over", CCL

Wackystuff, “The Idiots are Taking Over”, CCL

Here we are folks, ready to move into the marvelous 2015. All truth be told, this is going to be a pivotal year for people. And, as the champaign flows and the world goes deeper into a snowy death, people have a natural tendency to turn inward and take stock of things. Figured I would keep this one short and sweet (as I have some hookers and blow to get to), and speak to the five common mistakes people make when they size up the new year. In general, there are five forces that derail people from the get-go. By this I mean, shooting themselves in the foot with how they set their goals, before they have even taken one limpiddy ass step towards them. In normal life, we call this idiot behavior. Watch for these, and don’t do them.

  • #1 Make a Small Goal your First Focus: Often times, when we reflect at this time of year, we do it in the overall “my life in total” sense. Thus, we have a tendency to size things up on a big-picture level. Meaning, we give most of our attention to the big things that are wrong and want to make sweeping changes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for you. But, this creates the problem that you’re tackling something massive that you’ve probably been rubber-banding on, making some progress but ending up back at square one. Start the year off with positive inertia, either find a small goal or chunk a big one down into a small first step. Where you point your lazer-beam makes all the difference for the upcoming year.
  • #2 Quantify Your Objectives: Seeing who you want to be, the person you want to become, is great. The problem people run into, is they develop a clear picture, without a clear map of how to get there. Then, floundering in an abstracted sense, they usually hit the eject button by mid-year (if not sooner), because that picture still seems so very far away. The way to avoid this problem, hands down, is to quantify your objectives. Let’s say your goal is to go from being Fat Albert to the Rock. Break that down into interim steps, the more the better, and then set a target you can measure. Body mass, physique measurements, etc. If the goal is less prone to numerics, set bench posts according to skill proficiency. For example: “Being able to wire a house”. Once you’ve broken it down in this fashion — bring up the key — set dates for said bench-marks. Remember, you can always tweak your targets as you go.
  • #3 Be Honest About What Motivates You: All to often, people survey and reach for things they should want, rather than the things that light them up. The most common goal for people is weight loss in the new year. But here’s the reality — most of them don’t want it. They actually want the food, but feel they should want the hot body. It can take a lot of inner work to get to the point of self-love such that you actually want the body more than the food. Here’s the taboo whisper: That’s perfectly okay. See, if you reach for things you actually want, that actually light you up — this creates a positive feedback spiral on your self-esteem. As your joy-joy in reference to yourself goes up, you will eventually truly want your brocolli with your dinner. Let go of social bullshit and don’t put the cart before the horse. Sing the song in your soul right now, fuck what the world thinks.
  • #4 Allow a Recharge: The holidays naturally fuck up the very same foundation we use to power our goals. Coming out of the noel induced bliss, our sleep is wrecked, our dicipline is shot, our nerves frazzles, and our emotions drained. Don’t be like the dumbasses and get all fired up just to drop the ball out of the gate. Start the new year off with a good rest and some good old fashioned relaxation and indulgence, then go slay those dragons. Odds of victory go way up if you do.
  • #5 Assess and Forgive: You need to build in a weekly, or at minimum, monthly time block to assess your progress towards your goals. However, there is one, and only one rule — what happened last week (month) stays in last week (month). In other words, when you sit down to assess, if you didn’t hit your target, you get an insta-pass. Self-flagellation does not bring you closer your goal. One thing brings you closer to your goal, pushing again. So, sit down, look at your lack of success with a sort of inner-hug and ask yourself how you can mitigate that in the future. Adjust fire, and move on forward. This is probably the hardest thing to internally learn, but speaks volumes to those who make it over those who don’t.

There we have it folks — tuck those tidbits into your thong and go out there and work what the God Within gave ya.


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