Rooting Exercise (Basic)

J.C. LaCroix Motivation, Personal Productivity, Power Tactics

Have you ever wished you had more personal drive? Perhaps you’ve thought that if you just had more of that inner juice, that moxy, that mojo, whatever you want to call it, if you had it, you could get where you want to go. Maybe its possible that, in your heart of hearts, you know you’re not aggressive enough, or …


The Mirror Exercise

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Motivation

I wish you would love yourself. I see you at night, in my mind, when the world is quiet and still. You are like Gods who have had their eyes sewn shut, tossed into a prison. Some of you are smiling. Some of you are faking it. Most of you are not. I see some of you freaking out and …


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"Heart of Loneliness", Roberto Terracciano, Creative Commons License

Why You Should Love Yourself

J.C. LaCroix Motivation

At first, when I reflect on the nature of this topic, I can’t help but take it to a bad place — where you should make sweet, sweet love to yourself. While that topic will certainly come up in this dank, dark crack in the web at some point, that isn’t the subject at hand. Allthough, once you get past …