Silence, Absence, Everyman

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Silence. Nearly five months now, and that is all that has been heard from behind the Crimson Curtain. Still. Serene. And yes, very deliberate. Except for my inbox, of course, that has been non-stop screeching. I got it all in one big avalanche on my return. I travel a lot, you see, sometimes spontaneously. I honor the voice within, and …


How to Really Stop Procrastinating

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A common problem is knowing what you need to do, but then just not seeming to get around to it. Or, more usually, doing it, but waiting until the last possible moment. Its that age-old problem, and there is a whole ass-ton of advice on the web telling you how to overcome it.   Thing is, most of these magic …


Hard or Boring Goals: Force Multipliers, Threading the Needle

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  A lot of times, people come to me with these common sets of goals – like loosing weight,  quitting smoking, eating healthier, getting more discipline, becoming more socially adept, getting more emotional control. Usually, people fail at these goals. They take time, most progress comes slowly, and that makes them really hard. How do we rally up and tackle …


The Lies of the Good

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Hello.   I don’t know if you’ve met me yet. My name is Asmoday.   I’d like to share a little bit about myself…   The song, “We are the World”, makes me want to vomit the same way Mein Kamph makes Hebrews want to piss on Germans. I also hate anyone who drives one of those modern VW bugs …