Profile of a Darkworker: Venus Satanas

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It is with great pleasure that I introduce the Profile of a Darkworker segment. Every so often, I will go searching through the deep caverns of human society, and bring back to you a Darkworker for you to examine and learn from. Modeling is a classic human behavior trait for success, and I recommend you try it. In any case, in the beginning with this whole process, I want to hold up examples that are easy for you to recognize as Darkworkers – people you would take a glance at and go “Just what I expected”. After all, start with what you know. As we go along, I will move on to others who may, in fact, shock you – people you would never expect. And, I guarantee that half of them wouldn’t have claimed the title until it was presented to them.
In any case, it is my honor to bring you Venus Satanas. The Occult in detail is beyond the scope of this website, but I wanted to present you with a starting point that you can use if you feel the need to delve in and release the power of “As above, so below”. Now, there are many camps of the occult, and she belongs to the tribe of Theistic Satanists. While I would not call myself a Satanist, I do contrast with this, as I am a Semiotician – I believe that the Gods, Demons, Devils, Mythical Stories, Tales, etc do not really exist, but that the Occult through these archetypal forms gives us an inroad to understanding ourselves, and more importantly, controlling our own subconscious energies. Sort of like when you come to realize Santa Claus doesn’t exist, but you still tell the story of Rudolph because you feel it has personal value.
In any case, I am first a pragmatist, and look for excellence over all other virtues. Clearly, she has it in spades – her scholarship of the occult is disciplined, rational, and clear. Her intellect is keen, and she also brings the professionalism of not opening her mouth to spew before she has first done the research to back up her words. I encourage you to check out her resources – you can find her website here and her youtube videos here.
By the way, did I mention she has a stripper-pole in her living room? Yeah. Definitely meditate on that for a while…
She is Witch. She is Dark. She is Us.
We did the Q&A – I shot her some questions, she gave me some insightful answers, you can peruse them blow:


Q: What is your favorite thing about yourself, not just as a practitioner, but in the broader sense, as a human being?

My favorite thing about me, about Venus Satanas, is my determination and desire to create, and to inspire others in whatever it is that they are inspired to do. Some people have told me, after finding out that I am a Satanist, that they can’t believe it, that “you are such a nice person” they may say in disbelief, because it blows them away and messes with their perception of what a Satanist really is. I am who I am, and to me this is my greatest strength.

Q: Many contend that Darkworkers are based and motivated mainly by fear. Do you feel this is the case, and how would you respond to that statement?

I do not sense fear in my life, in fact since I’ve taken on the practice of magic with serious intent as a way of life I feel empowered to be able to face whatever situation comes my way. The conception that darkworking or black magic is based on fear comes from the idea that those who use it are cowards, or ignorant but I find that the ones who are hiding behind the mask of goodwill, ‘holiness’ and virtue, can face more fear because they may repress it within, or seek to have their god remove the fear instead of facing it head-on and learning from the experience. Magic does not have an innate nature of good or evil, nor is it based on moralism; one must examine the person who is using the magic to determine the motive.

Q: Many also contend that Darkworkers are filled with hate and vengeance, and can love no one but themselves. Would you describe yourself as a vengeful or hateful person who cannot love? How would you respond to that statement?

Because Satanic philosophy has influenced my life in so many ways, it has given me a different perception on what it means to be a Satanist, and a human being. Because I am able to enjoy the here and now, and not be burdened with hate, I find that I have more time for the ones that I love, and I am able to spend less time worrying and spending energy on things that I dislike. I am not a person filled with vengeance but I am not afraid to use that part of myself to right something that has been wronged. I do not actively seek to destroy things or to cause harm, but my method includes using destructive magic to remove what is harmful, or unnecessary in my life. Through this I am able to be more focused, and balanced and ready to love the ones that are dear to me. People who spend their life hating either have a mental problem, are not sociable or have other issues which may attract them to the dark magic lifestyle.. and they are usually the ones who get noticed for it.. but the magicians who are able to use magic to their own advantage without becoming lost in what they do, those who use it as a tool in a practical way, will benefit the most and succeed. All is not what it seems.

Q: How do you feel that a practice of Darkworking has benefitted your life, in terms of bringing you peace, happiness, and joy?

I thought it was a place where I could be myself and live life the way that I liked it, on my terms, amongst all of the others who also enjoy things that are dark, or satanic. So, finding my path and what suits me has been a big part of it. I struggled for a long time with things like sadness, guilt etc. throughout my life, just like everyone else has. But, as a Satanist, because of my life approach, these experiences have given me a new perspective and I have learned from them. Now, when troubles arise, I seek opportunity within crisis. I love the things that bring me peace and joy, like holding my crystals, or playing and cuddling with my cats, loving my husband, taking walks in the woods, and reading a good book. I am able to enjoy life because I am not burdened with negative things that I keep inside, I use those negative experiences as a way to grow, not as a measure of failure.

Q: Is there a specific tool or practice in the Occult which you feel has helped you come closer to your ideal self? How?

My specific practices have been focused on Tarot, which has helped me for the past few years to really understand myself and the world around me. For me tarot is not only a form of divination, it is a method of path working and meditation. Through the insights revealed to me in tarot, I feel that I have become more focused. So tarot has been my closest companion that I can always turn to in times of need. What I have understood through the study of the tarot, has in turn, helped me to understand life.

Q: If you could give newbies to the path one piece of advice, what would you say?

Newbies want to jump in and create fantastic effects, dramatically change their life and seek to experience all that is new. I appreciate their enthusiasm, but what they often do is forget to learn and understand the basics of the path that they have chosen. I think the secret to experiencing magic is to do it and to move on and let it take its effects, instead of waiting for every little sign to show you that it is working. As it has been said, ‘lust not after results’. This is the mistake that many make, and it causes a lot of frustration for new magicians. Magic, Satanism or spirituality comes in two forms: theory, which is the study of said things, and practice, the actual practical application of theories and methods to produce results.

Q: What is the biggest hurdle or issue you have overcome as you walked the path? Can you tell us about how you overcame it?

I think the biggest challenge has been learning how to trust myself and to trust my own intuition. For a long time, this was a challenge for me but after releasing that self-sabotaging doubt over many years, I understand the importance of trusting the intuition. And as you may know, since Darkworking is the path of the self, knowing one’s limitations and abilities and being able to trust your own inner guidance is an important thing.

Q: In your mind, how long do you think Darkworking has been around? In other words, at what point in history do you think the path began?

I think that Darkworkers have been around for a long time. But, the practices weren’t modernized until the 20th century along with the advent of Satanism, demonolatry, and the social acceptance of darker paths of magic. Before that time, it’s difficult to find records of any existing practitioners of Satanism, black magic or the left hand path as a western practice, excluding vamachara tantra. I do not think that authors like Cavendish or Eliphas levi were describing the path of Satanism and Magic as it is practiced today; they were creating notions about what their views on the left hand path were, based on [Christian] religious perceptions. However, I am sure that there are traditional folk magic practices like hoodoo which are considered to be dark, or left hand path which have been practiced for quite a long time.

Q: Do you have a personal code of ethics? Would you mind telling us a little bit about it?

I like the word ‘ethics’ better than morals, because as a Satanist, I haven’t found any reason to be morally obligated to my religion or to my god(s). Beyond that, I try to treat people the way that I want to be treated and aside from the occasional blunder I really do not seek to actively harm others. But, I am not beyond taking my revenge by magical means if necessary, and this is only if I have decided to walk away and the situation continues. So, unprovoked I am a very kind person, but once someone gives me reason to betray my trust then I tend to break ties or seek alternative action, through the use of magic, if necessary.

Q: Okay, in my opinion, your videos are wonderful work, leaving the internet a better place than what you found it (and yes, I must add, this includes your pole-dancing video). What motivated you to create and continue the work of your website?

My website began in 2004, as a response to the many other sites out there which claimed to be allied with religious and/or organized Satanism. As an independent Satanist, I wanted to create a site that would be a resource to all Satanists, regardless of their chosen path. The main content on my site is focused on Satanic commentary, Essays on magic by theory and practice, and a series of essays on the origins of demons. In 2007, my website expanded to include my YouTube channel which has videos that are focused on discussing satanic methods, and philosophy. I have been surprised at the interest it has generated and the discussions it has created. In the spirit of independence from organized Satanism, my dream was made real in October of 2008, when I collaborated with a friend of mine, Independent Satanist, ‘nocTifer’, to create the Horde of Independent SataniStS [HISS], an allied network of satanic discussion and knowledge for Solitary Satanists.
What I am doing with my Spiritual Satanist website is writing about the philosophical and spiritual methods of Satanism and magic, but not the religious aspects, because I want people to find their own way, and religious methods are a very specific course. I can only offer histories, studies and notations on my own work with Satanism and magic, and the reader has to take it from there. My goal is to teach by example, through examining the facts and then giving my personal insights into the practices of occultism. Most of all, my site is a tribute to the spiritual and symbolic force that has kept me inspired all of these years – Satan.