Profile of a Darkworker: Venger Satanis

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In this lovely episode of our dark menagerie of masters, it is my honor to present to you an interview with Venger Satanis. Here, I wanted to showcase someone who is not only a teacher and educator, but more importantly, someone who shows just how philosophically diverse and broad the Left-Hand Path can be. As Ipsissimus of the Cthulhu Cult, he has built quite a broad base for their sect, on the foundation of both his wisdom and his vision of unification within our dark family. In any case, enough of my rambling, I will allow his words to represent him far better than I can. Enter Venger:

Q: First, how did you come to Darkworking – what were the steps of the journey that brought you to the Left-Hand Path itself?

A: There are various components that led me to the Left Hand Path or Darkworking as you call it. These elements comprise what the LHP is all about.

I’ve always been spiritual or able to understand things on a metaphysical / multi-dimensional level. Perhaps I have the “religious gene” in my DNA. I believe the LHP to be spiritual in nature. Not necessarily tied to any particular religion or religious dogma, but there’s something in it that goes beyond the ordinary world and man as he is. I certainly acknowledge Higher Forces and their interaction with humanity. Magic is part of it too. The belief that we can change things by effectively using our willpower.

Individuality is another thing. I’ve always gone my own way, done my own thing. Ever since I was a kid. Anti-authoritarian; an outsider; convinced that my destiny was not like others. The LHP is an individual road; it must be traveled alone and on a personal level… even if one is traveling with several other individuals.

Third, the LHP is a process. It’s called a path for a reason. A practitioner embarks upon a journey. This thing can’t be completed in a few days or even a few years. The LHP is a lifetime thing. It’s a code, doctrine, and way of understanding things. The LHP prevents us from conforming to what society, the universe, or some demiurge being has in store for mankind. I try to see my life and work as a marathon rather than a sprint.

Q: Would you care to elaborate more on how Darkworking has served you, not just in terms of the Great Work, but on a daily, individual level? Is there a specific problem or obstacle that it has helped you to overcome, and how?

A: Pretty much everything in my life. Whenever I question if A, B, or C is right for me I can take a look at the bigger picture. Which is going to be the most fruitful? If I need something, some change to take place, then I call upon those Dark Forces which have my best interests at heart. In business, my personal relationships, physical fitness, and that extraordinary destiny I already mentioned.

Q: Concurrent with your expertise, what makes the Cthulhu Cult philosophically different from other forms of Darkworking? Do these differences present particular advantages and obstacles, as one embarks on the Great Work?

A: The Cthulhu Cult paints H.P. Lovecraft’s Mythos as a backdrop. Similar to what Satanism, Luciferianism, Buddhism, etc. uses. I try to couch occult and esoteric ideas in Lovecraftian symbolism. Not only does that make things aesthetically engaging, but it can make those bitter pills more palatable. For example, the “terror of our situation”… being fast asleep at the wheel of life, the car is out of control and in our present state we have no way of waking up. Linking that up with Dread Cthulhu not dead but dreaming in his tomb-city of R’lyeh gives it more juice.

For those with absolutely no knowledge of Lovecraft’s weird tales, yes, it sometimes presents a problem for those who stumble upon the Cult of Cthulhu.. Nevertheless, we do what we can to capture the imagination of those interested in The Great Work.

Q: Can you tell us, in your words, what you mean by your goal of Unification within the Left-Hand Path? More importantly, what drove you to establish and make strides towards the realization of this goal?

A: I see the LHP as an active force of change on a world scale. Perhaps the LHP will be instrumental in creating a New World Order. That meme is used pejoratively most of the time, but I see it as potentially beneficial. Humanity needs regulation, goals, and leadership. Why shouldn’t an organized LHP provide those things?

As for what form a unified LHP might take, I have no idea. However, I believe that it could be a reality in our lifetime.

Q: It has been said by some that the Great Work can be achieved independent of any Occult practices or disciplines, in purely empirical manner, without a study of magic or ritual. Do you think this is true? Why or why not?

A: I feel that this could only occur if a practitioner tried to get away from the usual LHP language. Avoiding words like magic or occultism isn’t easy, but doable. Yet, how could an individual involved in The Great Work not try to change reality with his will? How could he come to the essence of truth without looking within or seeking answers that are normally hidden from us?

Q: There are few on the Path that are called to be Teachers of the Way, in effect, to express their Great Work by service to others on the Path. Can you tell us what lead you to take up the mantle of High Priest, to answer this call of service? In your opinion, what is the most difficult portion of this role?

A: I suppose that I was born with it. The desire to be part of The Great Work, to be instrumental in evolutionary changes has always been within me. It’s definitely a calling.

I realized soon after coming in contact with certain groups like the Church of Satan, Temple of Set, and Esoteric Order of Dagon that I’d never be happy as a casual member. Why be a pawn when you could be a bishop, knight, or even a king? There was a specific vision inside me.

Even back in High School I tried, quite unsuccessfully, to start my own occult group. I put up flyers at Sun Prairie High School looking for initiates of The Blasphemous Dawn. Besides getting into a bit of trouble, nothing came of it. Around my years in college, I tried again. I created a hundred or so flyers advertising my Order of Satan and dabbled a bit with the new medium called the internet.

It wasn’t until I decided to go deeper into those Lovecraftian gulfs of stygian black… that seemed to make everything click. The summer of 2004 was the time to really establish a black magical lodge devoted to the Great Old Ones using Gurdjieff and Ouspensky’s Fourth Way techniques. Up to that point, no one had created a real Cthulhu Cult. Why not? Was I chosen to manifest such a thing? I believe I was.

The most difficult part? Remembering that it takes time. Years, but not just years… decades to really influence consensual reality. Slowly but surely things will change.

Q: In one sense, I have heard the Great Work be described as the effort to become a complete human. If you were to entertain this description, what would this mean to you – to become a complete human?

A: To me, this means realizing that we are currently nothing but machines. From there, we can learn how to stop being machines so that we may become organic, conscious human beings. Again, this comes from my 4th Way background.

Q: As a community of all people who practice Darkworking, aside from Unification – what do you think we need the most? For example, is there a critical mistake in outlook or function that needs to be addressed?

A: Great question, but difficult to answer. Hmmm…

I think it’s different for everyone. Some make the mistake of being too adversarial. Others lack confidence; they don’t truly believe they can make the changes required to bring the Dark Gods back to earth. A few LHP practitioners are far too anti-social. Many are too plugged-in when it comes to the internet or even consensual reality.
If I had to name just one thing… a singular weakness across the board? It would have to be fear. That’s the root cause. Fear leads to insecurity, anger, hate, jealousy, envy, and all the negative emotions which keep us asleep.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is new to Darkworking, based on the lessons of your own experience?

A: Some of the oldest wisdom is Know Thyself. Really get in there, dig deep. Use those long stretches of self-reflection to understand what you are, what you want, where you’re going, and so on.

If you’re truly an individual on a spiritual journey to Awaken, continue evolving, alter reality, and become like the Great Old Ones, then the Left Hand Path is your destiny. Might as well embrace the hell out of it.

And now, I shall leave you, in the words of Venger, “thus endeth the lesson.” Check him out folks, and then get out there and apply it.

Knowledge unused is Divinity wasted.

Love Yourself, Be Mighty


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