The Eighth Law: Triune

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Emotional Mastery, Motivation

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"Justice Gavel", Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

“Justice Gavel”, Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

The Eighth Law, stated:

“Pain teaches, fear guides, joy beckons.”

This Law is known as the Triune. It lays out the three major forces that pulse and lead Darkworkers along their Descent. While it is the most straightforward, in many cases it can be the hardest for those early to things to apply. Mainly, this is because true application of this Law requires transformation at a core level. How you see and respond to these forces must be deep, reflexive. For it to flourish, it has to become part of your identity. It presents the three forces inside each person that Darkworkers use and exploit for positive benefit. Together, they are our closest councilors and strongest allies as we walk the Path. We will look at each in turn. I will present them in the form of three classic images, and returning to these images in your mind will help the shift to occur.

 The Stern Nun with the Ruler

First, picture yourself sitting at a classroom desk. There is a chalkboard, a few books, a window, perhaps some writing on the board. A sign indicates multiplication tables, a wheel shows the alphabet. You appear to be the only student, and standing next to you is a Nun in her habit. Her hands carry a long ruler. She looks down at you with a detached expression. You’re both waiting. You are supposed to say something. Time passes. Of course, you don’t know the answer. She raises the ruler…

This, is your pain.

This is how you must come to see her. Reverant. Pure. Holy. She is not a destructive force or a negative presence. Quite the contrary, she cares about you, and all life, deeply. She is sworn to a higher calling, a sacred mission, and she serves it with an unmatched fanaticism. Indeed, her purpose is to teach you. You can’t avoid her; you must learn your reading, writing, and arithmetic. Likewise, you must not worship her, as she is simply the steward of something greater. With her ruler, she weighs and measures, in truth and honesty. She uses it when you fall short of your true potential, and with her, you can come to know power, peace, and possibility.

To expand, this is how Darkworkers come to see their pain. It exists to teach us. In many ways, it is very similar to how computer programmers view their compiler. As frustrating as it may be, the compiler is your truest teacher. It is never wrong when it rejects your code. It has no agenda, and ultimately, it doesn’t give a damn about your success or failure. It simply evaluates your actions and responds. The fault is always, with you.

Once you embrace your pain in this fashion, a rapid Descent is assured, because each pain, be it physical or emotional, is welcomed as a message, a lesson. Once learned, power cannot help but expand. When you experience pain, physical or emotional, stop and ask what the pain is trying to teach you. First, pin down what caused it. Then, ask yourself, in as pride-less of a state as possible, what you should do or should refrain from doing in the future to remove or not repeat this pain. And, as a caution, let me be clear: Darkworkers are not masochists. We do not seek pain out. But when the Nun comes, we sit up strait at our desks and pay attention.

The Mute Slave with the Torch

Now, you are deep underneath a city. Mustiness fills your nose. Its dark. You are in a network of catacombs, tunnels which twist and turn, forking off in every direction. Dust fills the air, your breathing is rough and your vision is worse. You came here seeking after rumors. The people said there would be wisdom, knowledge, power below. Now, you begin to panic. You’re lost, you’ve lost sense of where you are and where you meant to go. If only you had some light, some illumination. Then, he appears, from behind you. You startle, and turn. He is an old man, wrapped in dirty, grey cloth. A mere slave. He reeks of filth and disease, his back is hunched. In his hands is a torch. You start to speak, but he raises a finger to his lips. You gesture in command, for him to lead you. He does, and you follow, placing one hand on his back, so he cannot dart away leaving you to the darkness. He moves surprisingly fast, and with each turn, your stomach jumps, not knowing what is around the corner. Finally, you arrive. You see what you came seeking. But, he is there with you. A slave knows this place. He may tell others, and this cannot be allowed. No one will miss a mere slave. You reach into your pocket and take out a weapon…

This, is your fear.

First, the Slave is mute. This is because you cannot talk to, rationalize, or reason with your fear. To do so is foolish. It is a slave. It is only to be commanded. Bargaining with it in any form will only make it see you as weak in its eyes, and it will rebel, growing stronger. When it arrives, as any slave, it is only to be commanded.

It carries a torch, because its only purpose is to guide you on your Descent. Your fear is the roadmap. Following, and confronting your fears, in many ways, is the main staple of the journey. Fear leads the way, all you have to do is tread close to it, and not let go.

When you follow it as far as it will take you, you will find the next place in your walk on the path – revealing the self-knowledge, wisdom, mastery, and power you desire. Once there, you must eradicate the fear. Remember, it is your slave. It does not control you unless you allow it to do so. And, once its usefulness is expired, you must overcome the fear – that is, you must eliminate the slave.

The Smiling Newborn with the Rattle

Finally, you are in a warm, bright, comfortable room. Birds chirp outside. You sit in a cozy chair, almost dozing. Across the room is a crib. Just looking at the crib causes warm fuzzies in you. You hear a noise, a rattle. Your head snaps up. Standing, you walk without hesitation over to the crib and peer down at the face of a newborn. Your baby. A piece of you. It is breath-taking. You would sacrifice yourself in an instant to spare this tiny you any pain. Parental love gushes from you. You know it better than any other. In a crowded room, you can zero in on its voice out of countless other voices. It needs to be cradled, protected. It needs to be nurtured, fed, cared for. You do all these things in turn. You play with it, causing it to smile, you laugh, long and deep. Never would you trust the care of something so precious to another. Holding it, feeling its small size, you realize how vulnerable it is. It must be protected. You connect with your inner animal as you breathe in the smell of the newborn. You bundle it up tighter and hold it close to your chest, becoming vigilant and alert…

This, is your joy.

Darkworkers are always listening for that rattle, always on the lookout for things that make them happy and bring them joy. When they hear that sound, like a parent, they instantly obey, moving towards their own fulfillment. If something stops making them happy, they simply realize the child has grown up and moved on, and they are no longer needed.

Likewise, in the same parental sense, they understand that no one can care for or create joy for them better than they can. Just as they would never leave a newborn in the hands of strangers, they too do not vest another with the power to create their joy. This is a horrible accident waiting to happen, yeah? Also, we are aware that our joy is a thing to be protected. We vigilantly guard our needs and requirements for joy. Just as a parent would never willing allow someone to harm their child, a Darkworker will never allow another to take their happiness from them.

Once you begin to proactively parent your joy, as opposed to passively waiting for the world to give it to you, your power increases dramatically. And, just as a parent learns about themselves by watching their genetic descendants, so too do you see your divinity revealed in your true happiness. Listen diligently for the rattle. It calls you to your greatness.