Death is the Root of Fear

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Emotional Mastery, Personal Productivity, Power Tactics 0 Comments

There are two kinds of fear — both guide us to our destiny.

One pushes us towards our needed direction, the other pulls us away. In either case, we can use the direction of that push or pull to extrapolate our inner map.

Importantly, the fear is the same stuff both ways. What controls the direction of this floodgate is our inner relationship to the fear itself.

To shift ourselves inside, the first thing to do is bring it up from the depths, where it can be seen.

Dig deep. Tear fear out at the base, hold it up with a long look, and liberation is yours.

Start here and stare it in the face.

In the New Year, you’re going to need it. Trust me.


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