Systems that Control You: Introduction

J.C. LaCroix Personal Finance, Personal Productivity, Power Tactics

You are surrounded by systems of control. Some subtle, some blunt. Ultimately, there is no difference between you and the Slave, the Master simply having realized it is in their best interest to convince you of your freedom and let you buy things. In some fashion, you are someone’s property. Your masters bark, and you obey, thankful for the scraps from their table. There is no conspiracy, no masterminds, no secret force in the halls of government. There is only you, propping up the relationship. Kneeling by their chairs, clinging, through fear, to the tablecloth. By your consent are your most consecrated pieces commanded outside of you. It is not your natural state, for the Divinity in you can never be snuffed out, try as some might.

I call this natural force Dependency.

Now, in my previous sets of articles, I outlined the process of Dependency that has gripped most people. The work was meant to be more academic in nature. And yes, somewhat dry. Thank you, servant, for suffering through it. Of course, I’m willing to bet most of you won’t run out and throw off your masters anytime soon as a result of those posts. And, that’s okay. They are meant to sit in the back-drop of your mind, eating at your paradigm slowly, until a beautiful and yet somewhat horrible transition occurs, like glimpsing pictures of Barbara Bush sucking Obama’s cock. The blossoming of the black rose. Just relax, exhale, and let Asmoday do his work.

Here, though, I’m going to serve up the inspiration.

I’ve got your ticket to the Underground Railroad, if you’re willing reach out and take it.

Do me a favor for a quick second, take your hands and reach up, and rub your neck. Give yourself a little massage even. Go ahead, I will wait. Yeah. Isn’t that nice?

Thing is, you missed your slave collar. Its there, but you’re so used to it, you don’t even notice it anymore. For you, it is invisible. But, I remember when you put it on. I watched as you clasped it around your neck. You made it with discipline and effort. It was woven of fear and ignorance. It chaffed you for a long time, but as you transitioned into the world, I watched in disgust as you made it part of you. Deep. Resonant. Entrenched. I watched as you changed from victim to willing servant. Then, to my shock, you became a fanatic – fighting to protect your own exploitation, convinced it was the only way.

The collar plugs in to numerous systems that keep you Dependent. The main four are easy to find with a little logic. What are the five basic resources upon which human life depends? Food, Water, Shelter, Housing, and Medicine. Obviously, those who control those resources, control you. Ironically, those who control those base resources are in bed together. They stand like a circle of pimps, with the government as their communal whore.

Further, what are the two things which each Human needs to access those basic resources? Means of Transaction (Currency) and Transportation. Clearly, if someone can control your access to basic resources, they control you.

Finally, what gives you your ability to access all of the above resources? Employment. Definitely, whomever controls your employment, controls you.

What we are going to do here is to walk through each of these strands that make up your collar, starting with Employment, and work backwards. With the exception of Employment, I am going to show you how to begin the process of rejecting your Dependency, and slowly breaking your collar down. But, in each case I’m going to illustrate how the dependency works. I am working here from the assumption that you are still sitting on the fence with Self-Employment. Which is fine – it is the most rapid way to release yourself from all bondage, and for this reason, causes the most discomfort. The fear you experience is a fear of your own power, something you are not used to exercising. Ironically, the fear itself is precisely what is showing you that the God Within exists, else what would there be to fear? The way around that is to hit the other weak links, to take the lateral way, to craftily side-step and hit the fuckers from behind. I don’t expect you to act on all of these, but I am hoping you will pick one, just one, and carry that to completion. Once you take the action of unplugging on just one angle, you will begin to see the collar. It will chafe you again, and from there, it is much easier to remove it fully.

Unless, of course, the Illuminati were wrong. That you don’t want to be free. That the Dependency will grow, and eventually, you will slam the cage door shut completely, with a smile.

But, I don’t believe that. I believe in you, and will until the day I die.

That belief, if false, would make me a dumbass.

And, I’m too awesome to be a dumbass. By fiat.

Come on, future Amistad, let’s begin.