The Tenth Law: Action

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Emotional Mastery, Goal Setting, Intention Manifestation, Motivation, Personal Productivity, Power Tactics

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"Justice Gavel", Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

“Justice Gavel”, Tori Rector, Creative Commons License

The Tenth Law, stated:

“Victory goes to actions first, preparations second, deliberations never.”

The Darkworking path is primarily pragmatic. It states to accept truth, but the primary way we accept truth is through the effect of the application of that truth. Thus, it is results for us that serve as our yardstick for measuring truth – not theory, principle, logic, or morality. In this manner, one can see how varied Darkworker perspectives can be – in short, if it works for you, then it is true for you. However, the only way to discover results, and therefore measure truth, is to act on the world to receive a response. This Law both reminds us of that truth, and calls us to move. Let’s break this Law down into its parts.

Actions First

Have you ever seen someone who is wealthy, powerful, important, and therefore, confident, but you were absolutely confident that they were, frankly, of middling intelligence if not just stupid? Moreover, were you pretty sure that you were definitely smarter, if not outright superior, to this person? Did you wonder why they had gained so much, while you had less? Did it make you mad?

It shouldn’t. It’s your fuck up. There is one critical difference between you and this person. So powerful, in fact, that their inferiority to you is not enough to stop them from outstripping you in advancement.

They do shit, while you think about doing shit. They work it, while you wonder about it. You are making lists, they are checking things off their lists. While you are pondering consequences, they are forming causes. They act, fail, adjust, act again.

That little distinction is making all that difference. Persistent action, that is, not just trying, but continuing to try until the goal is achieved is the critical variable in the equation of success. So pivotal, that if you don’t have that ingrained in you, victory is a near impossibility. And, persistent action carries so much weight in the equation of life, that having it even with a host of flaws, almost guarantees success.

Make the shift, and their benefits are also yours. It really is that simple. Not, easy. I didn’t say easy, I said simple. In fact, that’s why you see more people of middling qualities who are successful – their mediocrity drives them to action because that’s the only edge they have. And, lucky for them, it happens to be most of what they need.

After all, if you are smarter than them, as I believe you are – and, they are doing things and you are not – who is really stupid?

Preparations Second

Worry isn’t something we are born with, you know.

Hang out with little kids, and you’ll reveal this for yourself. The world is one big unknown to them, but do they sit around, shaking with fear, or biting their nails? Nope. They have the same cognition-set you have, its just at a smaller scale. You’re trying to figure out how to pay the electric bill, they’re trying to figure out how to get the square block into the right hole. Same shit, just different level. Any sign of worry, however, is completely absent.

What this tells you is that it was something you learned to do, probably from observation of others. And, you probably learned a lot of things from others that don’t serve you well today — like wasting time watching bucketloads of TV, complaining about things, crappy eating habits, and on and on. This is not different from any of those. The thing is, worring about a problem is even worse than ignoring a problem, because you’re actually expending energy and not affecting anything.

Worry, to the Darkworker is simply a flag, a little flashing light, that says nothing more than preparatory work is required. Once the message is received, the light is turned off action taken, and the worry is dumped. For example, if you are worried about not being able to pay something, you put energy into making some extra slip-steam cash. If you worry about being attacked when by yourself at night, you get some self-defense training. Tons of people, right now, are worrying about the US dollar bottoming out, hyperinflation style. All that means is they need to buy some gold, or transfer some assets over into Euros, or make a plan for how to rob what they need in that event. It’s simple and straightforward, folks. Always prepared, never worried. You see, worry actually begins within you as an impetus to action, and you deliberately take that gathering energy and trap it in your head. It is an act of will to bottle up that energy, to prevent it from going to where it is supposed to go, into the real world. Just as it is an act of will to continue to maintain conditions in your life that you don’t like. Stop doing that.

This is where the successful get their “effortless” quality. Sometimes, it seems like the world goes topsey-turvey, and the continue to come out on top. Its true, the world does go to hell in a handbasket and back again, and they stand there, smiling. The main reason for this is that they have made it a habit to prepare for things that others worry about. Ingraine this habit, and you will achieve the same result. If you cannot act in the now, then simply prepare for tomorrow. Once you have done what you can, relax, and prepare to reap the reward.

Deliberations Never

Let me be clear here, this Law is not telling you not to think, conjecture, make plans. Far from it. This Law is simply reminding you that victory, success, a win – whatever you want to call it – will never proceed from those brain sessions. It will only come from the actions or preparations you take as a result of those brain sessions.

Most of the time, it is best to deliberate while taking action. We are taught “Ready, Aim, Fire”. But, as with many other things, the successful have learned to go against the grain of conventional wisdom. They have adjusted their lives to a “Ready. Fire. Aim” approach. It is far better, most of the time, to take your best guess, then adjust, and keep going. Again, this goes back to experiential versus inferred knowledge.

Sometimes, though, doing nothing is itself a conscious action. For example, if you are at work and a rival is baiting you, the best action may be to simply smile and say nothing. In this case, nothing is clearly an exercise of will. And, deep down, you know that. You know when you are cheating this law, and not acting when you should.