Systems that Control You: Conclusion

J.C. LaCroix Personal Finance, Personal Productivity, Power Tactics

In review, we can see that if you are a Sleeper in the current system, you’re fucked.

First, you work, which means you do not receive the full value of your production. Then, part of the remaining value is stripped off by transportation and home costs, which you must have to work. You must buy food, which will eventually make you sick, sending you into the arms of the racket of medicine. Even more value is stripped off by paying fees to use your own value, in a market where you are purely a price-taker. And, even more is stripped off as you go through the whole process, because you need energy to do it. The small amount you have left is called “discretionary income”, and often, is not enough even to meet the basics. Hence, you end up going back to the banks, and arranging in finance agreements, which strip off even more of your future, and current value.

Finally, a large gang called the “government” comes in. They charge you a fee (taxes), for services, which is mandatory. However, they will not protect you in the event of natural disasters (Katrina), will not protect you from crime (police react to crime, they don’t prevent it), war (9-11), will not guarantee your income (unemployment benefits are on the chopping block, and social security is bankrupt), and are making the outside world more hostile towards you (Iraq war).

Please tell me you can see this dynamic is not good for you.

Let me be clear here. I am not some kind of Doomsayer or Survivalist. I’m not arguing for complete unplugging from the grid, or absolute autarchy. In fact, I’m arguing the exact opposite: I want you to run the grid, eventually. It won’t happen overnight, but this is how it is done. This is the natural process of people ascending, which has been part of the human condition since the beginning of time. Things have always been this way, just under different labels. I’d sooner induct Justin Beiber into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, as to destroy the grid. It’s there for a reason.

But, to run the grid, Dependency, you first have to see it. Better yet, touch it, caress it.

You have to understand it, in the real, Darkworking sense – you have to experience it.

That requires a paradigm shift, an Awakening.

Normally, this is something I can show you, I can demonstrate. In this media of writing and blogging, I can’t use the normal approach. We are limited by the words I can type on this screen – and its not as though a podcast or video is going to do the trick.

You can not think your way to Awakening.

The Illuminati, the Owners, the Elite, are justified by fiat, through action.

Dependency, ripping it to shreds, is just one part of that.

The thing I’m getting at here is that the “haves” have a mind-set that the “have-nots” refuse to adopt. They don’t just take things from the system. They don’t roll over. Simply, they do not allow Dependency. They do this by fighting back, proactively, creatively, with the resources they have. And, if you start to act like they do, you will start to see as they do. Then, you will become them.

The quickest way to remove Dependency is through Self-Employment, that is, true Ownership.

But, I’m working on the assumption that most of you are not ready for that step. And, I’m not going to listen to what you say on the matter, I’m going to look at what you’re doing to determine that. Are you out there, in control of your value? If not, then you’re functionally not ready. Controlling your own value is the quickest way, because once you own that, you leverage even non-ownership by default. You have the reigns, so you can move into and out of dependent systems, at will, as it suits you. If you don’t have the reigns, then you have little control over the ultimate destination.

But most of you will fight and resist this truth. That’s okay. What I am trying to do here is accept that, and assault the problem indirectly. I don’t’ expect you to jump up and do all of these things. The point is to pick one, and play with it, experiment. Remove Dependency in one sector. Then, an amazing thing will happen – you will taste your own power. The God within you will stir. You’ll realize you like it. Slowly, you will do more and more as you come out of sleep, until you reach a crux point.

The collar around your neck will hurt again.

And in that pain, the God will emerge. If you can break little links, even just one, you can break the whole shebang.

In my next article, I will show you a method to start with, once you have reached that point. A method of becoming an Owner which avoids common mistakes and pitfalls, and is proven and tested by myself and others. It too, is an indirect route, but a working trail into freedom.

And, even if you are already Self-Employed, it is just good pathwalk to remove as much Dependency as possible. Would you want your child, or lover to be under the heel of another? Anytime? For any reason?

Well, then why yourself?

Come on. I can feel it irritating you even now. What are you waiting for?

It won’t be easy. I never said that. Just worth it.

You are not alone. Fight.

I will leave you with a little Jet-Li action. In this video metaphor, you get to be Jet-Li. I will be playing the part of Morgan Freeman. And, the guy in the white suit (how ironic is that?) is the world. Enjoy.