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Twilight, "The Hustler", CCL

Making Money: The Hustler’s Waltz

J.C. LaCroix Personal Finance, Power Tactics 0 Comments

Right now, things being what they are, almost everyone is feeling the squeeze. Wages are stagnating and going down while prices are rising. Forget the numbers on inflation and unemployment, with current politics those are damn-near useless to you. The truth is, economic conditions are causing jobs to be more and more scarce and with automation pushing in those jobs …


Systems that Control You: Energy

J.C. LaCroix Personal Finance, Personal Productivity, Power Tactics

Gravity, steam, heat, magnetism, mechanical, nuclear weak force, electricity – the list goes on and on. Human life is dependent upon energy. This goes beyond just heating and cooling, because Homo Sapiens made certain trade-offs to get our cerebrums, that make us dependent on tools. Through history, there has always been the dominant energy form that humans are using, playing …