The Second International Left-Hand Path Conference

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Last week, I had the chance to attend the 2nd International Left-Hand Path (LHP) conference. In a mark of good fortune (or perhaps my will made manifest), it was held right here in Indianapolis. Hence, for me, going was a no-brainer and a simple matter of rolling myself out of bed. It was, however, interesting to sip my coffe and chuckle to myself, “I would like two sugars and a crack-head worthy dose of black flame, please.” Also, it was somewhat fun to come up with Batman-like explanations as to my weekend activities, to those family and friends who aren’t exactly open to such things. Not that I’m hiding, I just like it when they find out on their own. Surprised revulsion is tasty to me. In any case, the conference was put on by Laurie Pneumatikos (a classy, witty fallen angel if ever there was one) and Jeremy Crow (who is both suave and swarthy, like an anime villain) — both affiliated with the Luciferian Research Society. I also don’t want to fail to mention the “Samael to Laurie’s inner-Lillith”, Typhon Draconis, who also put on the show. If he has a blog, I can’t find it, but the man should. He’s got the mind of Pythagoreas wrapped in the smooth demeanor of Matlock.

I’d read it, for sure.

From the Black Tie Ball, which I was unable to attend. Your soul looks scrumptious to them. Seriously, Corvis Nocturnum from the CoS is absolutely about to bring the Darkness.

From the Black Tie Ball, which I was unable to attend. Your soul looks scrumptious to them. Seriously, Corvis Nocturnum from the CoS is absolutely about to bring the Darkness.

Now, to say this was a fantastic, empowering experience does not do it justice. Worth every dime. It was very nice to be around so many people on the same wave-length. Contrary to the expectations of many, these were some of the most polite, welcoming, and open-minded people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. But, in line with expectations of normal society, the force of will was readily apparent throughout the event. For example, in the beginning, there were issues with the projector and the microphone never did get on-line. I’ve seen this happen at other conferences, usually it leads to delays and melt-downs. Not so here. The presenters simply shrugged as if to say, “Adapt and Overcome” and rolled right on forward. Also, the audience would generally not hesitate to interrupt a presentation or become confrontational during the Q&A. To understand how out-of-the-norm this was…well, you’d have to be there.

Yeah, my kinda crowd.

Turnout was low — not sure on precise numbers. 40? 50? And, I’m not sure precisely why this occured. I do think holding it in Indianapolis was a factor. We are a bible-belt city. In addition, there was some Goddess Festival running concurrently, so I suspect everyone ran off to get laid. Ahem. Frater Nicht. Which, fine by me. This served to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. What remained was a concentrated pill of Will to Power. If you missed it, seriously, you missed out. Attending these events is always a good thing to do. So, if you’re fat and can take the heat — it’s a good idea to go to a bodybuilder event. The mindset being so concentrated will rub-off. You can’t help it. In the case of this conference, I believe it weakens the false Self for a duration. Or, as I believe Lucian might put it, all that close proximity causes the reality-bubbles to start to harmonize.


Rev. Bill Duvendack drawing some interesting correlations between Lucifer and Christ. That’s me in the bottom-left of the frame. Completely spaced bringing my camera.


There is a third one in the works already, to be held in New Orleans. This couldn’t make me more happy. I love me some New Orleans  — perfect blend of Southern Belle and Laid-Back Gangsta that has me writing sonnets and making breakfast in bed. Mmmm-mmmm, Big Easy. If you get the chance, definitely recommend you follow the event and come out for it.

But, before I get into personal highlights and the presenters themselves, there is an issue that has come up which I feel the need to address. I do not consider this website, or Darkworking generally, to be a formal part of the Left-Hand Path. In my view, Darkworking is “broader” than that. It represents the culmination of my experience — a lifetime spent helping people and myself, on a pragmatic level. Sure, to the extent that the LHP has influenced my life, it no-doubt colors my thinking. And, to the degree that the LHP offers truth (is effective), I am glad for it. But, any affiliation ends there and exactly there. Our goal is to find people, show them their true potential, and help them to reach it if they so desire. Chasing after that goal, I am ecclectic to say the least. I will pull thoughts, ideas, and techniques from anywhere and everywhere to close in on that goal. The source does not matter to me — LHP, RHP, Lightworking, Magic, Financial Planners, Political Pundits, Philosophers, Gurus, Self-Help Experts, and Thought Leaders — for my readers, I hunt for any nugget that demonstrates itself to be useful in that goal.

In short, I say fuck it, come one and come all: I am your Guide and I am ruthless.

Truly, I have never presented myself as a leader or master of the LHP or the Occult. And, I don’t plan to start any time soon.

If it must be said, I’m not too damn shabby at either, but that’s a topic for another time. In essence:

Darkworker born and Darkworker shall I die.

The reason this comes up is because of my one bitch about the conference — keeping in mind, a full three days and I have only one. Right now, there is this gigantic cock-waiving dick-fight happening within the LHP. There have been repeated purges in the Church of Satan over time, and without elaborating on the details or my feelings on the CoS, there’s natural butt-hurt involved there, on both sides. Further, there is a skills gap between older schools of thought in the LHP, and new thought-leaders who are emerging. These new players on the stage are leveraging technology and marketing, gaining market share, and building followings of newcomers outside of the traditional LHP community. Examples of this are Ford and Koetting. However, you also have the “old guard” (and I don’t mean that negatively) who are screaming “snake oil” at the top of their lungs.

Which, don’t get me wrong, I have utmost respect for the old guard — they have spent a lifetime developing skills and knowledge that I respect, admire, and will devour at the drop of a hat just for the offering. This pragmatism and deference to experience in my attitude is a source of my personal power. I refuse to change it. Again, my personal feelings on any of these “camps” and what they offer is irrelevant — I care only about what is effective, both in terms of the Path and, yes, even on a marketing level. After all, our efforts are for precisely dick if we don’t reach anyone.

Thus did this fight erupt at several points during the conference and even followed me back to my little “Dark Hole” on the internet, afterwards. Now, there are two kinds of disruptive conflict, one is productive towards growth and the other is not. I have to put this fight in the latter category. Several times, it even derailed the discussion surrounding a speaker’s presentation, hi-jacking attention and steering it straight into a “no-man’s land” where productive questions couldn’t be asked. My response to this whole fight and all parties involved is to tap everyone on the shoulder and quietly remind them that on the Path, we measure success and failure by results. If any of the new guard or the CoS are selling snake-oil, people will find out. However, if you dislike the results the newcomers are getting, find out what they are doing that is effective, replicate it, and present your far more effective approach. Or, honestly, stop wasting time pessimistically masturbating, and get back to the Great Work.

The Path is, after all, about evolution, is it not? And, evolution teaches us two things, generally:

  1. The Generalist always wins.
  2. Those who adapt and overcome, thrive. Those who don’t, wither and die.

In the face of that truth, the proper response of all parties seems clear to me. This is one reason why I support the Luciferian Society so much, at least in terms of its stated mission. The truth is, this fight has lead the LHP to become a slight poison in many ways, even to the Descent. It needs to evolve, painfully if necessary — that is, revamp, change, adapt, get new energy, adopt new thoughts, and reach out to the larger world — all under pressure. It can’t do this while it is effectively hiding, becoming more isolated and intellectually incestuous by the minute. This will require all these schools to hold to their integrity and view, but put the weapons down, acknowledge the right of the others to exist, and join together in a cooperative spirit for the mutual advancement of the LHP itself. If it fights off this process, in the name of protecting those who have absolutely achieved and amassed insight and knowledge, but done so in a manner that forces them to attach their monetary value and self-worth to a very rigid mode of expression and presentation — it will continue to shrink and become a non-factor on the stage of mainstream human consciousness. At that point, I would be forced to call “dogma-lovers”, the very idea it is supposed to be murdering like a filthy dog in the streets, and tell it that it deserves what it gets.

For example, I recently recommended one of Ford’s books. This actually pissed some people off enough to say something, right out of the gate — the post had been up for a very short time. Now, I must say this — yes, the book has editing errors. It is one of his early works, when he was busting ass and didn’t have an editor. However, these errors are not so rampant as to make the book a shitty read. If they were, I would have just recommended one of his later works. Disregarding the immense value within the pages, over something so trite, is throwing out the baby with the bath water. At which point, these critcal discussions then devolve into a semantic circle-jerk as to what constitutes an elite person who is fit to speak to the Path. My thinking, who cares? Does it work? Fine, if you say it doesn’t work, then in terms of Luciferian thought which my readers are interested in, tell me what does work. I’ll be happy to examine it, accordingly. Until you can do that, I call bullshit.

Not because you’re wrong, but because until you can do that I have no definitive way of knowing you are right.

I say all that to say this — I hate censorship to the core of my being. But, this particular fight is such an unproductive swamp that I don’t want it anywhere near the Experiment. We’re trying to get shit done. I want to embrace the LHP community in the spirit of collaboration, very much so. However, this fight is not welcome. Sure, I am aware of it and am rooting for my own teams within it, but settle it in your own halls. Please respect my space, accordingly.

Now, onto the good stuff. I want to take a moment to say that I loved all the presenters at the event. And, I’m not just saying that: There was some serious power-amplifying insight in each and every one of their illuminations. Unfortunately, I have to make some choices here — if I cover everyone and everything, this would go from a blog post to a novella. Bear in mind, I missed some presentations. Can’t recommend what I didn’t see. Also, no sense blurbing you if I have already mentioned you. Sadly, I am flat-out not giving the artists anywhere near the attention I would like — as is the way of the world. Instead, I will simply highlight those who I think are most relevant to Darkworkers on their Descent, and encourage you to check out the event details on the event page yourself. Examine the speakers, artists, and presenters listed — you might just stumble across a gem or twelve. Without further delay, here go the medal-winners:


Lucian Pharoe. Too powerful to be captured by a mere flimsy homo-sapein tool known as a camera.

Lucian Pharoe. Too powerful to be captured by a mere flimsy homo-sapein tool known as a camera.

First up, my personal best-in-show by a sweeping margin, this man takes Asmoday’s gold. Lucian Pharoe is the host of Indigo Children Radio and a bona-fide Asmoday-endorsed Dark Prince. I have nothing but admiration for this man, and a slight jealousy that he is too young to be that effective and awesome. Okay, that last part is a jokey-compliment, don’t flip your shit. Age has nothing to do with inner-power. Trust me, I have spent decades crawling in the muck and gunk of people’s insides, across the entire spectrum of the human condition. This means, I know an A-player when I spot one. But, all on their own, his results in life speak without needing my help. I know some of you might see the title of the show and tune out something you think is “New Age”. Serious-business, if you do that, you’re shooting yourself in the damn genitals. Listening to one episode will reverse that assessment quite quickly. His presentation was so powerful, I’m not even going to tell you about it. It is as the name of God and cannot be spoken to the unitiated. Luckily for you, he is serving it up on the airwaves on a constant basis. Check him out.

Andrieh Vitimus

Andrieh Vitimus. He’s like Biggie Smalls, except he has white pivilege and shapes the universe with his will.

Next comes my shining silver, Andrieh Vitimus. Primarily specializing in occult techniques, I appreciate both his presentation style and his unique approach. Like me, he is a “distiller”. That is, he grabs occult techniques, puts them under the heat of reason and results, and serves you up the effective part that remains when all is said and done. And, you’ll have a blast the whole time. My kinda Magus. Not to mention, the guy is working on his second master’s degree (MBA). Guess how much he is paying for his six-figure-a-year-education? Nada. Credits his techniques, and I’m inclined to listen. Had a lot of fun trying out sigil magic for the first time, and I plan to attend his workshops in the future.

Taylor Ellwood. He has the life and lives in Portland. I partly wanted to dopplegang him.

Taylor Ellwood. He has the life and lives in Portland. I partly wanted to dopplegang him.

Last, but certainly not least in any regard, is Taylor Ellwood. First off, the guy is a towering giant. You really don’t get that sense from his photos, not to a full extent. And, I pissed next to him at a urinal. Based on what I could hear, the implied power behind his urethral stream was…intimidating. Take that as you will. Now, what I dig about him is his approach to wealth. He takes a step back, and asks the foundational question, “What is wealth?” You see, there’s a trap that happens if you just chase dollars — I can attest to this — and he helps you to avoid it. If I met him before I built my flawed empire that I later burned down, he could have saved me some heartache. I picked up one of his books at the conference, look for a review when I’m done reading it.

Gnostic Mass. Bread. Wine. And, if I ever get to play a part, I just want to be that spear...

Gnostic Mass. Bread. Wine. And, if I ever get to play a part, I just want to be that spear…

The last thing I must mention was the closing ceremony — which was a Gnostic Mass, specifically Liber XV. I have read about this ritual before, but never sought out an opportunity to participate. It was a powerful experience. Of course, written by Crowley — you’re about to get buckets of sexual imagry with your Gnosis, double-thumbs-up. Obviously, this was put on by these fine people pictured above, whom I assume are affiliated with the OTO. But, I haven’t been able to pin down their specific chapter, or I would link the hell out of them. As a Mason, I’ve had my fair share of ritual work. This was exquisitely executed, especially by the leads who portrayed the masculine and feminine aspects of the God Within. Their skill made it the game-changer that it was, for us.

So, to all those who attended — thank you very much, it was a pleasure. I will definitely be attending next year.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words about the Gnostic Mass. We’re glad it had such an impact on those who chose to participate. The members of the team are initiates and consecrated clergy of several traditions including, but not limited to, the OTO. Because we represent such varied traditions, this Mass was not performed under the auspices of any sanctioning organization. For programming purposes, we identified ourselves as “Thelema Agnostous”, which translates as “unaffiliated Thelema”. We’re a group of close Thelemic friends supporting each other in the Great Work.

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