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The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

How the Story Ends

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The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Spoiler alert: We know how your story ends.

Of course, we don’t know how you get from here to there, but we know in the final moment you die, alone, to face what comes next.

Winter is a special time. The world itself is going through a miniature death. Everything becomes silent and still and surrenders to the great beyond. Now, is a good time to turn inwards and spend some time with our old friend of skull and bone.

Many people think reflecting on this is morbid, but to have this view is simply to consider the truth itself morbid. We have words to describe people who avoid and reject the reality they face — denail and cowardice. Don’t be those people. Because, if you take that route — not only do you run into the grand dark in a state of panic and surprise, you create a whole host of distration problems, and miss the greatest gift of life.

It is death that makes the moments count. Because we know how the story ends, this is what makes days spent playing Destiny or World of Warcraft a tragedy, if your dreams sit idle and unclaimed. Yup, it is from this inevitable thorn that the rose blossoms of the human condition bloom. Before the altar of the first and final truth of ultimate mortality, all false self is burned away in the crucible of zero-fucks, and only what is real, remains.

So, we know we need to stare the reaper in the face. But, fortunately, while we must die alone in the end, we do not have to prepare for it alone.

Randy Pausch is a college professor and he has offered to you his last lecture. In this, he has given you something beyond value.

As the door is closing, he has let you inside. You can stand with him and stare the veil in the face.

In so doing, power is the result. Death is the base-fear, from which the hydra of limit and lack springs. Stop fucking with the heads and go for the root.

You don’t have to kill it. In fact, you can’t. You just have to be brave enough to stare it down.

Be brave. Randy will go with you.

Face the Inevitable 


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  1. “Once the choice has been made, the creation is set in motion, all you can do (well, we have ways around that too, heh) is sit and enjoy the ride of today.”

  2. I have failed. I can’t connect to anyone, I see terminal illness everyday and I can’t function in society. You claimed I have made some progress towards my true self but reading my diary only reveals that which I already know to be true. There is no hope.
    I don’t know what in me decided to visit this webpage again, but enjoy the ad revenue it provides.
    Thanks for trying.

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