The Truth about the World of Today

J.C. LaCroix Politics, Power Tactics 1 Comment

The truth, my friends, is far simpler than most want to accept.

All that exists in this world, are people. Laws, Nations, Codes, Religions — these are all just ideas that exist in the mind.

They are real only to the extent that force backs them up and makes them real.

People and force, islands moving like bumper cars according to interest and incentive.

Anything else, is eye-candy.

Currency is called “fiat” for a reason.

Somewhere, someone is standing behind that illusion with a gun.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Once the mind is free, leverage opens up.

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  1. Found a hospice, did some time into the animal shelter, I’m depressed, got a wage slavey job, can’t sleep at night, am going to die – 42 rejections, destroyed my whole life, Fuck yeah.
    Fuck. Yeah.
    Still here.

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