Dick’s Just the Tip of the Day

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So, my man Dick, he’s hilarious. If you ask him, he disagrees, but he’s full of shit.

And, he represents a lot of people out there. See, everyone has something they think they’re awesome at that they actually suck balls at; conversely, everyone also has something they think they blow at where they truly have talent. It’s one of the few universal laws of the human condition. This is everyone — even you and me. The self-shocker¬†part is finding out which is which.

A lot of times, as Lao Tzu said, “At the center of your being, you have the answer: You know who you are and you know what you want.”

Truth. But, fear gets in the way. We let it just hold us. Sometimes, we die in its embrace.

Dick here, has taken the first step. Something most never do. Takes guts.

He’s going to put it in you, once a day. Just the tip. Don’t worry. It’s just the tip. Shhh. It’s Dick. It’s okay. It will all be over soon.

Take the wisdom. But, don’t take it all. It’s too much for mortal beings. Just take the tip. Little slide and it is done.

Watch my man, he’s gonna blow up. You’ll get to see his start, his good times, his mistakes — laughing all the way — and know it can happen for you, too.

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