Raising the Banner

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Let us steal a moment together, you and I, with a story from my life. You see, there is no sun on this earth that nourishes the soul like the sun of Greece. Sometimes, in weak moments, I go back and remember how it felt on my face, caressing my cheeks, whispering truth and wisdom to me like an older …


The Throne Approaches

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My will is made manifest, that which was concieved is congealing… The Throne will be mine, soon…the riddle revealed, by fiat alone is it achieved. Or, the Curtain will fall in this final act. I told you, Astaroth, swine I called brother, I would come back around. You feeling me now, Socratica? Still Illuminated? Do you laugh now? Am I …


Systems that Control You: Energy

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Gravity, steam, heat, magnetism, mechanical, nuclear weak force, electricity – the list goes on and on. Human life is dependent upon energy. This goes beyond just heating and cooling, because Homo Sapiens made certain trade-offs to get our cerebrums, that make us dependent on tools. Through history, there has always been the dominant energy form that humans are using, playing …