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Two lovers kissing in fall

Music Videos and Memory Meandering

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Perhaps it is the pumpkin spice in my latte, but something has me turning inward with a magnifying glass made of pure nostalgia. Of course, this is the season where I allow my inner white girl to come up to the surface and run rampant for a time. Really, it is for the best — otherwise, I might find myself …


The Chain of Change

J.C. LaCroix Darkworking, Death and Dying, Intention Manifestation

  Change. What is it? You see, in personal development, we are selling you change. You want it, and we have the way. Or at least, we’re supposed to – and if we don’t have the way, then we have the reason you don’t have the way, right? Well, what I would like to do is back up, and talk …


Silence, Absence, Everyman

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Silence. Nearly five months now, and that is all that has been heard from behind the Crimson Curtain. Still. Serene. And yes, very deliberate. Except for my inbox, of course, that has been non-stop screeching. I got it all in one big avalanche on my return. I travel a lot, you see, sometimes spontaneously. I honor the voice within, and …