Dependency: The Takers and the Others

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From “All is I”, to an “Us” or “We” First, we go back to the beginning – what we know as the Hunter-Gatherer state of existence. It is important to first see that consciousness as we know it was radically different then. Objectivity as we know it was not part of the equation. To primitive humans, there was no separation …


The 12 Laws (Conclusion)

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And so, I have presented to you the 12 Laws that define our Path. Writing this series was a monumental, and equally beneficial undertaking. It required me to systematically delve not only into my own experience, but the path-walk of countless others. Some were students, most were not, and a handful was taken from the pages of history. This series …


The Twelfth Law: Power

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The Twelfth Law, stated: “Self-pity alone is worthy of your guilt.” While I did not see it at the time, I am now aware that the Laws end precisely where they started. The First Law called you to your own power, re-affirming your own polarization, and the Twelfth does the exact same, although with a newly revamped you. There is …


The Eleventh Law: Mirror

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The Eleventh Law, stated: “Master Without; Master Within” As we round out the series, I have to say that of all the Laws I am most proud of this one. It represents the bridging of a great divide which has been around in philosophical circles for a long, long time. You’d probably have to be a bit of a theologian …


The Tenth Law: Action

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The Tenth Law, stated: “Victory goes to actions first, preparations second, deliberations never.” The Darkworking path is primarily pragmatic. It states to accept truth, but the primary way we accept truth is through the effect of the application of that truth. Thus, it is results for us that serve as our yardstick for measuring truth – not theory, principle, logic, …